Sisters Forever (Episode 13)

recap : ragsan nokjhok, utsid’s consumation, ragsan romance
plot : a few day’s later
sid is seen at his pg tanmay :yo bro so finally got the girlhaa !
sid :yup dude tanmay :dude whatabout that khadoos dp i don’t think he’s gonna say yes and when he know’s who you are never!
sid : whose gonna tell him the truth my whole plan will be flop then !
tanmay :don’t you think that because of dp your hurting her emotions ! all thisjust for revenge
sid : amusng but yea all this for revenge from that durgaprasad maheshwari! my revenge !
ut whose been listening all this behind the door is broken completely she moves back breaking a vase behind her
sid : anyone there ??
ut just cover’s her mouth with her hand and runs away from there sid come’s out to see noone he feels a bit strange and goes
back in. ut is running unknown of what’s happening with her remincing all her moment’s with sid and his last words “revenge
from badepapa y sid y you ddid this to me y!” she sits down crying she calls rags
rags : hey ut whatsup??? ut’s sob’s can be heard she gets worried :all okay ut ?? where are you ??
ut holds her self but she can’t rags now more concerned : omg ut did you have a fight with sid no this is something even worse
right tell me please ut !!! the phone cuts ut falls crying

“no ut enough” she wipes her tears she reminces her sid signing the court marriage papers how she made badepapa agree for the
marriage her pregnancy reports she keeps her hands around her belly and starts crying immensely “why me god why always me first
you took away my mumma from me and now you took away my life if anyone knows that i’m pregnant then it will be a havoc i can’t see
my family’s self esteem lowered cause of me she wipes her tears and gets up she leaves a voice message for j goes near the bridge
and reminces her family members and everyone she smiles but cups her belly “i know sara i’m the worst muma ever but i’m sorry
hope you’ll forgive she jumps of the bridge !” fb ends the atmosphere is silent and cold aradhna whose behind listening all is
teary eyed and so are j and avni

j hug’s avni tightly “i’m sorry ut if i was there that i would have never let that happen!” avnni and aradhna are shocked.
avni separates : i’m not ..
j : you seriously think i’m gonna believe that stuff of your’s
aradhna is looking at j unbelievably j : i might be the youngest but did you forget that i’m the smartest (she cups her face)
the whole time the way you expresed everything you didn’t even mention your name once in the story !
avni : thats because i read the book j : but you said that you were her friend a friend of mine ut whom i never saw???
aradhna smiles : when my daughter said i didn’t believe her now that i’m seeing you i know y my avni was afraid to come in front
of you !

j looks at her still dissatisfied aradhna continues : i know you might be wondering where and how we met she jumped of the bridge
that day i was on a medical conference that night while coming back my engine became hot inorder to get water when he went down to
the riverdside he said he saw a girl lying on a stone when i saw her face was damaged i guess the flow of water might have hit her to
the rock we immediately took her to a nearby hospital reports said that she was pregnant and it was clearly a case of suicide
avni :when i was awaken i found myself in the hospital bed my face covered with bandages i clutched y stomach unknown of what’s happening
to and that’s when mumma explained the whole thing if it wasn’t for her that i would have been done a huge mistake sara is my daughter
i found a new family my mumma and sara i wouldn’t have come back to your lives if
j : sid wasn’t back to mumbai !

avni nods j gets up : i know that u’ve gone through a lot ut i’m sorry avni! but u’re wrong this time(they both lookat her with shock)
you don’t know something but because of you ut now my family’s suffering too u’re suicide has broken my dii’s relationship
(and now j sound’s super angry) my swara dii doesn’t trust in love anymore sanky was a dead person i had to do so much to bring him
back and now after so many sorrows unhappiness your back again just for your stupid revenge with sid i would have been delighted if you
wouldn’t have rather come ever back again ! she turns and leaves in a tiff
near the door : and yea try not to show me your face ever back again atleast not until you realise how low you’ve stooped by hurting
the man who loved you more than any one gave you a mother’s love and what you gave him in written nothing just took back what he
had his love his ragini i wish just wish you would have come back not for revenge but for your brother avni dutta i promise
i would have made that bastard realise what revenge is but now i just feel you were better dead as uttara ! gudbye !
avni falls down weeping in shock aradhna goes near her and consoles her

Precap : avni’s entry in the college as an intern. at adda sid gets a tight slap from j “i never thought you were so low !”
sanky is sitting in a corridoor upset with j’s behaviour a hand come son his shoulder he feels a touch of ut but it’s avni .

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  1. Awsm now ragsan will reunite..pls update nxt prt soon

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  2. Can you please give me all link of urr ff….
    NYC epii dear…
    Keep writing keep rocking tk cr…

    1. thanq shazia i’ll provide it in my today’s epi

  3. Does sid loved ragini if no than what is the reason of ragsan break up ?

    1. well that’s for me to write and you to read in today’s epi ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Ji is right utt thought only about sid’s betrayal not abt sanky n her family’s luv towards her… The fb n ji’s speech at the end r very emotional… I could feel the pain of utt n ji….. In total it was a mindblowing upload =D>=D>=D>=D>

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  5. J was a mafured girl yaar sanky true brother and sid he dont deserve true live

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  6. nice …

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  7. you are a osomee writerrr…i liked your way of thinkingg ……. i had lil doubts but now its all cleareddddd……..good goinggg…..waitingg for ragsan sceness……..plzz update next part soooonn i can’t waitt

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