Sirf Tum Hi Ho (JNDSD) Episode 10

Sirf Tum Hi Ho(jndsd)……..

The episode start with vividha wakes up ask uma what happened to her……. how is she here. they were having pani puri…..and all that….

uma: beta nothing beta you got unconsious because to much chilly……

viv: ohh( holds her head)!! its 8 i should for work…

uma: you will go nowhere, you have to rest for 2-3 days,(vividha but maa), i told u na.. its enough I not want to listen anything

viv: okk maa as say….(she hugs my swwet maa)

viv she got fresh up.. uma comes out…when Atharv inquire uma about vividha…..

ath: Maa, how is she…

uma: beta, your wife is all right, as per instruction i stopped her going to work…

ath:(smiles) thanks you maa(hugs and kiss her forehea) and yes mother-in law please don’t forget to give her medicine.

uma: i will give her son-in- law ( she leaves)

its afternoon time sana/radha comes to vividha house……

she shouts for Atharv(he comes out) …. vividha hears too

Ath: what happened? you are here is abdul chacha is alright..

sana: yes everything is alright aabu is good, just came here to ask you whether you come Pub ASK with me , i want to introduce you to someone especial, Rahat i love him and i want you to meet him.

ath:you know vividha is not well how can I leave her alone… if she needs anything then?

sana: Atharv it only for one night, don’t you want to know how is guy I love. please she request him..

ath: (he agree) ok then 9:00(night) you come pick me my car got problem.

sana: (she jumps hugs him and kiss athrv cheeks) thanks athu….(vividha from her window see everything) sana leaves and screen fades.

sujata and athv are talking to each other my did she left her, uma comes thier but quitely listen thier conversation.

suj: beta why don’t you tell her, truth. why did you left her, knowing this she may forgive you.

ath: leave all that maa, vividha may think that I’m amking excuess.

suj: try to convience her once please.( they both tears in thier eyes).

Ath: the same sence repeats( he had a cancer he may die any time) uma listen everthing and she weeps, and leaves.

@sence shifts…..Its night time…. Athrav is dressed blue Shirt and blue jeans…..vividha is also dressed in blue dress(looking gorgious as always).

athv: who was waiting for sana , hears car horn….. finally madam is here…. { vividha comes out too}

sana: really athu… really sorry….. come sit fast.

ath: you know don’t like to wait to much…..

sana: Aacha for vividha you can wait for years, but for me you can’t wait few hours.

ath: you know na how much i love her, she is my life.

sana: pata h..waise you are looking hot and handsome.

ath: you too loking good….

sana: lets go then, they leave.

viv: lets see where they are going(angry)

vivdha fallows them, they stop near pub AsK they park car go inside……. she to reach their, so they are here to enjoy, she also go to park her car.
their sana and athv inside pub.

ath: where is your hero no-1.

sana: ye rahe, my hero. she introduce…. Rahat he is Atharv my childhood frnd and love, and Atahrv he is Rahat my love.

ath: he shakes hand and say nice meeting you bro, they hug each other.

rahet: waise I like to thanks to your Vividha?

Ath: (gets angry) why?

raht: because of her I got sana in my life.

they laugh and again hug each other.

raht: lady will you like dance with me beautiful lady , he moves his hand forward.

sana: my pleasure she gives her hand and they dance.

viv: enter the pub look for Athrav and sana …where are they… oh!!

ath:(he see vividha) how can she be here?

viv: see sana and rahat are dacing together.

ath: see observe that she had seen sana and rahat dancing together.(vividha now searching athv here and there) he goesto sana pull her.

sana: one mintue what happened,why did you pull me out.

ath: vividha is here and she and seen you and rahat dancing together.

sana: what shocked( ohh!!) how can she be here.

ath: I don’t want you to get defame in her eyes lets go.

sana: wait yr, know I am villian in her eyes right(she smiles) and my this phase will unite you.

ath: sana leave it yr…. aaiswe karnay ki koi zarurat nahi( No need to do something like that)

sna: you trust me na Athu… then just wait… Aab dost kay liye itna to chalta h.(its okk in frndship yr just chill).

