My Sister and her Superman Part 4


hi friends,
sorry for the late busy.this is the last part of my sister and her superman.hope you enjoy it.
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The next few days was the scariest i ever had.yuvi was in critical state and manu was in a shock that the only thing she could utter was superman.
Our family went to hospital to meet yuvis family and supported them
After 3 days the doctor told yuvi was safe but his left leg got amputated.both ours and yuvis family was happy that he was safe and hugged each other.
When manu saw yuvi she ran to him and hugged him that was the first time she cried after the whole incident.
Yuvi hugged her back
We all had tears in our eyes on watching them.
Why did you do this manu asked
Dont u remember during rakshabandhan i promised you that i will protect u from i was just fulfilling my promise he said.
Now how will u walk she asked after looking at his leg
iam superman i can fly no need to walk he told trying to cheer her up.
Iam sorry its all bcz of me.i shldnt have separated you 2 .i said moving towards them
Its not ur mistake its destiny.everything is already prewritten and all this had to happen he said
I admit that you have proved that you are a better brother and you love her more than me
Well thats true afterall she is the best sister anyone can get he said
Well thats all about the story of my sister and her superman.

Well he was truly a superman by all means. by saving my sister he not only saved hers but also my life.He showed me that coming from the same womb doesnt make us sisters but feeling and understanding each other made us true sisters.the bond between me and my sister has deepend more all bcz of him.
Oh by the way i forgot why you all came here.Now i welcome u all to my engagement?
Di get ready fast jiju is here manu told while banging on the door.
Oh god she has now become 18 and still she hasnt changed a bit.
I went down and sat on the stage
Hi everyone said manu after grabbing the mike as you all know its my didi jhanvi guptas engagement with my bhai com jiju com friend com superman yuvraj vaghera
Are you sure you are not doing this bcz you sympathize me or due to your parents pressure he asked after we exchanged the rings
No i replied.i actually liked you from the first time i met you infact now when i think back i dont know whether it was you or manu that made me jealous
Means he asked

Means you made me jealous bcz manu loved you more than me and she made me jealous by grabbing all of your attention.
What about you i asked. Are u happy with this engagement
Yeah he said.actually all of my and manus talk used to revolve around u and i had started liking u after listening to all of it.
Hey this is not a love story this is mine and my supermans story manu said jumping in between us
Ofcourse we said laughing.

You will always b the first priorityof both of us yuvi said.
And you will always remain as his cutiepie and he as your superman i completed.
thanks for all ur support guys and once again sorry for the late update.

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  1. Vaga…u said it is a real story..r u reall engaged to manu’s superman?if so im vry happy.the bond manu and yuvi keeps is really awesome.

    1. Its not a really story.all the characters are from my imagination.

  2. Iam sorry ammu but its not a real story.all the characters are from my imagination.

  3. OMG!! I thought everything is real!! Wonderful dear. Lots n lots ofclaps dear!!

    This was an amazing one. I felt it from my heart as I myself have a younger sister.and i am really overprotective about her. Well raised her up almost na. IT makes me that. Moreovr I dont wanna let her face a bad situation for her lil follies. Anyways, your story helped me refresh that lovely bond between us. Thank you so much. Love u loads♥♥
    Anymore plans in your head?

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