Sirf tumhare liye…..Episode 7

They reached the college. She gets out of the car and went to the college. She doesn’t said anything to Abhi nor does she turned back to see him. Abhi stood there hopping that she would turn once.
It was her first day in her college. After one year she is going to meet her students. Once again she is going to hold the chalk. The black board benches…everything finds new to her.
She greeted her colleagues and went to the class room. Her favorite batch is waiting for her. Those students are really happy to see their pragya ma’am once again. She entered the class with great excitement. The students gave her a warm welcome.
S1: ma’am we missed you a lot. We missed ur classes, ur scolding, ur care, ur silly jokes everything. You left the college suddenly without informing us anything. We were really upset for that. But now we are really happy that u came back.
Pragya: I also missed u all… but now am back… from now onwards I will be there with u… ok… lets enjoy our classes… with lots of fun..
Students: okkk ma’am….

They spent a lot of lovely moments. Pragya really enjoyed their company and she forgot about her worries and problems.
It was evening. All were returning to their home. Pragya was also on her way to home. Suddenly Abhi arrived and blocked her way. He tried to talk to pragya but she was not ready…
Abhi: pragya plz forgive me yaar. I admit that it was my mistake. But I promise u that such things won’t happen again.
Pragya: am not interested in listening to u. Today am really happy. And I don’t want to spoil my happiness.I met my students, spent some time with them… and a lot more.
A beautiful smile was there in her face while saying this. Abhi could notice it. He watched her smile and her actions with great love. She keeps on saying about her first day in her college.
After sometime she realized that she was talking to Abhi and she noticed that abhi is looking at her.
She stopped and says” Why am saying this to u. who are u to me… am leaving and plz don’t disturb me…
She turned away and started to leave but suddenly Abhi hold her hand and pulled her towards him. They had an eye lock (Sanam re song in bg). Abhi cared her face… there were tears in their eyes when abhi touched her cheeks. He wiped her tears and says ” fuggy i love you” She looked to his eyes for some time and rest her face in his chest. He passed his hand through her head with care and love. A drop of tears fall from his eyes and fall all pragya’s cheek. She come back to sense and tried to move away but abhi was holding her tightly. So she pushed him and tried to go. But her hair got stuck in his buttons. She was trying to remove it with anger and restlessness. Abhi was looking at her all the time. She removed her hair from his buttons and went away. While she was going Abhi shouted “ pragya u cannot go away from me… u can try as much as u can but I promise that u won’t become successful u cannot leave me and u know why….. its not becoz I love u ..but becoz my fuggy loves me a lot and she can’t leave without me… u will come back… I know that… and that day is not so far… love u fuggy take care…”
Pragya doesn’t say anything and left the place wipping her tears.
Some of her(pragya’s) students were watching them ( Abhi and pragya) they thought that Abhi was misbehaving with their madam. So they went near him. Abhi thought that they were his fans and said” See I don’t hav time now will talk to u another day…”

S1: hello sir we are not ur fans…
Abhi: then
S2: we are pragya ma’am’s stdnts. What do you think of urself. Don’t u hav manners…ur a rockstar.. it doesn’t mean that u could misbehav with anyone.
One of the sudent came and hold his collar and said” do u think that all girls are alike… our ma’am is not like those girls how are running behind u. She is a cultured lady. How dare u to touch her.
S3: we thought that u are a nice guy.but we are wrong. Holding a girl’s hand in a public place… don’t u fell ashamed of urself. And mr abhishek mehara remember one thing if u repeat this again then we won’t leave u. our ma’am is so good that she doesn’t said anything but we are not like that. We won’t remain silent if anything happen to her.
S2: this is ur first and last warning…remember it…
Abhi heard all these silently. After saying this students started to go but Abhi stopped them.
Abhi: so u guyz love ur ma’am so much am I right.
S1: yes but why did u asked???
Abhi: would u do anything for her happiness???
S2: yes defntly.
Abhi: will u bring her love back to her life.
S1: sir if u wants to say anything then say it. There is no need of this Question answer section. What does u want?
Abhi: I want my wife …my love… my fuggy…
S3: sir what can we do for that. Who is ur wife???
Abhi: ur pragya ma’am.

Precap: Abhi said everything to them. Hearing that students were really shocked. They were in confusion… whether to help abhi or not…

Credit to: Aarthi


    • Aarthi

      ya i will but plz give sometime… will unite them only fter few episodes…. and thak u for ur compliment…

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      i have told that i could update only on sat and sun… am really really veryyy… veryy sorry for that…..sorry yar……

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  1. Sandy

    I was a silent reader all these days. Ur ff is my 2 favorite one ???. Ur rocking Aarthi. The scenes after sanam re song was awesome ?✋?. Starting count down for next week…

  2. devi

    Very very nice and emotional love episode. I wish the kkb abhi also should take care of pragya like this.but pragya wont do like this with her love abhi.everytime she’s at his service. You wrote good only abhi should feel like this.u did a nice job.

  3. Aarti good yaar I used to read but doesn’t comment but this episode make me to do soo superb yaar I enjoyed a lot ????

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