Sirf Ruhi ke liye : IshRa Love (YHM) Episode2

I am not that fluent in hindi.but in this some dialogues will be in hindi to enhance the punch.To the episode.

At Delhi railway station.Ishita waiting for someone.A man is shown wearing a cooler approaching towards Ishita.
Man : ishu….!
Ishita : Mihir…Thank god, you are not late.
Mihir : ishu don’t say like that.Then how is your life?
Ishita remained silent.He understood and then He saw Ruhi.
Mihir : So Is this your baby boo? what is your name sweetie.
Ruhi : Ruhi you can call me anything other than Roo as only my Ishimaa has the right to call me that.What will I call you , uncle.
Mihir : Actually I am your phuupaa. (Ishita stared at Mihir) You can call me Mihir mamu.
Ishita : So how is your life?
Mihir : Better not to say.So lets go .Bhalla mansion here we come.

In the car
Ruhi was seeing outside.Ishita wants to ask something but don’t know how to start.Mihir noticed it.
Mihir : What is it ishu? Ask na.
Ishita : How is Raman?
Mihir : He changed a lot .Became more arrogant. After what all happened he believes no one other than his family thats what worsened our relationship.
Ishita : Sorry Mihir because of me , your life…
Mihir : Never mind ishu.We reached the Bhalla Mansion.
He unload the luggages.
Mihir : ok ishu.till here only I am allowed . Please take care.If you want any help do contact me.

Ishita nodded and stood at the gates with Ruhi.
Ishita : Bhalla family get ready to pay for what all you did to my family.Sorry Raman I have to do this for Ruhi.

At Bhalla mansion
Omprakash in phone
Om : hllo sarika puttar all ok there.
Sarika : aah papaji.
Om : aur Romi..
Sarika : I don’t know about him.Forget that papaji .how is everyone there , my kids..
Om : All are fine.
Sarika : ok papaji.will call you later.

Omprakash POV :Why is all these happening in my house. Only Raman is better in this family.

The bell rang .Omprakash opened the door.
Omprakash : Do I know you puttar..
Ishita ‘s face is shown.

I sorry that I gave priority to side characters in the first Episode itself.This becoz after this only Ishra will have the lead and also precap was not followed.Next episode pakka meet

Precap : ishra meet

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  1. superb update waiting for ishra meeting

  2. superb episode…am waiting for next one for ishra meeting…

  3. Nice story since you update so many and I have read everything.

    Raman want to know why Ishu left him and did not know that his family throw Ishu out of Raman’s life.
    Shagun is Raman’s fiancee as Raman’s family want Shagun to be Bhalla bua. Romi and Mihir doesn’t like it and want Ishu be part of Bhalla bua and Raman becomes arrogant since Ishu left him. Shagun tried to win Raman’s heart but goes in vain as he still love Ishu and so is Ishu loves Raman. Ruhi is Raman and Ishu daughter.
    Ishu amma passed away is the most sadden and Bala get flash back and get worried for Ishu and Ruhi.
    Ishu will seek revenge on Bhalla for ruin her and her family life and Raman will not get to know about it and will be shockly to know about what his parent does to Ishu.

    Can’t wait for Ishra meeting update.

  4. superb dear its too interesting please continue waiting for ishra meet

  5. Rashita

    very curious to know what is gonna happened
    update soon…

  6. Zaira

    I have read ur last episode Venus….It is really full of suspense !!!…Ishra r separated!!!???I think that appa’s death was because of Bhalla family…N I feel that Raman’s family don’t know Abt ishra ‘s relationship ….
    Nice episode …..But can u make a bit longer plz?
    Nnn…Did u read my SS ?In that also I have kept the same dialogue of Ruhi saying only ishimaa has rights for rooh…..

    1. VeNus2574

      Tnq for the comment Zaira..
      No dear I haven’t read your ss .it was just a casual..I used to say it others when I was small thats all…

  7. Superb dear

  8. wow fabulous

  9. Jasminerahul

    ishita calls ruhi Roo. wow. nice bonding of mihir ishita.but what happened which made raman like this?what did bhallas do to ishita’s family?why sarika is not fond of romi?

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