Sirf Tum Hi Ho (JNDSD) Episode 2

Episode 2….. Sirf Tum Hi Ho(JNDSD)

The episode start with athara thinking about vividha, then phone rings it is his secretary Riya( Mrunal Thakur)

ath: Hello

riya : sir riya, Mr. Seth want to meet u today for private meeting.

ath: hmm… okk I’m comming in hour you made arrangement for meeting, you what you have to do.

riya: yes sir, no I will make all arrangement.

In delhi Vidhita talking to her her friend Sana in lunch break

sana: do you know Eshass two new song are going to release today, m to ghar jati hi suno gi.

Eshass is in great demand but he never comes to lights.

Vid: really ! waaaooow,but how will I listen I have to with mummaa for book launch.

they think over it suddenly sana gets idea, she whisper something in her ear.

Vividha comes to pick Vidhita, she comes holding her stomach and crying, complaining
stomach ache vividha get worried lets go to doctor first, no mumma you will be late lets go
there, no beta, then ok mumma drop me home. they reach home, vividha gave her food
asked her rest and relax.

Viv: Beta aap rest karo okk.

vid: ok mummaa I will be ok, you go, BYE

viv: ok you take care okk, bye

vivdha leaves from there, vidhita gets up call sana, ye plan worked thanks. Vividha
hears everything, accha to ye baat ha, mumma hosiye yaari, gandi baat chalo aab ready ho jao.

vid: Mummaa please I wanted to listen Eshass latest song.

viv:. what is so special about him batao zara.

vid: I don’t know, I always feel that we share some special bond with him.

viv: what? nothing like that okk, now will not hear anything go get ready we we are getting late.

vid: mumma but Eshass…., okk I’m comming in five minutes.

ataharv reaches office inquire riya about his meeting, she tells her that he is waiting for him in your conference room.

ath: good morning Mr. seth how are you. What happened ?

seth: good sir, I want ask what should I do of that money.

ath: what I always do, denote money to orphan of mentally challanged Smaridhi. koi Shak….

seth: everyone wants you why don’t you tell everyone that you are…..

ath: isssshhh….! told you don’t talk about this, do whatever you are asked to do.

seth : okk sir… sorry

Atahrav leaves the room go to Riya for knowing day schedule… riya who is lost atharv thought
Ishq ki dhooni roz jalaaye
Uthta dhuaan toh kaise chhupaaye
Ho akhiyaan kare jee hazoori
Maange hai teri manzoor Kajra siyaahi, din rang jaaye
Teri kastoori rain jagaaye Man mast magan, man mast magan
Bas tera naam dohraaye.
Man mast magan, man mast magan tera naam dohraaye.
Chaahe bhi toh bhool na paaye
Man mast magan, man mast maganBas tera naam dohraaye
Man mast magan, man mast maga tera naam dohraaye.

Then atharv shake her,the dreams break she get afraid,sorry sir. where my day schedule he she informes every things
and he leaves. riya takes deep breath. Smile while he passes.

VIvidha and vidhita both get ready for book launch.

They reach there. The book launch starts. Vivdha bieng questioned by media the media.

Rept 1- Tell ud about your book?

viv: My book name is ” Ishqiya A love story”, it is story about different two diffrent person how they feel on love with each despite many differences among
them, how they are forced to live apart from each other and so on.t ” Ishqiya A love story” ” Ishqiya A love story”

rept 2: what will you gona do with that money?

viv: all earning of the book will given to the orphan of mentally challanged person Samridhi, so that there proper care could be done.

meanwhile Vidhita is shooting vedio of vivdha and sends it Ravish how mumma is looking, ravish good as always. aur aap white
dress m bhut aachi lag rahi hi ho aap.

vid: thanks, wait a mintue how do you know it.

At same time vividha comes ask her what happen beta? she narrates her entire seen, suddenly some from behind holds vividha
se get scares, she turns and she full Vashista family with there, she greets everyone and recieves congratulations.

viv: what a surprise you all are here thank you?

rav: why not, your big day is here we will not we here with you.

suman: Arre humari bahu k zindigi ka itna bada din hum nahi aataye.

viv: thank you maa. Arree Vidhita go dadi is here go touch there feet
take their blessings.

vivdhita touch everyone feet and receives blessing from them.There is surprise for you Vividha in home
lets go. They reach home, Vividha’s house there Addti, sarman and Shreya Vishista (Hiba Nawab). they all say surprise.

viv: you all here waaaoow what a surprise, shreya tum bhi ya.

shreya: why I can’t come kya ?

vid: sarman tu bhi chal meray room chalke Eshass k song sunte h.

sarman: chal unka new song bhi aaaya h.

vivdha says aare, ayye bacche aur unka ye Eshass pata nahi what magic he has spread in people.

Aditti: Bhabhi celebration needs to be celebrated lets party.

viv: sorry I have to go to see Abdul chacha, he is not well, you enjoy.

aditti: bhabhi what there will be mazza whitout you.

rav: I have an idea lets go to the pic we will enjoy and in our way we will also meet him also. Is this okk

They all get agree to plan gets ready for picnic. They reach to Abdul chacha ask about his health and they go.
[ { I want to Inform you friends Smridhi is charitable trust and NGo run by Abdul Chacha.} ]


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  1. Superb. Waiting for next episode soon.

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  3. wow superb you gave me a big relief by saying vividha atharva sujata but vividha isn’t angry from atharva why he left her anyeways stupid question but very nice update plssss post other soon

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    Please update its as soon as possible..

  5. Woww…
    This is 200% better than actual plot…
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    It’s ok at least we are enjoying in words…
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    Nice story…
    Eshass is atharv… this is also very nice.. atharv as a singer. .. I like it very much. ..?

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    @nikh I think got it. But anyone guess who is the person how protected vividha from hitting slap from punk…… you are free to guess lets see who is right.

    1. i think atharv..
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  8. nice… waiting for them to meet

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    hey! I think that it is not good kya. It seems, is it so please do tell me how can it be corrected
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