Sirphire (Ragsan/Raglak) part 3


Hello everyone.. thanks for your comments. So here’s the next part:)

Police station
A girl came to police station to meet someone. She is wearing black burka so nobody could recognize her. A guy is standing in lockup. He hears footsteps of someone and turn his face. He is Sahil

I…I know u would come to get me out of here. Because u know that I’m innocent Sahil said
Girl nodded
Sahil- these…these people r trying to trap me. We don’t have much time.
These people will try to get me hanged.
Girl hold his hand and told him a plan which is muted (u guys will later find out the plan)
U…u think your plan will work?? Sahil asked
U think they will work for u??
Girl nodded yes and left from their.

Shekhar was walking in college and murmuring boys don’t study. They keep writing love letters.
Sumi…sumi…Sumi tune plays and sumi came to shekhar.
She hold his hand and said
Listen, u r looking very handsome in this shirt.
In this shirt?? shekhar asked
Shekhar blushes and said, u see someone has said that I look very handsome in blue shirt.
So I thought why not wear it?
Sumi- oh my God, u r very funny
What’s is this sumi asked (shekhar was holding some paper in his hands)
Oh. … he said and hold sumi’s hand
They were lost in each other’s eyes and shekhar was going to kiss her hand. But got distracted by student’s voice.
What is this?? Sumi asked
This is an engagement invitation shekhar replied
I’m dead sumi said and lost her balance but shekhar hold her.
Kids, kids, principal shekhar yelled

Move move back sumi said
Get lost get lost jao sumi screamed
That was very stealthy of u. U didn’t even let a hint out sumi yelled
About what shekhar asked
About the engagement
Even I didn’t know about the engagement. Daddy handled everything. So will u come?? Shekhar asked
Look I’d really like it if u attend it
Here u go. I have to invite others as well shekhar said and left
He fixed his engagement and didn’t even inform me. How would it have harmed him if he had asked me once?? Sumi said

Sanskar and laksh both was serving cold drinks to guests and trying to impress ragini.
Sanskar was wearing black shirt with jeans and black blazer. Laksh was wearing jeans with red shirt. Ragini was wearing golden and yellow mixed lehnga with matching jewellery. She did a messy bun.

Laksh came to ragini and offered her cold drinks.
Ragini- thanks lucky
Madam she asked sumi
I don’t want it she said rudely
Madam have some cold drink na
I told u that I don’t want it
Hey, why r u serving cold drinks??
What r u saying?? It’s sister’s engagement party. I’m bound to work.
Sister’s sumi asked being confused
But it’s mr. Shekhar’s engagement party na??
What r u saying Madam?? Laksh said
It’s mr. Shekhar’s niece’s engagement.
O my God, or my God sumi said
Where? Where is shekhar??
Shekhar came wearing white suit with red pagdi.
Engagement happened and everyone danced and had fun

Precap- picnic and fun

Sorry guys I know it was boring. And their was no ragsan-raglak scenes. But I promise next one will be fun of ragsan-ragpak scenes. Please do comments

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  1. Fairy

    I thnk dat burkha vale grl ws ragini…!!!!!hehhehe sumi scene ws helarious??update ws super awesome dear!!!keeeep rockng n sty blesssed???waitng for nxt part????????

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    it was awesome and hillarious

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    Awesome and I think that girl is ragini

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    Keep Smiling

  9. Asra

    awesome dear….and who’s that girl….waiting for their raglak and ragsan scenes….tkcr dear….

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    Hahahahaha sumi scene was totally amazing

  11. A.xx

    fab dear and I think the Burkha girl was Ragini and who is Shekar’s neice??.xx

    1. Simmi

      Shekhar’s niece is just a imaginary character…

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