Sirf Ruhi ke liye : IshRa Love (YHM) Episode 3

Guys thanks for your support and hope it to be continued . And for those who feel that this is confusing sorry guys because I just love suspense in story thats why I am making it complicated.Please comment negative ya positive both are acceptable but please don’t predict story…it will effect the suspense .Hope all can understand.I am not showing attitude but still if anyone of yours prediction became right then all suspense lost..hehe…oh bored…lets go to the story..

Bell rang. Om prakash opened the door
Om : puttar, do I know you.
Ishita : Hello , Uncle .I am Ishita.
Om : oh yes .You are Raman ‘s collegemate na.You came here before na.
Ishita : Yes , I have came here for Simmi’s I want to say to you something.
Om : of course , sorry please come in puttar..

Neelu served tea to them.And they talked for a while.Then
Om : so this sweet puttar is your daughter , she looks just like you.
Ishita (with a heavy heart): Yes uncle, mine and Raman ‘s daughter.
Smile in omprakash’s face faded.
He was shocked.

At Mountain
Raman’s POV
Raman , why are you not forgeting her , she left you 5years ago then why.why ishita you did this to me.

Their cherished memories flashed through his mind randomly.
First meet -simmi marriage fun -Raman lying in her lap- holi celebration – ishita confessing- rain dance – bike trip to manali – their first valetines day – ishita crying hugging him – Raman reading a letter-ishita slapping him in public..

Raman came out of his memories.Go on raman .be in the present.leave the past.If she loved you she would have not done that.You are going to enanged in this month.please move on for Shagun.
He was about to start his bike when a call came.It was Omprakash and asked him to come back home soon.

Raman rushed to home.He was welcomed by his 4 shaitaan bachchas.
Rinki : Chachu….
Raman : Hllo meri bachchas..what is the problem here?
Adi: chachu you will see it yourself.
Ananya : There is aunty inside.
Raman : you mean shagun chachi.
Rohit : No our budhu chachu.there is a cute babysis with her.
Raman : Let me see.And your treats are in my bike.Go and take it bachchas.

Raman saw Ishita from back .He saw Simmi talking to her.He thought it was her friend.
Raman :Arre.. Simmi, Is she your friend..

By hearing Raman’s voice , ishita ‘s heart just skipped a beat.She stood and Raman felt some connection between them.

Then she turned.By seeing her, Raman was like frozen.He could not move or talk anything.
He felt super happy inside.

Precap : Maha episode

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