Sirf Ruhi ke liye : IshRa Love (YHM) Episode 4

Sirf Ruhi ke liye : IshRa Love (YHM) Episode4 IshRa confrontation after years…

To the episode….

Ishita turned.Raman was hell surprised.
Raman : Ishita…

Dil kahin rukta nahi….in bg. A intense eyelock…

Ishita could not hold longer.So she turned and continued with Simmi.
Ishita : Simmi , try to understand.I am here sirf ruhi ke liye. She needs her father.
Simmi : ishita( then to Raman) bhai why are you silent , are you hearing what your madrasan is doing.

Now only Raman came to reality.

Raman : what ..what simmi..
Simmi : oh bhai .She is saying ,that girl is your daughter and that you cheated on her.
Raman was shocked and confused .
Raman : What my daughter and what rubbhish is this ishita know you…
Ishita ‘s eyes came in contact with his
Raman (after a pause) : that I can’t cheat you.You left me for foolish reasons.I lost 5 yrs in your memories and now I am trying to move on again you came back.

(Guys the next conversation imagine in a funny way.)
He saw Omprakash coming down.Not knowing that omprakash knows everything.
Raman: who are you??
Ishita : you don’t know me.
Om : then how come she in Simmi’s wedding. Raman(Oh god ye papaji ka memory power na)
Raman : vo..ah papa she is Ishita .my collegemate.
Om : how can just a collegemate come for your sister’s wedding.
Raman : ok, she was my friend.
Om : friend..(cunningly)
Ishita : very close to the point.
Raman : ok ok my lover because of her only I was in depression.. happy.
Om : you didn’t told me this .You told it was casual affair.
Raman : Well Simmi and mom knew it..
Simmi who till now laughing gave him a don’t you dare expression.

Raman : But this child is not mine.
Om : how will I believe you..till now you changed all that what you said.
Raman ‘s POV Tu bhi na puttar ,phatte mooh
Raman : In whatever I said this is true .trust me.
Mein uski baap nahi hoon
Ishita : can you say this looking at her face.
Raman going near Ruhi in a funny way
Raman : Mein tumhara baap nahi hoon , samjha.
Ruhi smiled.
Raman : samjavona
Ruhi : ishima had told me that you will say like this.
Ishita smiled.
Raman looks at Ishita
Raman : this is not my child.

Ishita gets flashes
Ishita and Raman lying down in a park.
Raman on Ishita’s stomach.He with a jerk raised
R : Who is that?
I : who ??
R : someone is calling me papa madrasan.
I : who where..
R : Don’t know aah got it from here..
Pointing at her stomach.
Ishita : You shameless kumar….
Raman ran..

Ishita coming back.
Ishita : You had once told me na that someone from my stomach is calling you papa.
Raman (keeping distance frm her) : Yes..
Om & Simmi : what….
Raman : not like that….ah…
Om : raman bas .you cheated on a girl and giving explanation for it.
Raman : papa…
Omprakash remained silent.

(Now serious guys)
Raman(shouting) : ok papa. You trust her more than me na.ok then but one thing I used to love her more than me.(to ishita)Now you have no place in my heart , please get lost.

Ishita (was hurt but held on) : shouting will never change the true and I will not leave without getting justice to my roo.
Raman lost temper grabbed her when omprakash stopped him.
Om : Raman this is my decision she will stay in this house ,till the true is out.please I have a respect here don’t spoil it .

Raman was upset. He just walked out and went.
Ishita was concerned about him but omprakash told her not to show unwanted sympathy for his family.

Raman went to his cabin and phoned someone.

Precap : Ishita – Arati meet.

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  1. suspece must be revealed anyways its confusing

  2. Pari21v

    but nice

  3. Radhikaji

    Isn’t this a replica of the Malayalam movie “minnaram”….I mean this scene no one who has seen the movie can miss it….or forget it…..

    1. VeNus2574

      Yes..radhikaji….it is .I had mentioned it in my intro.

  4. Jasminerahul

    ishra meeting and dil kahi song as bgm was emotional. raman’s drama before omprakash was so funny.raman says that ishita is lying that ruhi is his daughter.what is the truth?good that om allowed ishita to stay in their we will get a lot of ishra moments.ishra fb was so cute.wonder for what silly reason ishita left raman

  5. Nice dear

  6. lovely update raman was shocked seeing ishita omprakash and raman scene was funny now ishita will stay in bhalla house pls continue soon

  7. Awesome and very funny….

    Raman phone someone that is Shagun or Romi or Mihir….
    Romi and Mihir support Ishu over Raman…..
    Raman did not think about taking Ishu and Ruhi to doctor for DNA if Ruhi is already his daughter. He is just like a bullet and did not remember that he spend time with her and what he did to her. When the truth is out that Ruhi is Raman and Ishu daugher. Raman will be super shocking by the DNA result. Raman see Ishu and Ruhi as Ishu and Ruhi play together and Ishu heard doctor conversation then stare at Raman. Raman feel bad for not saying the truth and see Ishu. Ishu take Ruhi and leave the place and goes somewhere without Raman. Raman run after Ishu and Ruhi.
    Raman breakdown and inform his family that Ruhi is his daughter. Omprakash and family get shock by Raman reveal.

    Can’t wait for next ff. Ishu and Aarti meeting.

    1. VeNus2574

      Tnq parichary…DNA case is going to come…do wait…

  8. Rashita

    Nice… …
    But have 100 doubts….
    Are ishra married????
    Why is Raman angry on ishra????

    Like these sooo many…
    Update soon…

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