Sirf Ruhi ke liye : IshRa Love (YHM) Episode 5

Sirf Ruhi ke liye : IshRa Love (YHM) Episode5
Sorry guys something when wrong thats why late…Enjoy the episode
Kratika Sengar as Arati…

At Raman’s cabin…
Raman phoned someone and asked her to come fast.After that he was thinking what to do when someone from behind hugged , he lost his temper and was about to shout when he realise tht it was Shagun. He controlled his anger then..

R : Hey shagun..
S : hey baes.why are you always in office.
Raman POV becoz your dad is useless to take care his daughter.
R : Nothing ..just had an important meeting thats why.
S : now you are free na ..come lets go shopping..
Raman POV what …yesterday only went for shopping and today again..god . (Looking at her carefully)Really does she have any ghost inside who died of shopping..aye Raman change your expression ..look her expressions are changing.

R : Oh no shagun..I am not in a mood and also there is another meeting .so bye enjoy your shopping.
Raman got in the bathroom.
Shagun felt insulted and got out of the cabin when our Arati enter..
Shagun don’t like Arati due to insercurities.
Shagun : oh ..because of you only he not in mood to go shopping…
Before Arati could say something shagun left.

Meanwhile Raman in the bathroom
Raman : Why always me … Ishita…..
He cried and cried and in anger broke the wash base.

Arati in cabin .
A : hey Raman … your shopping chudail has gone now came out..
Raman came out his eyes reddened.Arati understood that the something was wrong , so to divert him from that she started…
A : Arey raman tu bhi na…my loser hubby is out of town and I was spending a quality time with Guru but you have spoiled everything.Ishu is right you are really an idiot kumar.
(That just slipped out of her mouth, she knew it will hurt raman)
Arati was about to say when..
Raman : Madrasan is back…
Arati was stunned..
Arati : What..ishu..she is back..
She was like happiest person.
Raman : with a child.
Arati : what..
Raman explained everything to her and she remanied unreactive. After finishing…
Arati : I want to see her.Take me there Raman.

Raman took her to his house. Ishita was still there without moving an inch.while ruhi wa exploring the surrounding.By seeing Arati , ishita ran towards her and hugged her while Arati break their hug and gave ishita a tight slap.
Ishita smiled .She got another .Ishita just smiled.
Ishita : Arru…
Arati : Don’t call me like that Ishita…
Ishita was taken back she had expected the slap but it was the first time arati is calling her name other than ishu.
Arati : first slap is for you being my best friend and for leaving without informing.the second one is for hurting my Raman. How can you fall so low Ishu..we three know the true then why are you acting ..Are you taking advantage of his love.

Ishita : stop it arru..I am keeping quiet does not means that you can say any baakwas…
And she went crying.

Arati turned to..
Raman : Thank u arati for supporting me..
Arati didn’t say a word and left crying .

Both of their faces show a forgotten friendship’s story.

Raman didn’t know whom to console Arati or Ishita and finally he sat outside the house and started consoling himself.
Raman : why is Ishita doing like this…
And got into an fb of the last meet.
Raman was in the bathroom when ishita came to his room.
Raman singing while bathing..lo chali mein apni devar ki baaraat leke lo chali mein…
Ishita outside the bathroom with a weird face
I : what …am in love with a gay… 😮
From inside the bathroom.
R : what…madrasan..who are you calling a gay …should I show you the guy inside me..
I : nahi sir maaf karo….but why this song today.
R : oh meri sadhu madrasan… I told to mom,Simmi and sarika abt our relation …so sarika was singing this song that now it is not going out my head…but really madrasan Do u think I am a gay…
Ishita was silent…
Raman started again..oh madrasan…
I : what mr.khod-khod kumar…always very fast how will I tell this to Anna…
R : what…you are going to tell him I am a gay..
I : oh idiot kumar…abt our relation…
Raman was relieved …

Just then Bala called Ishu…Ishita widened her eyes
Ishita : Raman…Anna is calling what to do….
Raman : This is a good sign . . It is a right time to tell abt this handsome…just go on na…and also give me your home address ok…
Ishita : mmm…

She attended the phone…
Conversation muted..

Afterwhile ishita with a tensed voice…
I : Raman….. (her voice have pain..)
R : what happened ishita…(sensing her pain)
I : I want to talk to u …please come out…

Raman fastly finished his bath …But his door got took somewhat a 15 minutes to open and he came out ..He came out , he was welcomed by a letter . He opened it…

Dear Raman ,
I have thought about it and concluded that we must break up.You know everything about me but still you loved me.But more and more problems are coming in my life and if we join then I will be just a burden for you..we will not have a life to live…we will only have problems to solve…Don’t want that to happen..

We are not made for each other…
Don’t come looking for me, if u love me…
Love you,

The ink was spread and it was clear that she was crying while writing..
Raman was shattered…it was like now he was just a body…In these 4 yrs she was his jaan soul…He was broken ..each letter in that letter was like bullets hitting in his heart…

He wanted to just search for her but couldn’ t to the last sentence…Because he do love her…

In anger , he broke the glass and his hand was bleeding ….

(Now tym for fb in fb…)
All that they have done in their life gone through his mind…

In that , a particular one during the their confession Ishita saying “we are perfect , nothing can seperate us, WE ARE MADE FOR EACH OTHER” just echoed in his mind.

Jag soona soona laage sapna…in bg
Raman crying….in past & present…

Precap : Raman shouting at Ruhi…

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  1. Rashita

    Nice……what had happened to ishita that she left raman?????
    And what did bala tell on phone to ishu in fb??????
    And why is ishita doing like this??????
    Toooooooooooo many doubts…….
    Update soon venus…..

  2. Lasya Priya K

    oh god suspense is jst killing what happened to ishita poor raman…. every time in serial raman would leave ishita, scold her nd make her upset… but in every ff ishita would leave raman alone ( even in my ffs…) so hope the truth reveal soon it’s nyc keep going on.

  3. its an intresting and exicting also

  4. awesome update ishra fb was nice what was the reason ishita left raman pls update soon

  5. Jasminerahul

    I was waiting for this ff yesterday .really missed it yesterday.aarti is hates her husband and dating guru?is it an extra marital affair?omg.can you please show what made aarti marry ashok and why she hates him.waiting for aarti guru scenes too.why did you name him guru instead of hash?raman thinking if there is any ghost inside her who died of shopping was funny.luked how raman avoided shagun.ishita aarti scene was touching. you expressed the emotions very well.ishra fb was so funny.why did ishita suddenly decide to leave raman?that letter reading scene was so romantic. waiting for fb.please show a lot of romance

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