Sisters Forever (Episode 14)

thanq so much for the lovely comments and silent readers . here’s my today’s epi

recap : avni tells j the past. avni is ut . j gets angry on her and leaves the dutta’s house . will j be able to reunite ragsan??
plot :
mathur mansion, j comes back but doesn’t find the ladder attached to her room window, well now she’s gonna be lectured a good onee
she enter’s through the door the maheshwari’s are there all worried consoling astha and sumi
they’re relieved to see her back sanky comes there just then “chotu!”
j turns around to see him overwhelmed she is about to hug him but controls herself “sorry ”
sumi howers at her “sorry do drama here then lock yourself in room and when we open it the girls vanished after all this
you’ve got to say is sorry !” ap controls her but then astha is about to beat her sanky holds
sanky :aunty just listen what she has to say once !
j :i got sick so went to the doctor you can call her (she gives astha the card who looks at her angry)
sanky : go to your room j now !

j complies but keeps avoiding to look at sanky as she knows that he can catch her lie instance !
sanky makes everyone calm and reassures them that he’ll find out what’s wrong and solve it ap tells ragini to take cAre of
all as roshni’s out with rp for a project
it’s morning and sanlak are as usual waiting for the mathur sister’s today they are a bit early so that they meet j
swaragini arrive at the site sanlak still unaware that due to all drama of j swara’s missed a project so she had to come early
to the library to get it done and as her partner in crime is lost these days she had to get ragini
sanky is peeping through the big gate as if a thief ragini pats on his shoulder
sanky : lucky i’m busy don’t disturb me
she pats again but this sanky holds her hand an turns “i told you na… ragini! ”
swalak laugh seeing his reaction
sanky :if you guy’s are here then
ragini :j’s sleeping after yesterday’s incident i think sleep is the best thing that can freshen hr up so came with swaru
just thenthe car reaches j comes out of it and waves the driver a bye
j looks at them pauses a bit and starts looking down and back forth of herself : is anything wrong with me y are you guys staring
like that ?
lucky : yes it’s your brain what’s happening with you ??
j exclaims dreamily :LOVE!!
she ignores sanky and leaves from there sanky does observe that
airport roshni’s waiting for the cab she’s arrived early in order to surprise her sisters
a car stops in front of her the window glass slides down it’s him tanmay “would you like a lift madam ??”
roshni turns her face aside : i don’t take lift from strangers !”

tanmay smirks : ohh really then the cab driver’s might be your relatives won’t they??
roshni looks at him with a glare
tanmay leans : well how about i tell you your dear sister sent me hear and which one i guess you know that!
roshni lifts her brows and thinks to herself “seriously j him you would have sent badepapa instead ” she barges to the door
and gets in the car
tanmay puts the key but doesn’t start the car
roshni lifts her brows and fake smiles : now what! do you want a greeting saying good afternoon mr.thakral would you please start
the car !

tanmay smirks : well sweetheart i would love to do that but not as your driver
he signs her to sit next to him roshni looks at him angrily but she can’t help it j!! “okay fine !”
the scene shifts to college avni arrives at the gate he can feel it all the old pictures and memories come to her mind
her school high school junior college an college all here her friends family and her love…. her first and last love
she gets in winds blow ragsan swalak sid can feel it a change in the atmosphere
sid : uttara …
sanky is surprised to hear her name through his mouth : don;t even dare to take her name !
lucky :bhai not now
sid :yea not now sanskarr
sanky : don’t stop me today lucky this guy deserves a good one how dare you take her name my sisters name (they are nick close to
each other as if the moment there would be ugly fight there)
sid : she was not just your sister but my love too i loved her !
and that’s the moment a hand turned him and gave a tight slap ! a hard one the one he deserved though!

swaragini and sanlak are shocked to see it so are the others present there
j claps loudly : look talks who ! the man who played with a girls feeling ?? sidhanth thakral i neva thought you would do any
stuff like that besides i never thought my saviour a guy whom i got attache in a moment would toy with a girl’s feeling’s
just for some stupid revenge !
sanky : revenge ???
j :yes revenge i donno for what but an old friend of mine told me everything yesterday how boys like you play with agirls heart
just to hurt her family members !
sanky utterly confused: what the hell are you talking about??
j : sid and you have a tiff right and that’s y he’s taking revenge by hurting me !
sid looks at her still confused
j : yes first save a girls life (fb sid enter’s ut ‘s life the sameway he did in j’s by helping her get out of princi’s room)
then coming in between all of us (ut and sid’s moments )then when finally the girl falls for you
sanky :wait a sec what fall for who him??(he points at sid)
j exclaims :yes i love him
swaragini and sanlak are in for a shock !

sanky : are you kidding me j you take ages to decide just a pair of shoes to wear for you and now you’re saying you fell in love
with a guy just in two days!!
j looks at him : yea just as you dumped my sister in just a day !(ragsan get freezed swara holds ragini) i mean an 18uears old crush
friendship a two years old realtionship dumped just like that atleast i’m not that harsh i took two days 48hours to decide whom i
love and whom i don’t!
sanky is shell shocked :how can you, do you really know what he has done !
j just doesn’t reply to him and turns to other s: well i guess that was a high voltage drama enough for today peoples leave
sanky would inform you about the next meeting
she ignores avni who’s standing at the entrance of adda and leaves from there
sheena : j!!
j turn :what??

sheena : what a slap dude you were just awesome !
tanmay comes from behind : well that’s something installed in their genes i would say 😉
rosh looks at him angrily and gives j a fak ssmile
j :okay i know someone has appreciation and some have (looking at rosh )complains but how about we keeping it a secret and
(looking at sheena)not making it a news for the college!

Precap : j rosh tanmay and sheena are at the canteen j: now it’s time for the climax !
rosh :yup i plan’s different as tanmay :it’s not for revenge sheena : it’s for love
j :it’s time to unite the lovebirds and to put some sense in the others !

hope you like it and sorry for the late update

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