Sisters Forever (Episode 12)

recap : j’s upset with everyone she meets the dutta’s! avni ………
plot : avni :well thats because it’s cold outside and cute one’s like you usually prefer hot chocolate
j : thanq for the compliment but u’re very bad at aking excuses. and aradhna and jj have a laugh
aradhna : so ready to hear what you wanted
j : yup please i want this mystery to end soon as it will help me in joining broken relationships ..
avni : mumma i’ll tell her you go with sara
j ooks at her surprised

aradhna : are you sure ?
avni nods and aradhna leaves : so look before you ask any questions i’m uttara’s closest friend and ..
j : just say i promise i trust you because you give me her remembrance and yea i’ hopeless at being patient
she makes a puppy face and avni smiles she begins fb :
after birthday uttara meets mr.saddu again he’s none other then sidharth thakral the meetins slowly turn into love meanwhile
here our ragsan who are officially a couple now have some cute moments
sid : dude what do you think i am ??
sanky : loveguru ..
sid gives him a look
sanky : i know u’re the one and only loveguru
sid : dude but i thought we were enemie’s right !
sanky : yea and we are but right now u’re shishya best buddy is upset with and the strange thing is even i donno y πŸ™

sid chuckles sanky lifts his eyebrows up as if am i joking !
sid : okk okk but on one condition i’ll make it sure you meet her and you’ll make sure that uttara meets me
sanky’s anger is seen clearly : you know whom you’re talking about !
sid : deals a deal if you accept it then fine or else …. he turns to leave
sanky (if i donn say yess donno what jhansi ki rani will do her ignorance is killing me and forhim my ut can handle him) :wait
fine deal accepted college corridoor choti will come at 7 and ragini??
sid : dude go to her house through the balcony believe me she’ll forgive you don’t forget to take chocolates and no roses
u’re her bf know that u’re girl like’s orchids !
sanky nods and they go opposite ways
ut : but bhai corridoor y me rags is also not here i can’t go alone
sanky at the shop purchasing orchids : so u afraid ??
ut : shutup bhai i’ll be there at 6:55 all ALONE!
sanky chuckles and cuts the call
at mathur mansion rags mood is off donno y ?! suddenly something falls on her cCHOCOLATE ! she’s surprised then another chocolate

comes through the window of her room dashes her head “ouch !”
she comes hailing “WHOSE THIS !! sweet idiot throwing chocolates !” she looks down through the balcony to find noone down
amused she makes a cute face and turns another chocolate falls on her head “ARGHHH!!!”
rags : look whoever you are throwing chocolates i would throw hammers on you remember that !!
just then a sanky’s head pops up of balcony reiling : wow !! jhansi ki rani is this how you treat you’re santa claus !
he makes and idiotic smiling face rags controls her laugh ORCHIDS!! he has orchids in his hand and the other holding the reiling
she squels orchids!! he smiles as if relieved and furthers his hand but she holds the orchids instead and turns around as if a
kid playfully closing her eyes a breeze falls on her face moving her hairs she looks MESMERIZING …
sanky’s just lost in her thought’s and shyfully put’s is another hand behind his head scratching little does he realize….
OOPS! And sanskar maheshwari’s on the garden lucky to have grasses beneath him
rags looks at him concerned : are you okay ???

sanky gets up and is all dirty due to the mud makes a puppy face he looks so cute and adorable that rags just can’t help it she starts laughing
making her more beautiful sanskar who was confused how to react on his stupid fall looks at rags thus and a wide smile spreads on his face
“the girl’s been conquered sanskar maheshwari!”
meanwhile at the corridor ut enter’s there’s silence and before she could call sanky to ask small candles are on the way both the
sides of corridoor rose petals on the floor a note is at a side ” path to my heart – mr’saddu ”
ut smiles amused she follows walking on the petals leading to sids car with a chit “clara’s penthouse a surprise’s waiting !drive safe πŸ™‚ ”
ut takes the keys drive to the penthouse at the gate the watch man gives her another chit “the poolside ”
she goes and is so amazed that can’t even squel the penthouse poolside has a wonderful settup with chandeliers and flowers
sid comes in front of her ” well life is very small and boring when u’re alone it’s strange but so true that being a loveguru
i can’t say creepy dialogues to you but believe me i love you so much so that i want to marry you ! will you ???”
ut is teary eyed romantic music plays in bg she nod in yes he makes her wear the ring they share a romantic dance
the wind breeze rains have turned the atmosphere so romantic the couple leans further closer sid kisses her neck and slowly the
screen fades πŸ˜‰

sanky is just so lost in rags that he doesn’t realize how wet he is rags tries saying but he’s so lost that he’s smiling at her as an idiot
rags get’s miffed and goes in sanky wonders what happened just then moments later someone comes towards him with an umbrella
it’s rags sanky looks at her
“you idiot! ” she takes him under the umbrella ” come with me !” he nods as a kid and she drags him holding his hand
inside the house rags gets a towel from the wardrobe and drys sanky’s head ” stupid what were you thinking when i was calling you
don’t you know rains like these can get you sick !” sanky smiles at her “haww ” she rubs his head with the towel he drags her towards his
face ” first of all say you forgave me ” she turns he face aside “okkay then i’m going !”
rags “where ??” sanky ” to the rains till you don’t forgive me !”
rags “haww are you emotionally blackmailing me !” she shows fake anger
sanky ” well something like that and he turns to the door to leave but rags holds him and pulls such that they both los balance
and fall on the bed a cute romantic eyelock
“so ??” rags ” forgiven now before anyone comes ” she pushes him aside and getsup “i’ll get you bhai’s clothes change ”
sanky “okk boss ”

Precap : tanmay : you said that it’s all a revenge right ?? i mean dp won’t agree for your marriage after knowing whose son you are ! sid : yess tanmay revenge from durgaprasad maheshwari ! all this i’ve done is for my revenge ut whose listening all this breaks down and runs towards the bridge she’s shown crying standing on the bridge …

i’m sorry if it’s confusing and also sorry for giving little importance to ut and sid as the past revelance has to be fast
hope you liked the ragsan πŸ˜‰

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  1. What the hell he want to take revenge from dp thats why all this oh crap

    1. sorry hayathi is it bad ????

    2. πŸ™ but there’s a twist in the next epi and yea it’s just ut’s point of view nd not sid’s

  2. omg superb dear

    1. thanq swathi

  3. Awsm scenes btw ragsan..soo cute…..

    1. thanq rakhi

  4. amazing …

    1. thanq cutegirl

  5. dude its prettyy nice i like the twist but one dubt is anvi utt or her friend? Ragsannn was adorableeee.. …

    1. thanq liya well thats a suspense lila ut is khyatee mangla the current uttara and avni is perneet chauhan
      the girl in the previous epi cover but u’re guess is right

  6. Love ragsan

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