Sirf Ruhi ke liye : IshRa Love (YHM) Episode 16 flashback

Sirf Ruhi ke liye : Ishra Love(YHM)

In Raman’s Memories…
In train…
Girls heartbroken ,looking sadly at Raman…
Ishu was irritated with it..

After sometime their station they wre about to leave…
The girls gave a small piece of paper..
Girls : is our phone number ever if the girl you got enanged broke it…you can call us…(in a tone as if they are praying for that)

Ishu was hell angry with girls..she was like catching hold of their hair and throw them out..Raman enjoyed her jealousy…And add fuel to fire ,he talked sweetly with girls and even hugged them..
Girls where at cloud 9 whereas ishu was at hell 9 😀
Girls :Raman.. you are so sweet…hope we will meet and bye You(at ishu)
R : no..u two tamil beauties are sweet not like others…

Ishu and Raman was alone..he planned to sit near her..
Ishu sat in the corner facing the window listening to song in earphone…
Raman sensing danger sat at the opposite side itself…
Raman took his phone and in high volume…
R : ladki beautiful kar gayi chull..
Ishu irritated took off her earphone and is high volume..
I : Mere saiyyan ji se aaj,Maine breakup kar liya
She looked at him…he made puppy face…

R : Arey tune maari entriyaan re
Dil mein baji ghantiyan re
Dil ki sun commentriyan re
Pyaar ki guarantiyan re
Tang tang tang..(with his actions)
Ishu in her phone..

I : Mein toh kya karu ram mujhe buddha milgaya

R : Bang bang raat bhar baat kar
Tu mere saath chal
Dil pe chala hai jaadu, jaane kyun

He raised his eyebrow ..
She searched and reached k3b

I : Mangne se kabhi
Haath milta nahin
Jodiyaan banti hai..
Pehle se sabki

ishita like now what..
R : ABCD padh li bahut
Thandi aaheein bhar li bahut
Achchi baatein kar li bahut
Ab karunga tere saath..
Gandi baat..
Gandi gandi, gandi gandi, gan…
Ishu was hell angry she took his phone and before he could stop threw it..
Mobile was like his second wife…

The TC came and caught..
TC : catch…hows thaaat..
Raman with excitement as he got back his mobile
R : what catch what aa match..
I :aah??(to herslf: is everyone in the train mad)

TC : here you go boy..iphone eh??
R : Tnq sir..
TC : who was the jugli who threw it..
Raman looked at ishu..
TC : ok ok…so miss.jugli..ticket pls..
I : first of all my name os Ishita..
TC : ok ticket…
I : mmm…I dont have..

Raman silently laughed…
TC : so you have to pay fine..
I : aa..(with attitude)
She checked for her purse and remembered that she threw her purse at Raman the previous night..
I : mm..actually sir (politely) can I send to your address
TC : what..
I: mm I forgit my wallet..
Raman burst to laughter..

TC (to raman ) : what to do nowaday there are many like this one…shameless..will be looking like ppl from rich family but ..
Raman nodded
R : pll like these should be send directly to jail…

TC : yeah yeah…
Ishu remained silent and was preparing herself for something…
TC : your ticket pls..

R : Sry…
Ishita burst to laughter…yes she was preparing for this..
TC : ticket sir…
I : sir he don’t even know where he is going…
TC felt sympathy for himself…
TC scolded both of them and what about to ask them to get out…when Raman..
R : sir…i’m not cheap like other…how much is the fine…
TC :500
R : here 1000 is there ..
TC: for what..

R : fine for both of us…
Ishu smiled..
TC patted at his shoulder and went…

Raman and Ishita again alone…
Raman was bored…
R : 500rupees…
Ishu looked at him…
R : like paanch soo rupiya…what all can be bought from
Ishu : what is the prob..
R:500(tamil)….I could have recharged my phn..jst wasted it..
I : oh hllo mr.500…what 500 500 aah?? U told him u are not cheap..but u r really a bakbak cheap kumar…

R : I could have given that to someone I would have got blessing…
I : yeah…you could have given the money to your tamil beauties na…cassinova…

Raman enjoyed great from that…but to cheer up ishu he knew the prefect ways…
He started singing..
R: “Muskurane ki wajah tum ho”
Ishita looked at him…
“Gungunane ki wajah tum ho”
She started admiring him..

“Jiya jaaye na, jaaye na, jaaye na..
O re piya re..
Jiya jaaye na, jaaye na, jaaye na..”
He forwarded his hands..And she jumped to his side…

And they hugged
And Raman : o re piya re…piya re..
And he kissed her at forehead…

Precap : chennai funs…

Guys now I can’t predict when I will update as my exams are coming…do pray for me…
Tnx all of ur precious comments…it means a lot ..

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  1. Jasminerahul

    ishra conveying message or expressing their current state through songs was a cool funny was a unique idea too.ishra TC scene was damn funny.ishra conversation was funny.Raman singing to ishita to cheer her up was cute.their romance at the end of the song was sweet.
    I am happy that again you gave a quick update.sad that next update will be late.but all the best for your exams. do well

  2. Superb epi dear my best wishes for your exam do it well

  3. Lovely update ishra are so cute good luck for your exam

  4. Awesome ?? update I love it all the best for your exam

  5. superb update..ishra were amazing and lovely..all the best for your it well…

  6. Yashu123

    It’s so nice i loved it a lot u r. Such a gud story writer it’s just sooooo funny at the same time story is very interesting I am really looking forward for the next episode and i really pray for you tht u write ur exam well

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