Sirf tumhare liye…..Episode 5


Episode 5
In mehara mansion
Abhi wakes up. He looked at the couch which was empty. He used to remember his old days. His days and moments with his fuggy. He went to the dressing room and get ready. He was going to pragya’s home. While leaving the room he saw the lamp on the temple which pragya used to light everytime. The light is fading so he went near to the temple and pour some oil in the lamp.
Abhi: hey mr god don’t misunderstand me. I still don’t believe in you. I did this just for my fuggy. She always wanted this lamp to be lightened so I did this ok…
He went downstairs. While he was going down he could remember his moments with fuggy. At each place in the home he could sense his fuggy’s presence. Dadi was waiting for him there.
Dadi: So you are going to bring my daughter back. Isn’t it.
Abhi: no dadi not ur daughter… am going to bring my fuggy back…
Dadi: okk… all the best Romeo… bring your Juliet…
He went to pragya’s home. In the car he was thinking about Pragya.(Saiyaara thu Saiyaara song plays in bg)
He reached her home. He stepped out of the car. He stood outside the house searching for pragya. After some time sarla ji comes out and ask him to come inside. But he refuses to enter.
Abhi: No anti pragya won’t like it. She is angry with me. But her anger is genuine. I used to hurt her a lot but anti I promise you that once she return back to my life then I won’t let her cry.
Sarla: I know that beta you love her a lot and will keep her happy. But….
Abhi: anti ji everything will be fine.. I will make everything fine… by the way where is pragya… she is not seen anywhere…
Sarla: She was in her room from yesterday onwards. I called a lot but she refused to come out. She said that she need to sit alone.
Abhi: Anti ji plz call her… ask her to have something… I know that she will be crying… She will be feeling very lonely… You should become her support…
Hearing this sarla ji went inside and knocked pragya’s room but she doesn’t opend the door, nor does she respond. Sarla continuously knocked the door and called her but she didn’t respond.
Sarla ji called abhi and said pragya is not responding. He runs towards her. He knocked the door …. But she didn’t respond.
He broke the door and went inside. The condition of the room was terrible. Things were shattered here and there. They searched for pragya and saw her lying in the corner of the room. She lifted her and placed her head on her lap. Tears falls from his eyes he called her continuously and rubbed his hand through her head. He placed his hand on her cheek and called her name but she didn’t respond. He lifted her and rushed to the hospital.

Abhi was holding pragya in his hand. Someone bought the stretcher and took pragya to casualty. Doctor came and examined her. Abhi was waiting outside with teary eyes. All their beautiful moment went through his eyes.
Abhi : Doctor is there any problem, She is all right na… Nothing will happen to her isn’t it….
Doctor: Relax abhi she is all right. Actually she may be going through some mental tension. This happened becoz of High mental pressure. Listen abhi still now everything is ok… but you should take care of her seriously. She should not face any mental pressure or any tension anymore. Ask her to do something which would make her happy… ok.
Abhi: ok doctor I will take care of everything. Can I see her.
Doctor: of course Abhi… and you can take her home today itself.
Abhi went inside to see pragya. She was sleeping. Abhi went and sit near her he keep her hand in his and was eying her with love. Tears fall from his eyes to pragya’s hand. She slowly opened his eyes. She was shocked to see abhi by her side.
Suddenly he took her hand from Abhi’s and asked him to get out of the room. Abhi tried to convince her but she was not ready to listen to him. He left the room with heavy heart. Sarla ji was standing outside the room. She placed her hand in Abhi’s shoulder and said” Beta everything will become fine I know well about my daughter she loves you a lot and can’t live without you. Her anger is only for few days after that she will be with forever.
Abhi nodded his head slowly and said “ take care of her” in a very fade voice.
Time passes pragya was discharged and she was leaving to her home. Abhi was still standing outside the hospital. purab was also there with abhi . Abhi called him(purab) to take pragya to her home as he know that pragya won’t come with him(Abhi).
They reached pragya’s home. Pragya went to her room and started to think about Abhi. Abhi also reached his room and he was also thinking about pragya…

Precap: Purab gave pragya some papers… She was really shocked….

Guyzz thank you for all your support and also for ur suggestions. If you feel the episodes are not gud then say it….Then I will to improve it. Thank you ……

Credit to: Aarthi

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  3. Nice yaar… Bt when pragya vl forgive abhi yaar… Abhi’s condition is too sad even pragya’s angry s also genuine bt wat to do abhi did a mistake so plzzzz make pragya to forgive abhi yaar…

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