Sirf Tum Hi Ho (JNDSD) Episode 1

Hey! friends I here I’m writing the post leaf story of JNDSD hope YOU will like it because hope it i only want your support to me will be not just reading it vbut also commentingon episode suggest me ways to improve it

So story begins with that ki our Female lead Vividha(Shivani) she leaves in Delhi with her family and now she is very successful journalist and own a news channel and co-owner with other journalist Raghav(Siddarth Arora) and even she is also a writer with name as (AV),she is mother of 7 year old girl name(Vidhita). On the other hand our male protaganist Atharv(Vikram) has emerged as famous industralist of Dairy farming(payal) and leaves in mumbai with sujata. I will introduce u other new character most of charcter you must be aware of.

episode 1 of Sirf Tum Hi Ho(JNDSD)……..

The episode begin with Vividha searching a girl….
viv: vidhita where are you, vidhita get your breakfast, dadi do know you where she.

dadi: no beta I haven’t seen her snice morning she must some where in here around

viv:dadi I’m getting late for company and I also have drop her to her school.

uma:She must be in study room, would talking to ravish

viv: yes’ she must be there only,

* vividha finds her*

vidhita: mumma you. I was about to come.

vivi: Now go fast and have your breakfast I have go to office early

In a voice chat with ravish

ravish: how are you vividha all other at home.

viv: when you are coming back

ravish: in about a week

viv: I thougt you will be present with me at an important day of my life

rav: I hope the same but I’m sorry vividha

viv: Come soon we all are wishing you

*she finish her breakfast and get ready to go*

viv: ok lets go,but go up bring your bag down fast

dadi: bilkul apnay papa par gayi h

meanwhile vidhita goes get her bag they go, vivdha drops her to school and reaches her office and of her secetery informs vividha regarding her book launch date.
while she was going to her cabin she was interupted by a voice.

Raghav: how are vividha all good,Congrats for your book

viv:I’m good raghav & yes, all good & thanks.

In Munbai Sujata talk to her about marriage.

Sujata: see atharv, Mr goneka send her daughter marriage proporsal.

Atharav: Maa you know answer, I can’t imagine anyone else in place,

suj: why did you left her when you her

ath: maa she was not my fortune, you know how much I love her.

* he recalls all his movement with vividha and smile spread over his face and song plays*

PRECAPE : Vivdha along with her entire family reaches in launch of her book which is named as ” Ishqiya A love story”


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  1. Amazing

  2. nice story……good goingggggggggg..
    keep writing ff

    and i loved d name vidhita. waiting for nxt..

  3. Good one
    Please clear one thing in your story what is role of RAVISH…… Please don’t give him so much pain as real story and don’t make love training in your story keep them as good friends…….it’s only my request nothing else……. Bye

  4. RAOne

    thanks for your comments ya it is a intersting story just wait for it.
    ok @ragini will keep that in my mind.

  5. I love it.. Update sooner

  6. Dimpurose11234

    Nice.. Keep going

  7. story is good…
    and plss show some happy moments of everyone..
    actual story is showing all drama and tears and all dead faces so pls don’t show that here plss it is request..

  8. RAOne

    ya i will be keep this in my mind but we need little emotion for story also but yes i will not pull it like a rubber band or to exterme emotion.
    @thanks all for support and suggestion

  9. amazing keep writing but why us ravish shown don’t mind plssssss
    does vidhita knows who is her father

    1. RAOne

      @Aisha the story has just stared please wait, everything will be clear out in furture episodes sweet, major, spice twist are about to come. thanks for support will try to update it soon as possible. with lot of surprises and new entries and their all dhamaka.
      thanks KEEP READING.

  10. Superb ?. Vidhita kiski betide hai??

  11. * beti hai

    1. RAOne

      @Nazneen Syed wait man it will all come out in future episode.

  12. I M excited for your next part…. All dhamaka & surprise……please update your next part as soon as possible………I can’t wait so long….. Bye

  13. Nice stry..?

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