Sisters Forever (Episode 1)

This story is an imaginary part of Swaragini. The story continues after Ragini’s truth is out and Swara asks one chance for Ragini. Laksh falls for Ragini and Swara falls for Sanskaar. Sumi and Shekhar unite and dida and dadi become good friends like before. Everyone is leading a happily ever after life. The story is about their happily ever after life only.

Episode 1:
The episode starts in Swara and Sanskaar’s room. They both are sleeping. Sanskaar has his arm on Swara’s waist and Swara can feel his warmth on her waist. Swara wakes up and says that Sanskaar is still sleeping (to herself). She smiles admiring him and goes to the washroom to get ready. She comes out and sees him still sleeping. She removes the towel on her head revealing her wet hair. She goes near Sanskaar and sprinkles some of the water on her hair ends on Sanskaar’s face. Sanskaar wakes up and Swara says good morning. Sanskaar holds her hand and makes her fall on him. They both share an eye lock. Sanskaar hugs her and says good morning. Swara says that go and get ready fast, we have to go to baadi for Durga Puja, maa has called us. Sanskaar says yes I remember shona and goes to get ready.

The scene shifts to Ragini and Laksh’s room. Laksh is shown sleeping and Ragini is combing her hair. Ragini says I am very happy. Laksh wakes up from behind and quietly comes near ragini. He wraps his arms around her waist and asks why are you so happy today. She says that today, everything is seeming so good, everyone has forgiven me and even you have started loving me. This is all I wished for. Laksh says yes, even I feel so, she then says that today we have to go to baadi for Durga Puja, maa has kept for our and swasan’s happy life. Laksh says yes, we have to go, Ragini asks him to go and get ready.

In baadi, Sumi is doing all the preparation and is very busy. Shekhar comes and she says that Shekhar u have even not got ready! Go and get ready Shekhar says that calm down Mishthi and see I am ready, she looks at him and says yes. Sorry I am so busy that I forgot only. He says no problem. She says today I will feel blessed seeing my both the daughters happy with their husbands and Shekhar says yes even I feel so. Sumi says just this puja I have kept for them ends up succeeding. He says why will it not succeed, you have kept it for our daughters, it has to be good. She smiles at him and even he smiles at her.

Precap: Everyone comes to baadi for puja and while doing puja ragini faints.

credit to:strawberry


  1. Really good try @strawberry…. I love d way u moved it… yup I want to see swara falling for sanskar.. and I am waiting for this to happen n real also……… Mmmmm Mmmmm

  2. unknown

    It is yes from me and in poll there are many yes than no and people who don’t like it stop reading. It’s people’s interest their imagination so try to off the negative and can someone tell how to update story I’m confused

    • varshini

      r t [email protected] dharshini

  3. tia

    @unknown she asked for a poll n we gave our opinions no harm done so dnt tell us to stop reading.we just gave our opinion like you thats it bt we didnt aak other readers to exit and all

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