Hello everyone!! Look at my evolution- Silent reader→ Comment writer → Writing stories (finally!! 🙂 ). Funny isnt it? Well my first one shot and hope you all will like it. IT IS A LOVE STORY..BUT…

“Di, you give my chocolate, please”, I begged. But Jhumur, my great elder sister will never give it. I know. She was ready to leave evrything for chocolate. So am I. Hence our fight. She smirked, “No. Never. This is mine. I have scored the highest in boards and then only dad allowed me to have this chocolate- my dream chocolate.”

Huh?? What the hell?? People have dream place, dream people but DREAM CHOCOLATE!!?? Like seriously?

Whatever my dream to destroy her dream finally came true. She was in a hurry for her tuition. Hence she kept it in her drawer and stormed off. As if I can’t find it out.
After having our supper we both came to our room and slept on our beds. I woke up with a shriek at midnight and put on the light. Our parents also came running. My sis was dancing and she clenched her right cheek. I giggled. Yes. Because I had eaten her chocolate and had kept asbestos pieces from a nearby construction site in its place. My great sis thought it to be the chocolate in the dark and tried to take a bite. And now she is dancing in pain. However, my beautiful plan was caught and mommy pulled my ears heard. Di too got a smack for eating chocolate in the midnight.

But don’t ever think that I don’t love my sis or she doesn’t love me. We both are inseparable. We love each other very much. We fight and the very next minute we forget our reasons of fighting and again patch up. This cycle continues. Well my sis is a brilliant student and she aspires to become a doctor. She inspires me every minute. I carry her in my heart and can tell her everything I wanna share with her. She helps me not only in studies but also in each and every step of my life. She always says, ” Nupur, always be optimistic and think that whatever happens in our life is for our own betterment only. Dearie, my wish is to see you crack my results and top your boards examination. Work hard and follow your dreams whatever come may.” I am like a climber and she is my support.

Wait, I am being too philosophic, isn’t it? Now we are in our car, driving off to Diamondharbour for a winter picnic. My parents, sister, grandma and I- all are in full on ecstasy mode.

Suddenly the car screeched like a hurt and hungry cat and came to a halt. Dad got down. Mom asked, “What happened? We are getting late.” Dad said, ” Oh crap! The car’s petrol has run down. Anasuya, please come, we need to go to the nearby pump and get some petrol. Thank God this is a market place or else we would not have got any help by now.” Mom was furious. She started grumbling,” Wow! I told you to check the fuel gauge but you said there is abundant petrol to reach Diamondharbour. Now see where we are stuck. God why did you give husbands such less brains?” My dad smiled sheepishly and buttered her and went off with her. Before that he told us,”Girls, go to the market and have some refreshments. Enjoy this rustic market. Ma will you go with these two mischiefs?” Grandma said,” No no. I am better here with my book. Let them go and enjoy.” We separated our directions.

We are really enjoying. We have never seen a village-market. So many things were on sale. Even animals! My di gifted me a pair of lovely ear-rings. She now said,” Nups, ain’t gettin’ tired?” I nodded my head in positive. We went to a tea-shop and ordered two butter toasts and sat on the benches provided. Ummm… I can smell a very beautiful lime fragrance all around me. Well I always feel that and I love it. My sister’s favourite perfume. Whenever she is around one can feel her presence by this smell. It makes me cozy and I can feel sisterly love’s warmth by this smell.

Our toasts have been served and we are munching away them. Suddenly I heard a very loud BOOM around me. A BLAST!! And the whole atmosphere blackened with smoke. By then two arms had grabbed me and we were lying on the ground. Those were of my Di’s. She is lying on top of me, embracing and sheilding my body from all that shit. I don’t I will be able to keep my senses alert any more. I heard a feeble whisper, “Nothing will happen to you sis.” I hugged her tightly and filled my nose with that fragrance once more and then someone drew a black curtain in front of my eyes.

When I opened my eyes I saw myself lying on the hospital bed amongst bandages and tubes snd all. Where is di? I shout in spite of the unbearable pain draping my whole body. Wait, I can’t shout! To my horror, I saw that my voice isn’t coming out at all. I am dumb!!! But why everything around me is so quite? Its a hospital- a place of commotions. I saw around myself. My parents and grandma are all around me. A doctor is telling them something. But I can’t hear anything. Why? I indicated my mom showing my lips and ears and questioning eyes. With a tearful eye she nodded her head. I understood. I am feeling helpless. She handed me a chit- “Your voice and listening power has been snatched by that explosion and your heart wrenching cry after that. You were unconsious for sn weak. Your di is okay.” I felt relieved. Atleast my di is all okay. Just then, I saw a nurse coming with a pale face and telling something to my dad. Now all of them faced me and hurriedly went out. I was shocked and first thing that came to my mind was,’Is my sister…’ Nono. I stopped that thinking as that can never true. Mom said she is okay and she never lies.

