My sister- The light of my life (intro)

Hiiii friends…this is story of Two sisters..Dia and Roshani they r unidentical twines..let me introduce u to Dia,roshani n their world…

Dia(22)-hey friends,u can imagine ragini khanna…shes bold,brave,beautiful,she loves her sister ‘Roshani’a lot..shes live in canada.

Roshani shrivastav-u can immagine her as aparna dixit) shes n respect her family a lot.shes beautiful n innocent(22).

Sumit(25)-Hes hot,charming,handsome,most eligible batchler,young buisness tycon..loves his family hes also live in canada.hes dias best friend.(u can imagine him as karan tacker)

In roshanis family-shrivastav family in shimala,India…
Nivedita shrivastav-roshanis dadi.
head of family.
Uday shrivastav-Roshanis dad-loves roshani alot.
Suhasi shrivastav-Roshanis step mom..
Uday n suhasi have 2 children
Achal shrivastav(24)-U can imagine her as neha sargam,shes step sis of roshani,shes beautiful but proudy.
Soham shrivastav(19)-Hes innocent n loves her roshanidi n his family.
Umang Shrivastav-Younger brother of uday n roshanis chachu.
Swara umang shrivastav-umangs wife n roshanis chachi n masi also(Dia roshanis mother -sunaina n sunainas is swaras didi sister)so roshani callesd swara as ”
Umang n swara have 18yrs old daughter veera(u can imagine her as digangana suryavanshi)

Here is intro..i.know its confusing but trust me i will try my best to entertain u..

n one more thing Dia roshani r unidentical twins..they r daughters of Uday n sunaina shrivastav.but y dia,roshani seprated???…where is sunaina n y dia is living in canada?
whats sumits role in this story? How dia roshani meet again??will they recognise each other or not??lost my questions friends..u’ll find all answers in first 3 episodes stay tune..n give me feedback about this story…

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  1. Awesome, wowwww very interesting intro….loved the cast n concept of the story…..Plzzzz continue dear, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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