Sirf tumhare liye…..Episode 1

Episode 1
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The episode starts with abhi enters the rum and he is shocked to see pragya as his fuggy.He looked at each other for a while. tears fall down from their eyes. Suddenly abhi broke that eye lock.
abhi: who asked you to wear my fuggy’s dress. All these belong to my fuggy. You don’t hav the right to touch it. Go and change it immediately otherwise i will kill you.
pragya with tears in her eyes and with a low wise
pragya: Suniye meim apki fuggy hai. meim apko bohoth bahoth pyaar karthi hum. kudse syada… sabse syadha appko pyaar karthi hum.(am your fuggy and i love you so much. love you more than anything else)

Abhi couldn’t believe his ears. He thought that all these are her new drama. Abhi: if you are still my fuggy then why did you do all these. Thum muthse mera sub kuch kyom cheen liya.(why you snatched everything from me). You are not my fuggy and you cannot be. You are cheater . Saying this he tries vto leave from the room. But suddenly pragya hold his hand and hugged him from behind and starts to cry. Pragya: suniye yeh koi drama nai hai. (this not a drama )Meim apkko koi dokha nai diya. I did all these for you. Aapko apki dushmanom sai chutkara dene keliye yeh sab kuch kiya.( did all these to defeat your enemy). Please belive me…meim sach kehara hi hum.
Pragya starts to cry and she explained him everything. She explained him everything from the very beginning. She also told him about tanu’s truth. But he is not ready to believe her. He thinks that it is her new drama.
She suddenly break the hug and went to the dressing rum. And brought some files and hand it over to abhi. Abhi goes through it and he was stunned to see it, it was the property papers. Everything belongs to him only not pragya.

Pragya with tears in her eye “ kya abhi bi aapko lejtha hai meim joot bol rahi hoon. Sabh kuch yeh sara properties paise sab kuch aaj bi apka hi hai. Ap tho muj par yekin karo na plz..” ( after seeing these papers also doing think that am lieing. Plz believe me am saying the truth).
But still abi cannot believe all this. After all those incidents happened in his life (like aliya and raj betrayal) its quiet difficult for him to believe anyone.
Pragya cannot control her tears and begged him to believe her. Pragya: you know something I did all these as per your dadi’s wish. She asked me to do all these. She was there with me all these time and supported me to do these.
Abhi does something which no one expected. He slapped pragya.
Abhi: how dare you could say such things about my dadi. She would never lie to me. If she know the truth of tanu and aliya she would hav told me before. She won’t to such dramas and nor she would allow tanu to live here.All these are your own stories. I won’t believe you. Plz leave me alone and stop these dramas. Thum mere fugy nai hai aur nahi kabhi bann payega. (You are not my fuggy and you can’t become my fuggy). You don’t hav any feelings for others. Plz get out of my life and leave me alone.

He pushed her out of the rum and closed the door.
Pragya was completely shattered she continuously knocked the door but he didn’t opened it. She couldn’t stop her tears and cried widely. She doesn’t said anything to anyone but left Mehara mansion. While walking through the road she remembered all her beautiful moments with abhi and cries. Abhi in his rum also cries seeing fuggy’s pic. Pragya reached her home . sarala ji opens the door. Pragya suddenly hugged her and starts to cry and said her everything which happened b/w her and abhi. Sarala tries to convience her.
In mehara mansion.
Dadi comes to know that pragya left the home. By that time purab reached mehara mansion with the CD proof. Dadi said him that pragya left the home. Purab get shocked tohear this. both of them went to Abhi’s rum and asked him wat happened. He said them whatever happened b/w them(he and fuggy).

After hearing all this Dadi tightly slapped him and said him that whatever pragya said was true.
DAdi: I asked her to do all these. wo yeh sab kuch thumhre lile kiya aur thum……thum ne kya kiya…

Abhi was completely shatered into tears after hearing this………..

Precap: Abhi went to pragya’s home to take her back to mehara mansion as his fuggy.

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