Sirf Tere Liye ( Naagin ) Episode 2

Ritik goes from there. Yamini comes afterwards .

Yamini : Beta, If you love me then you have to meet her.

Ritik : Ok maa! For you I will meet her.

Yamini : Thanks Beta …

Ritik : By the way what is her name ?

Yamini : Shivanya

Ritik : That’s quite a good name.

In a garden

Shivanya : I love you Manav . I can’t live without you

Manav : I know Shivu . I love you too

Shivanya : My papa wants me to marry Ritik Raheja.

Manav: Ritik Raheja!

Shivanya : Do you know him?

Manav :Everyone knows him , he’s the no.1 business tycoon .

Shivanya : What ! That’s why for his business he wants me to marry that person.Β 

A person comes and pulls Shivanya and puts her in the car.

Shivanya : Papa

Vinay :Shut up!

Shivanya starts crying .

They go to home.

In singh mansion

Sitara:Beta, why are you crying?

Vinay :Ask her.She was meeting Manav.

Sitara :Shivanya is it true ?

Shivanya : Yes maa.

Vinay :Tomorrow you’re going to meet Ritik.

Vinay pulls Shivanya and locks her in a room.

Next day both families meet

Vinay :Ankush my friend!Β  Long time no see

Ankush : Now we’ll meet everyday as we are going to be one .

Sitara :Where is Ritik?

Yamini : Here he comes .

Ritik : Payelagu aunty .

Yamini : Beta you and Shivanya go and talk alone .

In the terrace

Ritik : Hi I’m Ritik

Shivanya : Shivanya

Ritik : You’re looking beautiful

Shivanya : Thanks,Β  you’re also looking handsome

Ritik : Thanks ! Which type of Life partner you need?

Shivanya : He should be good by heart . Should be a workaholic but also will spend time with me . He would have to love me.

Servant: Sir malkin is calling .

In the hall

Ankush : Ritik said Yes for the Marriage

Vinay :Shivanya also said yes .

Shivanya was shocked as she told no for the marriage but still Vinay said Yes.

Precap : Sangeet, Haldi and Mehendi ceremony of Rivanya. After 2 days of Mehendi there is Marriage.

Guys how was the ff? I and Siddhi have worked a lot in it


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