My Sister and her Superman Part 3


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For those who havent read the previous upsate:

I was hell worried about you and u are enjoying with your so.called new brother.i shouted at her.

How dare u to.slap my cutie pie he shouted at me.while hugging and consoling manu.

And how dare of u to come in between us sisters.

Yuvi:you were never a good sister to were always overprotective and pocessive of never talked nicely with her ,never heard her problems,never interacted with her.infact you never understood her.for u it was just your duty as a was not the real love you were having towards her.if it was real you would never have tried to change her but accept her the way she is.

She is my sister and i know how to behave with her.if i see you around her one more time then i myself wont know how bad the consequence can be. i said

i dragged manu into the bus.she was crying looking at yuvi.

She was crying continuously even after we reached home.she went into her room and didnt come down for dinner.
I told mom all that happend and she gave me dinner for manu and asked me to appologize to her.
Even i felt bad for slapping her so i went to.her room and tried to pacify her.she was not even listening to a single word which i said
After trying my level best i too went to my bed without having my dinner.
But yuvis words kept echoing in my mind .was what he said true?

Next say when i tried to call manu she was having high fever.
We called the doctor and he prescribed some.medicines for her.
I tried to feed her breakfast before having the tablets but she didnt respond.then my mom came and fed her
The next day since i was having an important exam i left for school

I saw yuvi from far away itself and i knew he was searching for manu.

yuvi:Hi where is cutie pie? i meant manu

she is having fever i said

what ?oh my god is she ok?can meet her?he asked at a stretch

I:relax she is fine.she is coming to school tmw.u can meet her then. the way iam sorry for speaking harshly to u on that day.

i:its ok.even iam sorry for overreacting.infact when i thought about it later.what u said were true.i should have been more soft with manu and spend more time with her

just then the bus came and we got in.that was the first time we talked with each other normally.
Next day manu and i reached the busstop.yuvi smiled at manu like the way a kid would smile on seeing hos favourite toy.

Both of them stood far from each other but they were looking at each other and were talking through their eyes.i felt bad that i was the reason for this gap between them.

Well let it go like this today tmw i will make sure that this brother and sister would b with.each other.afterall iam not such a bad person.

In the evening we were getting down at the busstop.yuvi walked ahead of us.manu was still angry with me.i was busy thinking of a way to pacify her and walked away from her.therefore i didnt notice that her shoe lace got untied and her shoe went off her feet.she was sitting in front of the bus trying to fit her of the students crossed and the driver started the bus.he couldnt see manu.

It was when i heard the sound of bus starting that i searched for manu and saw her near the bus.

The bus started moving and before i could utter a word i.saw yuvi running past me towards manu and pushed her off the road but before he could save himself the bus hit him.

Superman i could hear manu screaming out of her lungs.


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