Sirf tumhare liye…..Episode 11


Episode 11
The concert was going to start by the evening. Everyone is waiting for Abhi… our students have plannede something for abhi and pragya.
Pragya was doing some work…
Aradhya came with red Bouquet and says” ma’am Abhi sir will reach now…we need to go to welcome him..plz come ma’am”
Pragya: I won’t..u go and welcome him
Aradhya: no ma’am u invited him ur presence is necessary…and more over our principal wished so…so u have to…
Pragya, oh god what’s happening with me..i don’t want to see and talk to him but destiny is bringing us together..
Pragya: ok I will come but u should handover this bouquet to him.
***Rest of the students was hearing their (aradhya pragya) conversation from behind…(they were hiding behind the wall)***

Hearing this aradhya turned back to them..they show some jesters ,seeing this aradhya agreed to pragya
They went to the main gate to welcome abhi…students also followed them and hided(so that they can see pragya but pragta can’t). After some time Abhi’s car reached the college…all rushed to see him..but pragya didn’t moved from there.
When arayan saw abhi he called aradhya’s phone…she took the phone and behaved in fron’t of pragya such that t was an urgent call..she acted for some time and then cut the call
Aradhya: ma’am plz hold this bouquet I have some urgent work…it was arayan and he asked me to come to the stage…so ma’am I have to leave…if Abhi sir reached then u gave thi bouquet to him…”
Pragya called her and asked her to stay but she didn’t listen…
Aradhya ran from there and hide along with the rest of the students and they watched pragya from there.
Mean while Abhi get out of the car. Everyone went to receive him but pragya stood there…she doesn’t moved from there.

Everyone surrounded Abhi…Principal and other staffs arrieved there and they welcomed him. But while all these were happening his eyes was searching for his love, for his fuggy…and in between the crowd his eyes got stuck in a lady who is wearing a red sari, he couldn’t see her face becoze of her hair…but he recognized is his fuggy..she is wearing the same sari which abhi gave…she slowly tugged her hair to back of her ears and now he could see her clearly…it is she,,,his fuggy…
Principal took inside…in the entrance pragya was waiting for them…
They stopped in front of her pragya looked at him for some time…principal asked her to gave the bouquet to him…As there is no other options she gave it to Abhi…her students was watching this from behind.
Abhi offered a shake hand but pragya denied… but he demanded it and as all were assembled and as she doesn’t want to create a seen she gave the shake hand.
Abhi hold her hand for some time. He looked at her from top to bottom..and he noticed the mangalsutr…and kumkum in her forehead.

He tell to himself: I know that you can’t forget and hate me..but now am sure about it…this mangalsutr and kumkum are examples of that.
Pragya tried hard and break the shake hand. When was about to leave the principal stopped her and asked her to take abhi to the guest room.
She obeyed him and both of them went to the guest room
In the guest room
Abhi: beautiful
Pragya: what…???
Abhi: this flower…u still remembers my likes and dislikes…that’s why u brought me this red roses becoz I love red rose.
Pragya: there is nothing like students brought this flowers…and about ur likes and dislikes…I don’t remember all those things becoz u are nothing to me.
Someone enters the room while pragya is talking…he brought drinks For abhi
Pragya: what is this..

Waiter: tea ma’am
Pragya in a little bit anger tone:I have informed that Abhi doesn’t like tea so bring coffee for him…then what did you do…go and bring coffee…immediately..okk..
Waiterleft the room..Abhi had a small smile in his face. Pragya noticed it and asked what the matter is.
Abhi: you don’t know my likes and dislikes…isn’t it..
Pragya realized what she had decided to leave the room..but Abhi hold her hand and pulled her towards him…he locked her in his arm and leaned towards her…her heart beat increases..she could feel abhi’s breathe..She looked at him and placed her hands in his chest…she felt his love… and was completely lost. Abhi come closer to her and then look stunning in this red sari…saying this he leaved her…
There was a smile in her face but she hided it.
Her students reached the guest room by that time…Aradhya and karthik took pragya with them and asked her to sit in the front row..first she refused but the students convinced her.
In the guest room
Abhi: is everything ready..
Rishi: everything is ready…
Eveyone:so we are going to impress her today…all gave hifi to eachother…

Precap: Abhi sings a beautiful song and welcomed pragya to the stage…

Thank you all…once again am saying sorry..that I could update only on weekends…sorry guyz…
Thakyou for all ur supports and comments…keep supporting…

Credit to: Aarthi

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