Sisters Forever (Episode 15)

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recap : j slaps sid avni enters college rosh tanmay and sheena know everyhting will they be able to unite ragsan swalak and
utsid ! will sid and ut realize their mistakes ??
plot : at the cafe
j glares at sheena meanwile rosh doesn’t look at tammy(tanmay)
sheena : i know i’m sorry you know na i can’t keep secrets i feel like my stomach is getting you know na!
j : okk fine and you both hate birds if you’ll behave like this then how will we work together
rosh : from day 1 i’m telling you not to involve this idiot and if you do too not with me y did you ..
j joins her hands as if asking for forgiveness : dii i’m sorry but lets keep bygones aside and talk about the climax of the

sheena looks confused : climax???whatabout the beginning i thought this was a trailer
the three smile at each other j :i’m sorry sheena u’re the last one who’s entered the plan !
sheena looks at rosh who nods tanmay continues :the trailer was released the day i heard sid speaking about avni dutta
poor boy he’s searching her since ages and our j she’s found her in seconds salutes to you dear
j winks at him :thanq for the compliment and about the plan beginning it started when
rosh interrupts :tammy said that he’s called sid here to complete his studies
tammy smiles : i just love it when you call me that (j looks at them and smirks )well who thought that the one who played
a main role in sid’s plan would finally realize his mistakes when he’ll see his sister going on for a suicidal spree

sheena lifts her brows up : sister !!
tammy nods : i’m tanmay maheshwari i guess you know adarsh maheshwari i’m his nonidentical twin
rosh : dp uncle’s eldest son. uncle gave him to his sister as she could never become mother he did it with good intentions but
tammy had misunderstandings which became more intense when his parents died sidharth’s parent’s told him that this was all done
by dp uncle to not give them a share as she was their sauteli behen sid loves his badimaa a lot and all misuderstandins lead
finally to a bigger one

j exhaled : we almost lost someone
tammy :i’m sorry
j : it’s okk tammy you’ve accepted your mistakes and are helping us
sheena : so now what avni’s on a revenge spree right ? what if she spoils the broth !
j : no i won’t let her too
the screen shifts too college sanky is sitting on the stairs shocked with the ongoing incidents avni gets emotional seeing
him and goes towards him she keeps a hand on his shoulder
sanky : uttara he turns around to see avni
avni : nope avni dutta new student i was wondering were the admin’s office is got to submit some papers but i guess you’re disturbed
sanky : no it’s okk it’s too the actually i’ve some work too i’ll come with you
avni stops him : how about you share your problm to me i mean sharing problems lessens it you might feel better
sanky smiles : you sound just like her but you’re not her that’s my problem !
avni : so i’m your problem well who’s she i guess your girlfriend right
sanky nods in disagreement : nope my sister
avni :strange and sorry i thought boys usually are tensed due to their
sanky : girlfriends but ine is a bit different (ragini’s image comes infront of his eyes and a smile appears)she never hurts me
it’s me who has hurt her

“happy realization!” said j with a not so good face
avni : woah ! y so rude with him
j goes next to sanky and faces avni : because he means something to me and when omeone close to you hurts you you have full rights
to be rude with them ! (she speaks tauntingly)atleast being rude and making them realize their mistakes is far better than
running away from them and hurting them even more ..
avni looks at her shocked : okk i’m sorry i think
j : whatever you think i don’t care i heard you had some work at the office it’s downstairs to the left i hope you won’t get lost
if you do our college mates are humble enough to show you the way
j shows her a hand directing to go down avni turns but looks at sanky who has a confused look on his face she leaves

j : and you devdas i need a perfect list of events for the freshers then only will i be able to help you and lucky
in the arrangements
sanky still looks at him confused j waves her hand before him as if she’s checking his eyesight : i’m talking to you sanskar
sanky smile : after a long time now it’s sanskar for you haa
j : well i thought you gave me full liberty to call you whatever i want and if i call you bhai won’t my sisters and your’s equation change??
sanky looks confused : what equation ?
j : you just now admitted to avni about your girlfriend !
sanky : yea my girlfriend not ragini
j amused : well sanky i have three sister’s when did i take ragini dii’s name
sanskar realizes what he said : no one can ever win with you on words and wait how do you know that the girls name is !

j : avni she’s doctor dutta’s daughter remember i went for checkup yesterday
sanky nods : so is everyhting as in normal now
j : no it’s not ! i just forgot thanks for making me remember byeeee
she leaves “i’m sorry sanskar i’m doing this all to make everything normal again you’ll realize soon!”

Precap : ragini consoles sanskar : you know she cant stay away from you mr.phattu so stop crying
sanky smiles and looks at her rags : what?? sanky : you called me that after a long time .. remember the first time you
called me that fb and some moments of swalak and ragsan

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