Sirphire (Ragsan/Raglak-SS) part 4


Hello everyone! Thanks to those who comments and to silent readers as well. So here’s the next part. Hope u guys will like it…

Principal announced that college is going on picnic. Everyone was shouting in excitement.

Wow. Wow we all will go together. It will be a lot of fun.
Have u made all the preparations for the picnic ragini?? Kavya asked
Yes ragini said
Have u packed all your bags ragini asked

On the other side adrash and sanskar was talking and walking.
Have u packed your bags? Sanskar asked to adrash
I’m very excited. We will have a lot of fun ragini said with excitement in her voice
Suddenly ragsan come face to face.
Ragini, I was coming to meet u.
Ragini- really?
R u coming for the picnic sanskar asked
H…haan ragini nodded and left
Sanskar became disappointed and starts to walk.
Sanskar ragini called him from back
Yes sanskar replied with smile
R u coming for the picnic ragini asked
Do u want me to come?? Sanskar asked like an idiot.
Ragini felt awkward and said I’ll feel nice if u do
I’ll surely come ragini. I will certainly come ragini.
We have to go upstairs adrash said
Yes we have to go upstairs sanskar replied while looking at ragini who has left.
Ragini I’ll come 201%. I’m coming sanskar shouted from behind
Sanskar bumped into kavita who was coming from upstairs.
What is it? U look very happy kavita asked while touching sanky’s cheek
Body builder…kavita said
The news is such sanskar said
Bring your ears closer..
Ragini is coming for the picnic sanskar said in her ear.
Oh.. u don’t need to be so happy. U too bring your ear closer. Kavita said
Laksh is also coming for the picnic kavita said in sanky’s ear
Yes, Laksh
You don’t worry about laksh. I’ll handle him sanskar said
How?? Kavita asked being confused
U will know when u come for the picnic sanskar said and left from their.

Few hours later. Students was coming to go on picnic and they was sitting in bus.

U know prof. Shekhar is not coming with us for the picnic ragini said to kavya.
He is coming with mam sumi in his khatara (useless) car. Sanskar and Laksh aren’t coming either ragini informed to kavya
Really? Kavya asked
Yes, they aren’t ragini replied and both of them sit in bus.
But adrash sanskar told that he’ll come kavita said.
Bus left from their and a guy is shown running behind the bus and climbed to the bus. He is sanskar.

A car was following car and Laksh was driving the car. But suddenly car stopped.
Oh, no Laksh said
Bye, laksh. Show it to a good mechanic sanskar shouted from the bus which makes Laksh frustrated
See u sanskar screamed
Laksh banged his hand on his car- damn it

Hey yaar, it’s a long journey. Why don’t we play a game to kill time kavya suggested
Everyone agreed
Why don’t all of us antakshari ?? Kavita said
Yes, yes of course
Good idea good idea adrash said
We all will sing two lines of the song we like.
Everyone said yes
The one who can’t sing, loses
Yes, okay come on ragini said
Ragini’s turn come first.
No, no no, no ragini said
This is cheating. How can I be the first one?? Ragini complained
No, u will have to sing adrash said
I can’t sing ragini said
Come on rags kavya said
It’s you turn. U will have to sing. That’s final kavita said
I can’t sing ragini said
Guys I’ll start counting adrash said
No, no cheating ragini said
One, two
I can’t sing
Three, four
No, I don’t know and covered her ears with her hands.
Five, six, seven
Eight, nine..
Suddenly they hear guitar. Everyone stopped counting and started to look around that who it can be

To be continued……

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