Sisters Forever (Episode 10) (Part 2)

sister’s forever episode 10 (part 2) the past!
recap : j’s ignorance towards all. the new mystery guy gives j the 8een book. j begin’s reading the book and the pages from the
past start to reveal will j know the truth?? will she be able to unite ragsan???
plot “so i feel vindicated to see her my cute jammy!! (j pouts) lol dear diary you should look at her face when i call her that
(she smiles remembering an fb

maheshwari mansion it’s uttara’s 18 birthday and jiya’s 16th she’s wearing a cute pink gown to her toe’s and a heel stilletoes
left her hair open with a hairband and she’s miffed! a sound of giggle comes from a side it’s uttara with a beautiful and elegant
golden gown to her toe golden sandals and a statement jewellery on her neck she looks so beautiful 🙂

j : laugh laugh you idiot just two years more for me to be 18 and you to be aunty ! she folds her hands around her chest twinkling
her cute bracelet her birtday gift by sanlak
uttara : yea miss jealous ohh i’m sorry did i say miss because u’re a cute little baby right???
j makes a crying face and runs from there but a hand holds her
shekhar : aww what happened to my princess ??
j : seriously badepapa you asking me that question luk at me top to toe i luk like a pink christmass tree ! she makes angry face
shekhar : ohh no princess you look like a fairy my cute little fairy
j smiles and hugs him. sanlak come there sankyy in dapper blue jacket white t-shirt and jeans lucky in black jacket and white tshirt
sanky : look lucky are fairy’s invited to the party tonight ??
lucky : no bhai look clearly it’s just a strawberry cake :p
jiya punches him hard

sanky : so was the cake sweet?? j and sanky have a hifi she giggles
shekhar : you both look after my princess i’ll check whether the ccakes here
uttara comes there just then : yea yea brothers mine 18 birthday mine but importance to this strawberry cake (she acts as if miffed and turns aroundd )
j gives her a cute hug : but i’m your’s so they are your’s too right they smile
sanky wipes his tears he’s just acting : omg lucky our puppies are so grown up they’re making me emotional bro !!
lucky : actually i’m already attacked and not in a mood to be again so
ut and j give sanky a luk sanky : bhai bhai na raha he walks backwards slowly and ut and j start walking towards him grinning
just then he dashes with someone it’s swara she’s wearing a red dress to toe with pumps she looks hawt! 😉

sanky looks behind her as if searching for someone but swara lifts her eyebrows : ragini ??
sanky widens his eyes innocently and says : what ??
swara : didn’t your girlfriend tell you that she’s giving j company she points towards the stairs it’s her ragini wearing a
baby pink dress to her toes the wind falls on her making her hair to come on her face she slowly makes it aside by her hand and
looks towards them sanky is just mesmerized to see her thus she comes towards them saying something but sanky is so lost that
he can’t listen what she’s saying she keeps her hands on his shoulder and shakes him a bit
ragini : sanskar !!!
sanky : hmm what who me?

rags gives him a look : no u’re ghost
and all start laughing the cake is brought in it’s big with a pic of ut and j on it and candles all around it all the members
come there surrounding them swaragini : make a wish everyone the lights go of all wish and the birthday girls blew it off
lights are onn and the cake cut together uttara feeds dp and ap j feeds shekhar and sumi they feed each other the cake fb ends
) so deary diary last but not the least i met someone today well hope you keep it a secret it’s him mr’saddu !”
j closes the diary in a shock the flashbacks from the past come in her mind the voice message the last message from her
birthday u t” jammy (her voice is low as if she had cried a lot ) i know what i did was wrong but i’m sorry i just can’t forget

him and neither the betrayal i love yoou all just take care of my bhai i know he’ll be broken but i know that u can bring him back
jammy and sorry because after this step of mine many relations will break (ragsan ragsid …) but try to mend them and yea mission
swalak don’t forget till you hear this message i’ll be way gone but don’t ever think that i’m not watching you as people whose
wishes don’t fulfill remain as ghosts love you all loads ! ”
the books next pages are either torn or scratched with pen marks
but there’s one thing she’s sure about mr saddu is none other than SIDHANT THAKRAL !

Precap : sanky’s on j’s room door knocking j’s holding a picture there’s uttara with her ” idiot i miss you were are you ”

in hospital a girl’s shown on the window “the revenge begins mr. thakral get ready for it”
guys i know many might having complaints that i’m giving much more importance to j but guys i’m sorry the past can only be revealed
through j hope you guy’s understand
keep reading and do comment your views on today’s epi 😉

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