Sisters Forever (Episode 11)

plot : at the hospital sidhant is in the corridoor talking to a doctor,
sid ” are you sure because i was said that i could meet her here doctor !”
doc : yes mr.thakral i’ve been working here since ten years and the girl your talking about there’s noone with that name
sidgoes from there frustrated. a girl comes from one of the wards and gives the doctor some money
girl : make sure that the truth isn’t revealed until i want it to be and don’t let him ask about me from other doctor’s
the doctor nods and leaves the girl turns around and goes upstairs to a cabin she goes near the window and watches sid go towards his
girl : mr.thakral this is just the beginning of your end and my revenge!
the screen fades and mathur mansion is shown it’s 5 in the evening and j comes out of her room sumi and astha see her
sumi : jiyu bacha when..

j : baddimaa maa i know you guys have many questions but just forgive me i’m in a hurry !
and she leaves with the swara’s scooty key’s
the scene then shifts to a cafe near the maheshwari mansion a guy is shown sitting on one of the tables j comes there just then and
searcches for someone the guy turns around it’s the same guy from the library who in the morning gave j the book
j goes to him and throws the book on the table: what do you want ??
the guy : well i thought YOU! wanted something (j’s about to say something )well not wasting much time of your’s here
he gives her a doctor’s visiting card with a timing written on it
the guy : be punctual as she doesn’t entertain late comer’s !
j : what the hell !
the guy leans towards her : 2 years back uttara maheshwari .. the past that broke many hearts trust me the lady knows all
and you’ll get all your answers once you meet her !
he waves and is about to leave
j : but how will she i mean i know her ???
the guy turns : she knows everything ! he winks and leaves
j looks at the card : doctor.aradhna dutta the screen zooms on j’s tensed face
at mathur’s j returns home sanlak swaragini and sumi astha are relieved to see her
swara : where the hell were you !
rags : swara (she luks at swara and signs her to be calm )
sanky goes towards her : chotu look if there’s any thing bothering you or any problem please tell us we’ll solve it
j fake smiles : are you sure sanky because i have a question for you and i doubt you won’t answer !
sanky : ofcourse ask j i will answer
j takes his hand andkeeps it on her head : now say what happened with uttara that she took such a drastic step ! and why did you

breakup with my ragini dii (sanskar and others are in total shock he tries to remove his hand but she holds it tightly)now you
only said na that you’ll say the truth (sanky removes is hand and tries to make an excuse)don’t even try to ! you know
you guys everyone thinks that i’m a child if you don’t wanna say then fine i’ll find the truth out !
she leaves from there in anger. sumi sit’s down on sofa in shock
rags : maaa she takes water and gives her sumi makes it aside
shekhar comes there just then swara tells him everything they all sit tensed.
j is in her room. sanky gets worried he has flashback :
uttara is standing at the bridge. sanky gets a call from her
sanky : choti all okay??
uttara : yea bhai now all will be okay. but beefore that i need to tell you something i love you bhai and i’ll always be with
you just like how mamma’s with us
sanky stops his car in a rush : choti what the hell are you saying !
uttara : bhai i love you alll……….the phone beeps the caalls cut
fb ends sanky runs to j’s room in fear of losing her. he knocks her door bangs it but she doesn’t open j’s standing on the window with a
pic it’s her and ut’s pic a tear trips down her cheek and falls on it !
on the otherside the same girl from the morning is shown she gets restless she’s holding a toddler in her hand. a lady keeps hand

on her shoulder calmingly
the girl : mumma something’s not good someone close to me is hurt
the lady : i know whom your talking about and that someone is coming today (the girl looks at her in fear )
girl : but mumma how will i what if she comes to know who i am !
the lady : she won’t u’re avni dutta now aradhna dutta’s daughter my daughter and i won’t let anything happen
to you now
they share a hug.
aradhna dutta : a doctor by proffesion she’s one of the best surgeons of india . she’s a independent single women and loves her
daughter avni to the core.
aradhna wipes avni’s tear : now it’s high time that the betrayers start crying and not you
avni nods and smiles. the toddler in her hand starts crying aradhna takes her in her hand : aww my baby u too got your mumma’s

avni smiles : mumma i feel sometimes you should have been a namekeeper keeping stupid names whats this smilephobia
aradhna who’s buusy playing with the toddler : thanq for the complement see my granddaughter’s smiling too
the bell rings anya : mumma i’ll go you and your granddaughter invent some new names till thn
avni opens the door and is shocked to see the person hell shocked a breeze flows through her face the screen turns to see it’s j who has
a strange feeling the wind starts blowing mor fast j has a wide smile on her face she hugs avni tightly and closes her eyes
avni whose soo happy to see her a tear trips her eyes and she hugs her too
j : ut !
avni is shell shocked aradhna comes down with the baby anya jerks j away and turns around towards aradhna
j composes herself : i’m sorry i’m just used to do what i feel and seeing you i just felt that i met someone long lost
someone i’ll find soon
avni turns to her surprised but doesn’t let it show
aradhna : jiya mathur here at this time
j : well ma’am i was told that you dont like late comer’s so i thought you might love early birds 😉

avni and aradhana smile
avni : now come in they sit inthe hall
aradhna : avni get something for the guest and sara’s here with me
j : sara ! such a cute name for a cute baby she sits besides her avni looks at j both share an fb
on phone j : aww thats such an awesome news which means i’m maasi now yippee
ut : j !! you stupid when will you stop being kiddish before you become maasi i’ll become mummy idiot how will i tell everyone
j : stop thinking of how why when and yea who are you telling me well you didn”t stop your mister saddu from making you pregnant
then y stopping me from being happy
ut : u shameless
j : wwhat shameless you do and the tag’s on me not fair ha ! anyways stop taking tension just as we made others agree for your
marriage with saddu we’ll think about this also
ut : yup i forgot when master blaster planner j’s here why should i fear !
j starts laughing : don’t even try giving names u’re really awesome at them :-p well talking about names how about sara !
ut : sara ??
j : seee as the baby has so many loving people around it she’ll get bohot saara pyaar from all and yea 3/4th of that sara luv
would be from me so sara would be her name aww cute na!
ut keeps her ither hand on her head : idiot okk my cute little baby :-*
j giggles the fb ends

j : ut !!
avni whose back with the snacks : here hot chocolate with ots of chocolate !
aradhna and j look at her surprises
j : thanq but may i know how do you know that i wanted hot chocolate ?
the screen freezes on avni and aradhna’s tensed face .

Precap : sid : well make a deal sanky gives him a look !
sid : i’ll help you meet your girlfriend you help me meet mine !
sanky : fine ! avsid and ragsan romance ……. something shocking happens !

i’m sorry for late updates running out of time but today i’ll try and post the another episode too
please do comment hope you like it
keep reading 😉

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