Sirf tumhare liye…..Episode 2

Episode 2
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Recap: Dadi slaps abhi and told him the whole truth.
In mehara mansion
Dadi: She my daughter pragya did this much for you and what did you do? Wo puri nishta se aapni pyaar ko nibhaya. Thume thumahare dushmanom se chudkara dene keliye wo ithna kuch sehaliya. Apni pyaar nibhathe nibhathe wo apni behan ko bi kol diya. Wo jo bi kiya SIRF THUMHARE LIYE kiya aur thum…. (She lost her sister while trying to save you from ur enimies and wat did you gave her in return). Still now am proud to say that u r my grand sin but today am ashamed of you. You didn’t belive her(pragya) who sacrificed her life, relationships and happiness for you but trusted that girl(tanu) who cheated you. Thum chahe jo bi karo bas muje meri betti vapas chahiye. Iss gar meim vapas chahiye.(Do wat ever you want but bring her back).
Saying dadi left the rum. Abhi luked at purab bt purab was also in anger. He handed over the CD to abhi and said “ di did all these to give you this proof. Plz watch it and understand the truth. Abhi u don’t know how much di suffered these days and she did all these just for you. You are so lucky that you hav di in ur life who would fight with the whole world just for u and ur happiness. Plz don’t let her go from ur life.”
Purab also left the rum

Abhi was left alone in the rum. he took the cd and played it. He is shocked to know tanu’s betrayal. He throughs pillows and other things in the rum. He went near pragya’s photo and took it in his hands he luked at it for some times and tears from his eyes fall on the photo. He hugged the photo tightly and started to cry widely.
He remembered all those incidents that happened a while ago. He thinks how he slapped his fuggy and called a cheater. He hit his hand on the wall strongly and it starts to bleed.
Abhi in his mind : my fuggy did this much for me and wat did I do. I asked her to leave me. How could I say this … no I won’t allow her to leave me… I will bring her back to my life….. I will ask her sorry ….and I know that my fuggy will forgive me…. Once she return back to my life I will give you all the happiness of the world.. I won’t allow her to cry anymore…. I will luv her more than anything in the world……
Abhi went pragya’s home to take her back to mehara mansion.
He reached pragya’s home saralaji opened the door. At first she scold abhi for wat he had done later when abhi asked her to forgive him and said that he had come to take fuggy back to mehara mansion.

Abhi went to pragya’s room. She was sitting there holding their wedding photo. Abhi enters the room slowly and touched her sholder. (bg kumkum bhagya song sad version played )She suddenly turned and was shocked to see abhi.
She stood up and starts to leave but abhi holds her hand and asked sorry to her. He said that Dadi and purab told him everything and he saw the cd also.
Abhi: plz forgive me fuggy am really sorry…. Plz come back…
Pragya was in full anger she freed her hand from his and starts to leave. Suddenly she noticed drops of blood in the floor and she realized that the blood was from abhi’s hand. She run towards him and took his hand in her hands and starts to cry. He asked him to sit and went to take first aid box. She treated his wound. Tears was continuously coming from her eyes. He also looked at her with lots of love’

Abhi: You still loves me … isn’t it…… you are still my fuggy ….. am right….
Pragya: Yes am ur fuggy ….. and still love you more than anything in this world…..
Abhi: then plz forgive me…. U can give me any punishment byt don’t leave me…… plz come with me….
BY this time pragya bandaged his would
Pragya: I bandaged ur wound it won’t bleed now…. Saying this she starts to leave from there.
Abhi stops her and said that u didn’t answered my Question.
Pragya: Its right that I love you….. but……
Abhi: if you still loves me then wat’s the problem plz come with me… plz fuggy…
Pragya: NO I won’t come….. its right that I love you but its also right that you didn’t trust me. Jis rishtey meim trust nahi hote us rishtey ko koi mathlab nahi hai……This relation only made me sad…. So its better to stop it here… but I promise that no one could take ur place in my life…. I will live with my love…. My love is mine and it will be in my heart… I don’t want to come back to ur life and trouble you…… all ur enemies are now destroyed and now u can llive without any fear… but plz leave me alone…….
She asked him to get out of the room…. And closed the door….
Abhi continuously knocked the door and tried to convience her a lot… but all was in vain…
He left to mehara mansion….

Precap: Abhi thrwd tanu out of the house….

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