Sira love

Sita is pregnant.
Sita – raghav, I have to say something
Ram – what?Sita
Sita – you are going to become a father
Ram – really
Sita – yes
They give the good news to everyone
Kausalya – god bless, both of you

The mothers bless them and their siblings congrats them.
Ram and Sita are sleeping
Ram – no Sita, don’t go, don’t leave me. He screams
Sita – what happened, raghav
Ram – Sita, nothing
Sita – tell me, may I help you
Ram – I had seen a bad dream
Sita – what
Ram – I have seen you are to van again in vanvasi dress
Sita – till 14 years, we have lived in van, so these types of dreams are normal, don’t worry, sleep
They sleep.

Few spies told Ram about the gossip going regarding Sita
Here comes a change in their fate
Sita lives in Valmiki ashram, Ram in the palace, they are separated
Sita – I am worried about raghunandan, how he would be living
Ram – I will also sleep on floor as Sita is sleeping on floor, how he would be facing the hardships
Sita gave birth to twins – lav and kush. They grew up.
They came to sang ramayan during ashwamedh yagya.
when there was time to unite, they are separated but not from soul as Sita lives in Ram and Ram lives in Sita
Siyaram, Siyaram, Siyaram ki jai

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  1. Jayani

    I just luved it but it also reminds me d scene wen sita dies??… Nd I also lyk d NEW idea of sita calling ram as RAGHAV?Waiting for sum more ffs lyk dis…

    Jai Siya Ram

  2. Pragyashree

    Nice one

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