My Sister and her Superman Part 2


Hi everyone,actually jhanvi is my characters name and iam writing it through her pov.i am sorry if there is any grammar or spelling mistake.

For those who havent read the 1 part,here is the link:
Now lets continue with the story
That day there was an assembly in school and during the assembly the principal made an announcement.

Prin:well today we got a new admission in our school and its a great pride for us to have him in our institution since he is this years topper in tenth board exam nationwide.

All of our eyes were glued to the stage.national level topper,now thats someone to watch.

Prin:give a big round of applause for yuvrag vaghela

then to my asstonishment the boy whom we saw in busstand came to the stage
so thays how i know him,his photo was there in newspaper.

Prin: please provide him all your support.
So you are a national level topper asked manu for the 10th time.

Yuvi:its sad that my friend is not believing me

Manu:no its not like that. Ofcourse i believe you.then i should call you superman

Why so asked yuvi with a chuckle

Manu:because topping in board exam is a superb thing and you have done it

yuvi:fine then i will also find a nickname for you.
How about cutie pie he asked after thinking for sometime

Thats great said manu

Then its fixed you are my cutiepie said yuvi

And you are my superman completed manu

I was fuming like anything never in my lifetime manu had called me any nickname .now all of a sudden she is calling him superman.its not cool
How can she be so careless mom i asked my mom when me and manu came back home.
My mom was busy cooking and manu sat on the countertop munching all the between she started showingme faces by pulling her tongue out.

Look at her mom.when will she grow up.she never listens to anything which i many times have i told her not to talk with strangers.

You know manu you need to be careful the world around us is not so sweet and colourful as you think

i will always be safe when i got my didi with me right and saying this she hugged me tight.

God this girl knows how to change my mood too.
And then di told not to talk with strangers manu was repeating each and every word ind told her yesterday like a parrot to yuvi.

He looked at me and i diverted my gaze as if i was checking whether the bus is coming.

Yuvi:you know cutie pie your sister is right you shouldnt often talk to strangers

What an irony even a stranger understood what i meant but my very own sister didnt.

Manu:iam sure what she said about strangers was about you.i think she is jealous of our friendship

jealous my foot.oh god, was she my enemy in our previous birth
As the days passed the friendship between yuvi and manu increased and so did my jealousy.
I totally hate him now.i mean even though we fought a lot at the end of the day she is my sister and i dont want her to share our bond with anyone wlse.but the bond she was sharing with yuvi was way beyond our sisterly bond.she used to share with him everything that she doesnt even share with me and mom.
Then came rakshabandhan day.since we didnt have any brothers we used to tie rakhi on each others hands.

When we reached busstop manu ran towards yuvi and asked him to stretch his hand.
She tied a rakhi to his hand and wished him for rakshabandhan

You know what i made it with my own handa she said to yuvi

he had tears in his eyes and hugged her.

Yuvi:you know what when you tie this thread it means that i will always protect you and will fulfill all your dreams

iam not liking all this.iam there to protect her we dont need anybody else i thought.

You know what i and jhanvi di used to tie rakhi to each does that mean ihave to protect her manu.asked innocently.

Yes it does yuvi replied laughing.
That day after school i was waiting for manu but she was getting late.
She never used to be late infact her class used to get over before iam quiet worried.where is this girl ?

I.asked her class teacher but she said that manu already left the class
then i asked her friends.

Yeah she told she is going to have icecream with her bhai one of the girls said.

What bhai?which bhai? I asked myself. Suddenly Yuvis face came into my mind.Ofcourse it has to be him
Then i saw them coming back hand in hand enjoying the icecream.

Hi di.I went with superman to have you want some?

My anger.knew no bounds and i slapped her tightly.The icecream fell off her hands and both of them were astonished act.

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