I arrived at our doorstep today. After 15 days I have been discharged. But di has never come to meet me. Why? Is she angry on me? No. Why should she be? I came inside my room and expected to see her welcoming me. Yes she hailed with her ever smiling cute face. But she hailed me from a garlanded photo frame hanging on the wall. I felt the world slipping under my feet. I sat haplessly on the floor. I felt tears streaming down my cheek. I looked blankly on the crying faces of everyone present. My mom is hugging me tigtly. Why di why you saved my life and went away yourself? With whom will I live? With whom shall I fight laugh share and do whatever I want? I had so many questions. But none was there to answer me. My mom handed me a letter again- ” You must be wondering if I had told you a lie. Your di saved your life twice. First on the market there and second in hospital. You were struggling between life and death. Doctors said either you would slip into a coma or your brain-death will occur. Your di was also very critical. Unfortinately the doctor told those wirds in front of her. She had heard it. After then we saw a tragical miracle. The more your di neared death the more better you were becoming. Just whdn you regained your senses your di list her life. She resurrected you even if coincidentally.”
I could bear it no more. I cried my heart out. I wanted to shout to cry but my physical barriers stopped me. Mentally I was broken down and felt proud of my sister. Even in her last breath she showered her love and saved me. Then I remembered she told me not to cry but to fight even in the worst of circumstances. I wipped off my tears and stood up. I have to fulfilk her last wishes. I have to top the boards and surpass her marks. Even in death you are my strength di.

Time flew away like a storm. But di remained as she was in frame and in our mind-frame. I am admitted to a special school to learn lip-reading and such other techniques to make myself out of complex because of my shortcomings. But I didn’t leave my school. I was adamant to pass out from that school only. Everyone is very helpful- my parents, teachers my bestie Nandini helps me prepare my lessons and teach me in her best possible ways. But everyone is not so much helpful. Some of my classmates do taunt me but I overlook them. I remember di saying me to be always optimistic and never give up. I clench my fist whenever I can understand their comments but never reiterate. After a lot treayment I have been awarded with a hearing aid and now I can hear very feeble sounds. But my only peace is books and my room where my di is entangled in its each and every corner.

Again some months went by. Today the result of ICSE is slated to be out. I am eagerly waiting for it. But I din’t go to school. I am sitting in my room and continuously staring at my sis’s pic. She is smiling at me continuously.

Mom took me to the school forcibly as I was reluctant to do so. I saw a huge crowd in front of the notice board. Nandini shot out from the meleé and whispered loudly, “Nupur, you did it. You have fulfilled ypur di’s last wish completely. You are the board-topper with an awesome 98% marks. Love you dear.” I besided myself with joy. I saw everyone clapping for me. “Thank you di. I did it.” my inner voice said. A drop tear trickled down my cheek.

Its evening now. I am in our room. Dad has gifted me the promised di’s favorite chocolate. I halved it and put it in the plate in front of her photo. Di I miss you so much. I looked at her face. Her expressions are such as if she is telling me, “Nups! You won. I hope you din’t forget your di on this day, did you?” I said,” No di. How can I forget you today?” I stared at her lovingly. A cool breeze came up and embraced me. I am getting the lime fragrance. It is filling up my senses and embraced me like my di does….

So friends how is it? Comment please. Healthy crticism accepted. No proof reading. Hope you all like it.


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  1. Awsm yaar ……i loved it

    1. Thank u Asheeyana

  2. i am literally crying right now. You wrote amazing. i have no words for it.

    1. Thank u very much Mili.,.

  3. You made me cry yaar..Its so emotional.???Me too have an elder sis ..i love her alot ??

    1. Thank u Abhi..I am glad that i cud do it..

  4. It’s too gud yr

    1. THANKS Ryths

  5. I still have tears. I too have a sister and we love each other like anything .
    Bisha u r an awesome writer. And I hope u evolve as a great writer from Os writer. All the best dear 🙂

    1. I am really glad that i cud bring out ur tears..thank u very much..

  6. Sp r…..awesome….I lved it….no wrds to say dea

    1. thank u faima..

  7. It’s amazing.. When I m reading this..tears r naturally roll down from my eyes… U r superb..

    1. Thank u vry much

  8. Really nice bounding.just spellbound. very very heart touching. well done my friend.nice writing skill.

    1. Thanks dear Ipshita

  9. awesome os . wonderful writer you are bisha .i still have tears in my eyes .

    1. Thank u twinkle

  10. hai bisha its very touching i cried after reading i have two loveable sisiters too
    keep it up and thank u

    1. Thank u very much

  11. i just can’t resist myself from shedding tears…the story was so original and realistic that i could see the scenes in front of my eyes..amazing..i dont have words to describe…ur story narration a very good..and ofcourse the killer suspense..wid the climax and the perfect ending..what i liked most is the link between ur starting and ending…”THE CHOCOLATE”
    Keep writing such wonderful pieces…..
    nd one question…are u a bengali??

    1. Thank u very much Tara.. I got the inspiration to write this story from another story i read long back.. and then kept the theme same..i mean this love and put my own imagination in the story.. Yes i am a bengali..

      1. ohk i see..
        btw m also a bengali..i cud guess it when i read DIAMOND HARBOUR …haha lol

  12. wow bisha its soo realistic…i was crying while reading story…superb!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks a lot..

  13. Hey its not fair yaar… you made me cry… after reading this story, I cant resist myself from tears… you are an excellent writer and the story was amazing…

    1. HaHaHa.. i am happy that i cud make u cey.. 😉 lol.. thank u very much

  14. very good

  15. very good..i loved it..

    1. Thank u luil sis..i am glad to see ya here..

      1. lol..i mean big sis

      2. Thank u very much my lil sis

  16. Wowwww bisha, it’s really awesomeeeeee…tears still rolling from my eyes. …such a heart melting story…you touched our soul honeyyyyyy. …I miss my sisters more now….keep it up. eagerly waiting more of your stories. you soooooooo muchhhhhh, muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Thank u very much Roma

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