Sirf Tere Liye (Naagin) Epi-1


A girl is standing near her room’so window and is talking with a boy on her phone.She is Shivanya and is talking with Manav.

Shivanya:Manav I really love you.I can’t live without you.

Manav:Shivanya I also can’t leave without you.

Shivanya smiles when someone snatches the phone from her hand.It is Vinay.


Vinay:With whom you were talking?

Shivanya gets tensed.

Vinay:I asked with whom you were talking?

Shivanya:Actually I was talking with my fried Aslesha.

Vinay:Really then let me check your phone.

Now Shivanya gets scared.Vinay checks it and sees that she was talking with Manav.He gets angry and is about to slap her when a lady stops him.She is Sitara Shivanya’s mother.

Sitara:Don’t raise your hand on my daughter

Vinay:She was lying to me.She was telling that she is talking with her friend but she is talking with Manav.

Sitara looks at Shivanya and stands beside her.

Sitara:Shivanya beta is it true?

Shivanya:Yeah ma

Sitara:Then why were you lying beta?

Shivanya:Because I was scared whether papa will shout.

Vinay is about to shout her when Sitara stops him.

Sitara:Shivanya you have to forget Manav.

Vinay:Yeah you have to forget as you will get married to my friends Ankush’s son Ritik.

Listening about marriage Shivanya gets shocked.

Shivanya:Papa but

Vinay:No but and what I tell you have to do that

Vinay leaves from the room.Shivanya starts crying and keeps her head on Sitara’s shoulder.Sitara tries to console her.

Ritik is doing gym exercises when Yamini comes to him and he goes to her.

Ritik:Ma what happen?

Yamini:I want to talk with you.

Ritik:Yeah tell ma what you want to talk?

Yamini:I want you to marry your father’s friend Vinay ji’s daughter.

Ritik is shocked to hear this

Ritik:What!No no I will not marry.

Ritik goes from there.

Precap:Ritik and Shivanya to meet each other.
So guys as RS told you yesterday this ff is written by I and RS so this idea is of both my and RS hope you will like our ff.

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  1. Its good. I like it

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks Shreyaa and still u dint updated naagin-love makes life beautiful

  2. Piyali

    beautiful start siddhi…………….forced marriage……..nice concept……..waiting to read the next episode……….love you…………be happy……….

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