see goes to rahat back but she get some plans(intentionally speaks louder) do know Eshass is between us.
everyone people around her hears it.

raht:(shocked) where is he….. (sana: my frnd Atahrv is Eshass look there he is taking her juice)

people rush toward him especially girls souraround him. vividha sees toward crowd and indentify Atharv.

girl1: i can’t believe on my eyes.
girl2: he is to dashing,some please pinch me, I can’t imagine.
girl3: eshass I really love u can I get your autograph.

athv:smiles….. why not sure he gives autograph(girl kiss him) thanks

all girl lets take a selfie come….. (click) thanks u sir all together)

girl: please will u like dance with us…. sir please all request him.

ath: okk lets go.(vividha burns) {they all dance in AAj bule pani pani… dance some dance close to him vividha gets annoyed.

viv:he goes to table their was vodka she drink that….. she brust in anger continue..

ath: sees her and holds his head……… Hey!! bhagwan……

viv: throw glass on floor….. everyone look on. goees to flow…… Bajao….

song humma…… humma play vividha dances, other boy to join her.

ath: oh!! my god whats happening.

san: you didn’t told me she so bold hmm….

ath: stop it yr…..

sana: isn’t your wife looking hot…..(she do moves her kamar)…

Athv: i have to stop all these….(sana holds his hand)

viv: please enjoy yr… atleast let me enjoy..

ath: leave me now…. he goes toward her….. lets go vividha.

viv: ishhh!!! holds his color and she dance with dance him.

ath: vividha chaley please..( lets go vividha) she continue to dance. humma…. humma

viv: jaoo un chudalo k saath dance karo, photo kichao, autograph do, kiss lo…..( go to those vamps, dace with them,click selfies give them autograph, recieve kiss)
she bring him close and she kiss Atharv on his lips(liplock) athrv breaks it. vividha falls

ath: aab chaley,(lets go now) its enough…

viv: no i want to dance….(sings humma, humma), she beats him…leave me,she bites him to.

ath: glares him stup now, enough if don’t stop i will slap you.

viv: she makes baby crying face i’m sorry.

ath: I can’t take her home now. (thinks this will be good) i should take room now, he gets the room.

there atharv made her sleep in bed…..about to go.

viv: please don’t go… please(holds his tightly).

ath: sits next her, and sees her, aap kitni masoomh (how innocent you are).. Hair was disrturb her sleep.
he picks up tuck it back ears. and kiss her cheecks………. Good NIght vividha……I love U….. Screen change.

Its morning…….Atahrv wakes up and see vividha still in peaceful sleep, he see vividha waking up, he gets plan and again sleep.wakes holding her heads OHH!!!!\

viv: Tum ha kya kr raho.(what the hell you are doing here)

ath: what,you are asking wrong question vividha, see what we are doing here.

viv: what do you mean.. what happen last night, why are sleeping here.

ath: i didn’t anything, it was you who did it all…… you were not leaving me….and then…

viv: Then what?? clear yourself.

ath: I just want to say only one thing……. get ready to welcome…… Our Vidhita Sibling…..

viv: (shocked and chocked) she cries………. holds her hand Atharv enjoy…..

VIVIDHA ATHARV SUJATA KO CHONAY KI INDHAR KI GADH DUNGA(Man and vividha shocked)…………(Atharv sujata is alive, how dare you to touch vividha atharv sujata, I will dig here……………… vividha slaps him, her cries all shocked………….

hello frds sorry for bieng late……… i was little busy and disturb because of my own personal issue, please do support me
frnds it boast my confidence…….. yes will try to upload next by tomarrow or day after tomarrow……….. Still then enjoy and keep reading……..

sorry for typo error., my screen is troubling me so sorry for that……….. I will try to update my another FF by tomarrow……..

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  4. An awesome episode….very interesting just loved the vitharv scenes. Waiting to read the next epi…And the typing errors thats fine we can understand though….but only thing I didn’t understand the precap but thats fine too coz I’ll understand it in the next episode..☺

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