Sirf Ruhi ke liye : IshRa Love (YHM) Episode 12 -part 1

Hllo guys..hope you all remember me…its been long time..let me start with a recap..
ishita-ruhi entry in bhalla mansion…bala searching for them..Raman in depression…Arati and Mihir mutual besties of Ishra…Arati’s sweetheart Guru…ishu’s coming back major shock for Raman…Arati-Ishita fight…Mr.Bhalla allowing Ishita to stay…Shagun , Raman’s fiance…Ashok misunderstanding Raman-Arati…ishra enanged yrs before…Mihir-simmi husband-wife…

Hope it is enough…
Present…Raman’s enangement day…

Early morning…raman sneaking out of bed seeing if ishita is nearby..he then called Arati.
A: hllo… (sleepy way)
R: fool..what are doing…do you now the speciality of today..
A : aaa ..aa sheitaan going to enangage with a chudail..
R : oh so you know…where is the function..
A : even don’t that..what a man are you..
R : look who is saying..the woman who got married to a unknown man in a unknown place in an unknown time…
A : that…situation was different…
R : situations are same meri maa ..pls help me..pls say the place..
A : (half asleep)hotel greenlane..
R : aa ok..when are you planning to come(no response, Raman angrily) ARATI……
phone which was on arati ear bounced and arati also bounced and was in attention position..

A : what is it stupid…
R : don’t say anything…must do what i say…you will come here in 30min and together we will go to greenlane ok..
A : but greenlane..
R : sshhh…just do what i said…

And he cut the call..
route was clear, he fastly when towards his wardrobe and collected his items for the day and kept it in the car. He slowly steadily walked into room while ishu coming drinking hot coffee noticed him and followed. Raman turned suddenly ishita lost balance..she threw the cup..they had a small eyelock when the whole hot coffee fall on Raman ..

R : AAA…
I: Ayyo murugan…I am sorry sorry.
R : what the hell are you doing…?
I: what were you doing sneaking in and out…
R:who are you to me …to ask that (ishita was hurt, raman too)
I :I…(benting down to pick up broken pieces ..actually to hide her tears )
Actually leave all that ..can you say where this Bluewave hotel is…
R : what business do you have there…
I : none of your business.
(Raman thought..she is going to Bluewave..and mine is at Greenlane problem solved…)
I : (interpreting)hllo ravan…
R : aa..hotel greenlane..I mean hotel bluewave is 10minutes drive from here..
I : can you please drop..
R :it is in the middle of the city..everyone knows can go..I have to go to office.. (ishita insisted, Raman after thinking)ok..then Arati will be here half an hour..we can go together….
I : what she is also there then no need..
R : mm..(he licked the drop of coffee near his lips)oh god, is this coffee or sugar syrup…please don’t drink like this coffee will affect the shape of your body…I love the shape of your body…

BG Music shape of you…
Ishita stared at Raman..
R : what..
I : I am no one to you..
R : but was someone…don’t overthink..
And ishita went smiling..with his tactics…
Raman also went changed.

After half an hour…
Raman was waiting for Arati..when Our beauty ishu came in a traditional attire(in the cover)
Raman’s heart started beating fast..

BGM the HASI song…
R (involuntarily) : beautiful…
And he get into memories of their enangement

Ishita called Neelu and asked her to look after Ruhi as she is sleeping..then she was about to walk when she noticed Raman standing motionless..she went near him and waved her hand at his face..
Raman came back to sense..
R : what I was waiting for Arati..
I : I didn’t ask..
R : whatever…
I : ok at what time did you ask her to come..
R : 9.00..she will be reaching by 9.05
I : look she is Arati my every ocassion she will be exactly 10minutes late..
R : is that know more about her than me..
I : yes..
R : then look there and look at your watch..
Ishita saw Arati and it was just 9.05 in her watch..
I : whatever I am going(as she did not wanted to face Arati)
She hurrily moved but turned back and
I : hey kumar…look at your watch and see…
And she went…Raman checked his watch it was 9.10…
R : these bffs na..kuch bhi..

While outside..ishita and Arati looked at each other and went to different direction…

A : where is she going..
R : don’t know..
A : actually Raman..which hotel I said..
R : greenlane..
A : sorry I was sleepy I told the wrong one..actually it is hotel bluewave..
R : what… (Raman when on thinking)
A : what happened. .
Raman caught her neck..
A : you idiot what are you doing…
R : you could haave told me before…
A : look it was a mistake…actually we have to go to greenlane for the other plan…
R : oh..good..most probably there will be no need of other plan as I have correctly directed jhansi ki rani to bluewave..
Arati was in a what-to-do expression..
R : anyway come lets go…

And he got inside the car..
Meanwhile ishita reached the hotel and went to congratulate shagun..
Shagun was surprised to see her..
Ishita : hi..I am ishita..relative of bhallas…
Shagun : (realising that ishu know nothing) hi..shagun..
Ishita : (in mind )oh this is that shagun ..who proposed raman..the girl I wanted to kill…silly me..look..she is going to lead a happy life with someone…and look at me..hmm..
To shagun : actually I am friend of raman…you see…he has told is first time I am meeting you..
Shagun : aa..I know Raman aa told about you..
Ishita : best wishes
Shagun : thank you(in mind)poor thing..she is not knowing that she is giving best wishes for her lover’s enangement haha so funny..I want to how Raman bhalla is going to handle…

photoman : ye beauties ..can we have a pic..

Precap : part 2 with crazy flashbacks

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  1. welcome back dear…and the episode was awesome with funny ishra scenes and arathi raman scenes…

  2. Jasminerahul

    I was missing your ff and in the morning I was thinking of your ff.accidentally found your new episode and became happy.ishra eye lock and raman telling her not to drink such sugary drink as it will affect her figure and he loves her figure and she was someone of his was romantic. aarti married unknown man in unknown place?want to know aarti ashok past.ishita met shagun.will she know that its raman shagun’s engagement?

  3. after very long time your update…the episode was sooooo enjoybale…eagerly waiting for next part…

  4. Superb epi dear

  5. superb episode …waiting for next part…

  6. awesome update poor ishita don’t know raman is going to engage

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