Sisters Forever (Episode 10) (Part 1)

so sorry guys for late update
recap : swalak and ragsan eyelock. j finds something in rags scrapbuk. will j come to know the past ???
plot : in college ,
j’s at the library
j : gudmorning ma’am
librarian gives her a smile and gives her the register to enter she does and goes to the novels section. she’s searching something
sid who’s at the biology section the other side sees her and comes towards her
sid : hey

she’s busy or ignoring well it’s hard to say she gets up and leaves to other side. sid makes a weird face :/ and waves to her
sid : hello is there something called ignoring your friend at the library ????
j turns and smiles at him she points towards a board which says ” SILENCE ” and leaves
sid finds something weird but then he leaves.
at maheshwari mansion, sanky’s a bit worried at the dinning table ap serves him breakfast lucky comes down and notices him thus
lucky : gud morning
all at the table smile ap : gudmorning beta come sit i’ll serve you breakfast
lucky sits next to sanky and wispers in his ears : whatsup bro?? any problem??
sanky : nope just tried calling j in the morning she just didn’t pick and now it’s notin range
lucky try’s to control his laughter : seriously bro j and morning u serious she must be sleeping don’t worry we’ll
meet in college anyways !!
sanky nods in a yes they have the breakfast hug ap and say bye to dp and rp and leave .
in mathur mansion ,

swaragini : what ????? j and this early !
swara : ragini are there any exams today
rags gives her a luk : exam on the2nd day of college you idiot !
rosh : okk my sisters i’m a bit shocked too but we need to hurry as i have a meeting today and can’t mess it up simply!!
swaragini and rosh had their breakfast they wave a bye and leave .
in college,
sanky parked his car and is waiting at the gate with lucky,
rosh’s car enter’s the premises, swaragini get down and wave a bye to rosh she leaves !!
swara : ragini are my eyes working proper today because i’m seeing sanlak standing there sanky is okk but lucky on time !
lucky : hahaha very funny where’s j btw?
sanky : yea is she fine i mean she isn’t picking my calls
rags : she isn’t picking anyone’s calls !!
swara : and she’s in college you idiots maa said she had some work in the library lets go check there !

they leave for the library
j who’s by now all the way frustrated searching the book is scratching her head sitting on a chair frustrated
sheena comes in and sits beside her
sheena : dudette(female word for dude) i mean are you like serious (j gives her a luk)the buk your searching had only some
100 copies printed the writer was very young and it’s seems like her personall diary
well guys sheena is a net freak what ever she wants the first thing she does is google it.
j : anything more i mean like is there any copy in another libraries maybe??
sheena removes a book from her bag and tosses to a page: the book 8een is a diary of a young teenager the buk has the events written
in it from her 18th birthday a diary of her personal life written by the writer who seems to be dead the real name of the writer is not known yet a book
that became sensational a suspense yet untold is the mystery of the writers death!!
j : what’s the use of this big library if they can’t keep a book written by their own student!!
sheena luks at her in shock: what do you mean do you know the writer!!
j : well i have my guesses but first for that i need to find the book and read it!!
she gets up and starts leaving but then the librarian calls her
j : sheena you go i’ll come

sheena leaves and j goes to the librarian
librarian : jiya your sister forgot her library card here yesterday wait a min i’ll bring it
jiya nods . A man whose standing there turns towards j he’s holding a buk
the guy showing her the book : is this the book you were searching for ???
jiya luks at it has a wide smile she takes it from him and reads the cover : the diary of an 8een !!! by princess
librarian comes there just then
librarian : here’s the card
she takes it and turns to say thank you to the man whose even face she didn’t see properly but he’s gone. 🙁
but jiya’s got the book maybe she’ll thank him later when comes to take itback !
she leaves for her class and from the other side swaragini and sanlak come too.
swara : gudmorning ma’am
librarian gives them a smile : ragini your sister just left with your card you forgot it here yesterday
sanlak feel as if someone’s seeing the from a corner
rags : thank you so much ma’am and they leave
it’s revealed the man from the corner comes out to be the one who gave j! the book. he smiles seeing sanlak

in class prof of physics : x = y=z……
jiya : sheena y is physics so happening i mean can’t it be boring sometimes !
prof throws a chalk at her head but it falls the other side
jiya : sir you missed it !
prof : pay attention miss mathur!!
jiya : but sir i was i never let my attention get divert but you throwed the chalk and not only mine but the whole
class’s attention got diverted at me ! now you decide and tell us whether to pay attention at you or physics
the prof gets confused
jiya : sir your so handsome that even boys in the class get jeaous you don’t believe then ask the red t-shirt
the boy : yess sir!!
prof : forget it don’t try these antics on me sit down now . so if the ball is thrown with velocity……
and the class goes on
sanky’s waiting at the corridoor’s their prof’s gave them a free lecture just then rags who too got a free lecture passes

sanky : ragini!
rags turns back : yess
sanky : actually .. i was you know …
rags : waiting for jiyu and need a company???
sanky scratches his head and nods in a yes
sanky : so no class today??
rags : at 12 sankalp sirs lec on mechanics youu??
sanky : 12 maya ma’am
rags : cool
sanky : no she’s hot !
rags gives him a luuk
sanky : i mean when we have physical sesions’s hot because it’s 12 at noon sun’s rays fall on us and we sweat tthat hot !!
rags : ohh but maya ma’am’s hot too don’t you think (she grins and sanky smiles putting his hand behind his head )
ragsan have a light chat just then jiya passes by notices them but doesn’t talk and leaves
ragsan feel it weird
rags follows her : jiya !!

j turns :what ??
rags : any problem ?? i mean you aren’t picking up calls and sanlak..
jiya: dii i’ve got some thing important got to go !
rags : but how and where ??
j : home in bus or auto may be byeee
and she leaves
jiya is home sneaks a bit to check if anyone’s in the hall and takes herself a glass of juice and some chips from the kitchen she goes straight to her
room locks the door from behind bag thrown on the study and goes to change.
on the bed with the book and she starts readinng it
the buk ” 8een finally rather i would say finally i’m a big girl now life feels so strange well for me where being 8een didn’t feel
any different from within but you know even i donno y my friends say being 8een gives you freedom independence i mean didn’t we get independence years back
but then they say independence or rather freedom is to take once own decisions a feeling of being matured seriously a family
where i have my mom my badepapa my papa and my brothers yes the four brothers around me all the time who wants freedom

no i don’t wnt a freedom from them i want them to be with me always advice me care for me and LOVE me !
So my dear diary i the princess of my family today on my 18 th birthay officially begin to write you !
so anything special today yupsy the whole day morning begins with a pooja my mumma’s barsi diary i lost her today in the accident that
happened 14 years back but i’m not upset because i don’t want her to be so and i have my badi maa as my maaa now 🙂
well then the college not that boring swaru and rags made my whole college day so happening for me ! i just love them aalot
then my birthday party yea at our big mansion so happening well dear diary do you know a secret i share my birthday with someone

we are born on the same day same time but at different years and diary i’m eldest to her we don’t have blood relations but birthday
relation she’s cute not more then me though B| poor girl i’m 18 and she’s 16 feeling of being elder to someone is so amazing
now i know what my lucky bro would have felt when i came to his life……..
to be continued ……..

please please do comment u’re views and suggestion hope you like the epi
keep reading 😉

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