Sirf Tere Liye ( Naagin ) Episode 5

Doctor : The wounds are very deep .They’ll take time to heal . Dress the wounds regularly.  She is unconscious.  she’ll gain consciousness within two hours. She is weak

Ritik thinks : This is all because of me. O

Doctor : There is one thing to notice that she is having much stress. Try to keep her happy .Here are some medicines , give the medicines till the wounds heal.

Ritik : Ok ! Doctor

The doctor goes.

Yamini : Come,Ritik. She’ll be fine .

Angad : Yes Bhabhi will be perfect.

Ritik : No, you all go . I’ll stay here with her

They all go. Shivanya was still unconscious when her phone started ringing. Ritik took up and received the phone . The call ended . This thing happened continuously and at last he added the number to black list .Then Shivanya opened her eyes .

Ritik : Shivanya, you …you ok?

Shivanya : Yes! I’m ok Ritik.  Don’t worry.

Ritik : ( thought of telling about the call but didn’t tell) Shivanya have some food and get ready .

Shivanya : Why ?

Ritik : for a long drive

Shivanya :  (smiles)

They were going towards the wadrobe when they bump into each other. They wanted to separate but Shivanya’s saree stuck in Ritik’s brooch. But when they bent they again bumped.

Ritik : Aaau

Shivanya : (tries to separate but they get wrapped with saree) a… we are stuck . We need help . Call someone.

Ritik : No ! What they will think ?

Shivanya : I’m calling. .

Ritik :

Shivanya : Angana , angana .Angad .

A servant comes and says that no one is there . Shivanya says the servant to untie them.They go for drive . On their way to drive

Ritik : Let’s play a rapid fire round . You ask questions I’ll ask questions and we’ll know a little about each other.

Shivanya : Sure . Favourite colour?

Ritik : sky blue . Yours ?

Shivanya : Red my altime favourite! 

Ritik : Are you crazy?

Shivanya : Yes !Do you like harry potter?

Ritik : Yes ! I love it . Do you like to eat biriyani?

Shivanya :  Yess! Do you love me ?

Ritik : Yes

There was a silence . The both had an confusing eye lock . It was broken when they reached a nice valley ideal for picnic. They were wandering when Shivanya went into the forest following a butterfly. Somebody bent her hand. She screamed in pain . It was none other than Manav .

Manav : Shivanya,  you gave your phone to that Ritik.

Shivanya : Manav, leave me  . Aaaaa

Manav : Why you added me to black list ?

Shivanya : I didn’t do that

Manav : My next attack will be on Angana .

Shivanya : No, what she has done now ? She is not your enemy …

Manav : Let ……..

(Ritik came searching  Shivanya and they went home )

Precap : Angana to fall in love .

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