Sirphire (Ragsan/Raglak-SS) part 6


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Starts with ragini is shown praying in Temple. Her eyes r closed and sound of temple bell playing.
Laksh came running to temple and smiles
Hi ragini he said with a smile
He then looked at murti of God and again said
Keep quiet ragini said with anger
Laksh like a good boy closed his eyes and started praying and after few seconds .
What is it, ragini?
R u upset with me?
Chup ragini said
Okay sorry laksh said

Ragini finished her prayer and put pooja thali on side.
Why didn’t u come in the bus with us? Ragini asked
Oh, u r angry with me because of that laksh said
Actually, what happened is and interpreted by rags
Chup kar and again starts praying
How much does she want to pray?? Laksh murmured
Ragini, tell me one thing, what r u asking for from god??
I always ask for love not hatred ragini replied
Love, love, love laksh shouted like a kid
Love, look if your love is true then you’ll surely get it laksh said while looking at rags
Chalo main tumhe chod deta hoon
Keep quiet rags said and again starts praying
There’s more?? Laksh said
Laksh was praying and his eyes were closed and ragini left.
Laksh heard foot steps and saw that ragini is leaving
Ragini, ragini, at least listen to me
Ragini was keep walking
Ragini, I wanted to tell u
Ragini was looking at him and stumbled at stairs and got sprain in her ankle.
Be careful ragini laksh said and made her sit in stairs
U r being hasty for no reason laksh scolded her. Now see what happened
Show it to me, I’ll cure it laksh said being concerned
Let it be laksh, ragini said
Stupid, I’ll cure it in no time.

Let it be laksh. I’m fine. Leave me alone ragini shouted at him
Ragini, why aren’t u listening to me??
Ragini started to walk and about to fall down but laksh hold her on time.

Laksh was holding rags from her waist and rags’s one hand was on his shoulder and another hand was on his arm. They were lost in each other. After few minutes
Dekha? U were being hasty for no reason laksh said in husky voice
Even God doesn’t want u to go back on your foot. And then there’s no need for formality.
You and I have to go to the same place. I’ll drop u. Should I?
Ragini was lost in his eyes and came back to her senses and felt embarrassed.
Laksh picked her up in bridal style and both of them was looking at each other.

Shekhar and similar both r shown walking. Shekhar is holding gift boxes.
Hurry up. Don’t walk so slowly sumi said
Love didn’t happen,  but u r surely tiring me shekhar murmured
Did u said something sumi asked
No, I was saying that today is your birthday.

What will u have?
I’ll tell u that is evening sumi said
I have already decided what I want.
Had u also decided to make me walk for 2 kms shekhar murmured. My legs r hurting.
Did u said something sumi asked
No, I was saying as to where should I keep all these gifts?
Keep it on your head sumi said teasingly
Here u go and he put stuff on his head
One box fall down, what have u done sumi said angrily
Come soon in the evening. I’ll wait for u sumi said and left from there with all the gifts
Come on kids. Let’s make preparations for the birthday shekher said

Few hours later:
It was night. Students were sitting in the bus to leave for sumi’s birthday party. Ragini came out and bus was already left.
Ragini was wearing pink and blue suit with light make up and matching earrings and bangles. Her hairs were open. She was looking stunning.

Oye, bus roko, roko!!
Kavya, u left me. Ragini run behind and shouted.
U r leaving me behind. Take me along.
Kavya.. but no use bus was left
Ragini got tired and stopped. Suddenly a car came to her and stopped
Hey, u r all alone someone said in husky voice it’s laksh. In jeans and blueish shirt and blazer.
God, too wants u to go with me.
I say don’t talk to me ragini said with anger
I’m not playing antakshri with u. All I’m saying is that the best option for u is to go with me laksh said
It’s very cold out here. It’s very late as well.
Soon liond, cheetahs, elephants, bears and different types of wild animals will come out laksh said in dramatic voice which scared ragini.
Then u will have to take a lift from them laksh said playfully
Will that be fine with u??

Ragini looked around it was dark and there was tree all over.
Look, u have only one option laksh said
Come on get inside the car.
I said don’t talk to me laksh, ragini said
Fine. I was trying to do something good. U didn’t give me an opportunity. Don’t say anything later laksh said
He staretd his car.
Kh……..ior ragini heard roar of lion and got scared and looked at laksh because he made the sound.
It’ll come. It will come in some time laksh said and left.
Ragini was very scared.
Laksh stopped his car it bit far and started singing
Aaye ga aaye ga
Aane wala aaye ga

Aaye ga aaye GA
He was looking at ragini through the mirror.
Ragini came and sit in car.
Hoo laksh made a sound like getting shocked and put hand on his mouth and ragini gave him angry look.
Shall we go??ragini said
Laksh smiled and came close to ragini and again made sound like lion which scared rags (ragini was looking at another side)

After some time they reached to the party.
Both came to sumi and wished her happy birthday.
Sumi did the cake cutting and everyone did dance and had fun. Party ended after 2-3 hours and people started leaving.

Precap: shock for sanlak:)

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