Sirf Tere Liye ( Naagin ) Episode 4


Hi guys i am Siddhi so let’s me start

Ritik and Shivanya come back home and Yamini comes to them and says

Yamini:You both came so early.

Ritik:Yeah ma

Yamini is going to say something when Angana comes to them.

Angana:Ma I need your help.

Yamini:What help?

Angana:Today tonight I kept a party for my friends so I want help to decorate the house.

Ritik:Your bhaiya is there know I will help you.

Angana:Thank you bhaiya

Angana hugs Ritik

Ritik and Shivanya goes to their room.When the enter the room Shivanya gets a call on her phone and when she sees it’s of Manav then she looks at Ritik and he nods in yes so Shivanya picks up the call.

Shivanya:Hello Manav.

Manav:Hello Shivanya I want to meet you kline but alone.

Shivanya:I will try.

Manav:Okay so come to my house lawn.

Shivanya cuts the call and asks Ritik if she can go to meet Manav.Ritik gives her the permission to go.

Ritik:You go Shivanya.

Shivanya:You are really very much understanding.

Shivanya is about to go when she slips but Ritik catches her by waist and both have an eyelock.

Ritik helps Shivanya to stand and she goes by car to Manav.

Manav is waiting in his house lawn and finally Shivanya comes their.

Manav:Shivanya will your divorce happen?

Shivanya:No Manav we have to atleast wait for divorce for 6 months.

Manav:Shivanya 6 months are very much and I can’t stay away from you.

Shivanya:I can’t do anything Manav and Ritik is trying all hard to guve me divorce.

Manav:But it can’t happen now.Shivanya if you love me then you have to do one thing.


Manav catches her hand and says

Manav:You have to kill Ritik.

Shivanya gets shocked and jerks his hand from her hand and says

Shivanya:Manav I can’t do this.

Manav:Why can’t you do this Shivanya?You love me know?

Shivanya:I love you Manav but Ritik is innocent and he is good hearted person.

Manav:But he have came in between us Shivanya you have to kill him.

Shivanya:I will not do this Manav please understand.

Shivanya goes from there and Manav thinks

Manav:Ritik has done the big mistake of his life coming in between me and my love.If Shivanya will not kill him then I will only kill him.

He smiles evily.

Shivanya reaches the house and sees Ritik playing with his siblings and thinks

Shivanya:Ritik is very innocent and how can I do this to him.

Shivanya is thinking when Ritik sees her and comes to her and asks

Ritik:Shivanya what did Manav said?

Shivanya:Manav dint said anything.

Shivanya goes to their room and Ritik follows her.

She reaches the room and sits on bed.

Ritik:Shivanya I know you are very sad but I am trying my best.

Shivanya:I know Ritik.

Shivanya gets call on her phone and it’s of Manav.She picks up the call

Manav:Shivanya I want to say you something.


Manav:Shivanya if you can’t kill Ritik then we can’t be one.I want to do breakup with you.Now I will never call you and you will not see my face ever.

Manav cuts the call and Shivanya cries.

Ritik sits beside her and asks

Ritik:What happened Shivanya?

Shivanya:Manav did breakup.

Shivanya cries and Ritik tries to console her.Now Ritik is also having tears in his eyes and Shivanya sees this

Shivanya:Ritik why are you crying?

Ritik:Because when I see you crying then I also cry please don’t cry.

Shivanya stops crying.

Shivanya:I have stopped crying so you also stop.

Ritik:Shivanya now don’t cry and we have to do decoration for Angana’s party.

Shivanya nods and goes down with Ritik.

Here Manav says

Manav:As per the plan I break up with Shivanya now I will kill Ritik.

Ritik is doing decoration.

He stands under the jhumar when Manav comes at a corner and says

Manav:Now Ritik you are gone.

The jhumar slowly gets loose.Shivanya sees that jhumar is going to fall and sees Ritik under it.

The jhumar leaves the grip and falls.It is going to fall on Ritik but pushes him and the jhumar falls on her.


Ritik goes to Shivanya and tries to wake her up but fails.

Angad calls doctor.

Precap:Ritik’s care for Shivanya makes Shivanya have a soft corner for him in her heart.
So how is the episode?Hope you like it and do comment loads.

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  1. So good Siddi….

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      Thanks harisha?


    You imitated my words very nicely …????

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  3. It’s fantabulous. Update the next episode soon.
    Unite rivanya soon please siddhi

    1. Siddhi

      Yes and also ask same question to rs and pls read 15th epi of Naagin (Rivanya forever) season-2

  4. Update sirf tere liye next episode of this ff. I am eagerly waiting siddhi

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      Rs will update the next

      1. When?? Why don’t you update

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