Sirf Ruhi ke liye : IshRa Love (YHM) Episode7 -A flashback episode :part 4(confession)

Sirf Ruhi ke liye : IshRa love
Feb 14…
In Entrance itself mihir was waiting for ishita..ishita ignored him..
M : ishu try to understand na pls…I am your brother na …pls..
I : no mihir you have lost it I called you my brother you resembles my brother bala…but Anna would never have not done like this…
A : what is happening. ..
I : come you will see..
All gathers near the mike..
Arati had no idea of whats doing on…then the principal came..
P : today, miss Ishita Iyer is going to publicly apologise o Raman kumar Bhalla for her indiscipline action against him…don’t know what happened to our campus..such a bright and popular student like ishita have done this…so what to say more..
Ishita was standing there motionless
Arati was super shock and looked at Mihir who was looking at the floor.She looked for Raman but he was nowhere to be seen…
Then ishita was asked to come forward..when she was about to say something two protective hand moved her back…it was Raman…
R : sorry guys …don’t know why my silly friends done like this without knowing the truth..the truth is I love ishita and because of a silly bet I warned her that I will kiss her in public…
Arati and Mihir was in hyper and looking at the Raman.Boys were standing there in shame..
R : I do respect women…I am really sorry ishita .. I should have not told like that (ishita was adoring Raman)sorry very much…and I love you, ishita iyer…(loudly)
Arati , mihir and all were excited…and was waiting for ishita reply…she came forward..said thankyou and went..
Raman was disappointed and came near Arati and Mihir…and they both started to beat him…the boys came stop their beating held Raman and one by one gave a punch and went then again mihir and arru started…

Raman asked to pause..
R : what are these for..
A : for making Ishu and mihir relationship worse…
M : for saying to my sister that you will kiss her in public
A&M : @$^/^$#^&&*/$##//^&***&fast motion..
R : stop guys stop I said sorry na saw calm down. ..lets go and meet ishita..
M : yeah we will meet but before that I have got some work …
R : what work..
A : your bet..
R : no just leave that…I am not coming..
A : who asked your permission …. boys..
Boys came and lifted him
A : take him to the basketball court ..we will be there..

At bb court…
Raman sat there and Rishi came…raman was in hyper..Arati stopped raman from overreacting…Arati was tensed…seeing arati raman remained quite…
Rishi : wow Raman ,enjoy your shave..
Raman in mind (im)I am shaving..what do you want stupid…
Rishi : I am leaving today…
Raman im : go to hell…let your car hit a truck , that truck hit a tree and the tree fall on you..stupid senior. .
Rishi : will miss your shaving…hope someone will post a pic…
Raman im : then I will kill that person first…
Rishi went …
Mihir seated trimming the hair and beard and was going to apply the the foam…when ishita came running towards the gallery and
I πŸ™ shouting)I Love You , Raman kumar….
Raman was excited he just made the foam to fall and jumped above mihir and run towards Ishita and hugged her and lifted her..

Seeing this mihir and arati jumped in excited and side hug each other..and everyone was clapping , till now ishra’s hug didn’t break and after hearing the clap only they came to sense…and they blushed then
ishita: raman , say once again that you love me ..
Raman : why i told in public na..
Ishita : but i was busy adoring you…
Raman : I love you , madrasan…
Ishita smiled and they side hugged again(airport sequence)
Raman held ishita’s hand and run from there… got into his bike and when somewhere…

Precap : shagun to know about ishra..


  1. Jasminerahul


    |Registered Member

    raman saved ishita’s reputation admitting his mistake and confessed his love in public. wow.poor raman got ashamed and all beat him.Raman rishi talk was funny.shocking that rishi is it the end of his track or will he return later?his sudden exit is he ruhi’s real dad?.loved ishita confessing her love loudly stopping the shaving session.ishra conversation was short and romantic

  2. jyoti

    wow loved this update ishita was angry with mihir aarti was shocked after knowing whole matter raman came and saved ishita from humiliation mihir got shocked after knowing ramans bet both aarti and mihir were beating raman and asked boys to take raman to BB court mihir was goign to trim ramans hair when ishita cofessed her love for raman he hugged her whole scene was beautiful

  3. Rashita


    |Registered Member

    Wow Venus so lovely….ishra are solo cute very nice confession…..update soon sis.. Waiting for the next one…

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