Sirphire (Ragsan/Raglak-SS) part 5


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A guys is shown playing guitar and singing. He is cool dashing sanskar..

Palkan de vich paindi ae kich
(My eyes have only one wish)
*Everyone was looking here there to see from where voice is coming.*
Tere didar di
(I wish to see u)
Tere didar di

(I wish to see u)
Sanskar is dancing on the top of bus. Everyone else is dancing inside the bus
Palkan de vich paindi ae kich
(My eyes have only one wish)
Tere didar di, tere didar di
(I wish to see u, I wish to see u)
Saahan ne mehsoos kiti
(My breath felt)
Khusboo Tere pyar di
(The fragrance of your love )
Palkan de vich paindi ae kich
(My eyes have only one wish)
Tere didar di, Tere didar di
(I wish to see u, I wish to see u )

Everyone reached to the picnic spot. Ragsan was in the middle and everyone was dancing around them.
They made tents to sleep.
I do not know where she went. Adarsh said
He came in front of tent and said pari darling, darilng
And got a slap from a girl on his face.
Go and die
Sorry sister adrash said
I don’t know if she is a girl or ghost. I wonder where she has vanished adrash murmured
His phone rings..
So what’s the situation someone asked from another side. He is laksh.
The situation is very bad he replied
She is neither in the gents washroom nor in the ladies. I wonder where she has gone adrash told
Idiot, I am talking about ragini and sanskar laksh yelled
Don’t worry man, I won’t let sanskar go after ragini.
It’s my promise adrash said
Very good bhai
U keep eye on both of them. I’ll come soon laksh said
U don’t worry, I’ll get sanskar out of the way and hanged up.
Laksh looked around and said,
Quickly repair the car.

Next day Sanskar is shown holding a rose in his hand and people r clapping.
Wah Wah Wah !!!!’
Wonderful. That’s great sir.

I love u ragini♡♡
Today I realized what love is. I used to look into mirror every day. But today, I don’t know why I wish to see your face along with mine. Now I can’t wait any longer. I want the time to stand still right here. And your image never get out of my sight.
Today, I’ll tell u about my feelings. I’m coming ragini. I love u sanskar said with full emotions and left from their.
Adrash was spying on him.

Sanskar came out from his tent with a smile on his face and red rose in his hand. He was looking for ragini.
Suddenly a girl came in front of him. She is wearing white anarkali and her hairs r open.
Ragini, sanskar called her. Ragini stopped and he hide flower behind his back.
Ragini I was coming to u.
And I was coming to meet u ragini said
I was going to temple. I thought I should take u with me.
Yes, yes sanskar nodded with said face
Come on let’s go ragini ordered

Temple?? But ragini
I wanted to tell u something.
Haan, bolo sanskar, we can walk and talk. Let’s go!!
Walk and talk!!! Sanskar murmured
Ragini I want to tell u something very important.
Tell me ragini said
We’ll walk and talk sanskar said
Okay, fine ragini said and start walking
No, no, no, no sanskar shouted and stopped
We’ll stand and talk.
Ragini- okay, tell me sanskar
Sanskar laughs
The dress and signals her dress
What happened ragini asked being confused
Suit and again laughed like an idiot
Ragini- Haan suit
Actually it suits u sanskar said
The plate  (pooja thali). It’s very beautiful plate sanskar said (funny tune plays)
And the weather. It’s such a nice weather sanskar said while looking at sky
Sanskar, why r u talking in riddles?? Ragini asked
Tell me what is it??
What is it?? Sanskar said
Sanskar jaldi bolo, I’m getting late ragini said and started to leave.
Late.late sanky shouted and run behind rags
Ragini, u r getting late. I’m also getting very late. Well, actually, the thing is ragini and blushes
Haan sanskar
I’m about to say it
Say it sanskar
Should I ??

Bol na
Ragini, actually I…..
Suddenly his phone rings)
I….I really…really…. more than everyone…
Sanskar your phone is ringing
Phone?? Why is it ringing?? Sanskar said being frustrated

My phone is ringing. It’s ringing.
Pagal how geya hain ragini thought
Sorry just a minute
He got shocked after listening from the another side and rose fall down from his hand.
He become very sad after listening call and came to rags
Sanskar ragini said being concerned
What is it?? Sanskar u look very upset.
Is everything alright??

Yes, everything is fine sanky said
But I have to leave immediately.
U will have to leave? But u were here to say something right??
Hmm sanskar nodded
One day I’ll tell u what I wanted to say for sure. But this isn’t the right time. Take care. Main chalta hoon and he left.
Sanskar…but he already left.
He was here to say something, but…
It’s very difficult to understand this boy ragini blabber
I should make a move. I’m getting late ragini said to herself and left.
Hello sister adrash said
Go and die ragini said
Adrash laughs
U r great, adrash u r great.
I remixed a scene that well lucky that your love story won’t be a hit. It will be a super hit  ( he called sanky)

A car stopped in front of temple and a boy came put of it. He is laksh.

Precap: raglak moments

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    but what happened to sanky

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    Sanskar guitar song scene was superb.sanskar trying hard to confess his luv n failing was funny. But I pity him

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