Sirf tumhare liye…..Episode 6


sorry for the late update… guyz i wolud like to inform u that i could update my ff only in sat and sun am really sorry for that

In pragya’s home
Pragya was sitting in the sofa.She is lost in thoughts of abhi. After sometime purab came there but she didn’t noticed him. He called her but she doesn’t respond. So he went near and shook her. Suddenly she came back to sense and asked” Purab when did you came I didn’t noticed you”
Purab: di its ok but what were you thinking about doctor told you Not to take mental strain then why are you always tensed and lost in thoughts. Di engage yourself in something do something which would make you happy”

Pragya: Purab what should I do. Nothing could make me happy. I lost everything my love my life everything. There is nothing like that which am interested in. I don’t have anything to do… feels that my life is going to end…
Purab: di plz don’t say like that…. Ok listen plz take this and have a look.
Purab handed over a paper to her, She goes through the paper and is really shocked to see it. She is really surprised and exited.

She called her mom and run towards her. She hugged her mom with happiness. She handed over the paper to her mom and said mom I got my job back. I could join my college tomorrow onwards, I could see my children and could spent time with them. Ma, am so happy. Still now I thought that there is nothing to do in my life but now…
Pragya: purab thank you thank you sooo much. But how did you get it…
Purab thought for some time
Fb starts
Abhi reached pragya’s college along with purab. He met the principal.
Princi: hello abhi wat a plsnt surprise… why are you here.. what can I do for you
Abhi: hello principal sir…. Actually i need a job.. not for me but for my wife.. my wife is pragya arora..she used to teach in ur college months before… so could she rejoin here… see am ready to give you anything…

Princi: No sir … we don’t want anything… pargya was an excellent teacher… students loved her a lot. We all were sad that she left her job. Sir we are happy and lucky to have her back in our college.
Abhi: oh thank you soo much… and one more thing don’t say her that I visited you for her job… ok….purab you should also keep it as secret if she comes to know that becoz of me she got this job then sometimes she won’t accep it..
Princi: okkk sir….we won’t tell her…
Fb ends

Pragya: purab I asked you something…. How did you get this…
Purab: di ..i met your principal yesterday.. . and told him about ur situation… so he suggested this… he said that you could join back to the college…..
Pragya thanked purab, she was soo happy…and was much exited about tomorrow. Tomorrow she was getting back in to her passion… she was once again going to see her lovely students …she was really so exited…

Next day….
Pragya was getting ready… she take blessings from her mom and god.. then leave….
Pragya was walking along the road side… she was getting late and suddenly a car came and stopped by her side.. it was abhi… he opened the door and offered her a lift.. but she refused to accept it… and started to walk… she stopped an auto and get in… Abhi also followed her in his car… he overtake the auto and stopped his car in front of it… and get out of it…
The auto driver was shocked to see abhi … he get out of the auto and asked him what does he want
Abhi: brother.. that lady is my wife.. she is angry with me.. and hence she not coming with me….
((***By this time people gathered there and surrounded abhi…**))
Abhi: so brother plz ask her to come with me… plz…
Pragya was at the peak of her anger after hearing it.. she tries to leave the place and people gathered there stopped her and asked her to go with abhi…
She stared at abhi and said” see am not interested in going with him”
Then abi comes near her

Abhi: plz forgive me yar… if you can’t forgive me now …then okk.. but come with me a will drop you in the college. Purab said that ur rejoining the college am happy for u..pragya…come with me I will drop you.
Pragya: mr abhishek mehra I don’t need ur help I will manage it..
Abhi: pragya don’t be so stubborn ur health is not good tht’s why am insisting u plz… come with me…

Pragya: oh sir plz mind ur business… plz don’t worry abt me…who are u tp bother about me…??
People gathered there also asked her to go with abhi… but she continuously refused to go with him.
But some young ladies comes there and said” ma’am sir loves u so much that’s why he is begging to u plz go with him” the they opened tha car’s door and made pragya sit inside forcefully.
Abhi smiles seeing this he also get inside the car and starts to the college…
On the way pragya didn’t looked at abhi.. she was at the peak of her anger… she was looking outside all the time… but abhi was looking at her… he tried to speak to her.. but something stopped him…
They reached the college….

Precap: Abhi holds pragya’s hand and she tried to leave the hold… some of her student’s noticed it.

As I hav said I could update only only on “sat and sun” … am really sorry for that….
Plz give ur valuable suggestions….

Credit to: Aarthi

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