Hello guys Aadyasha here,

Welcome to my new book The Sinner’s Siren…
Before we start with the introduction I want to introduce myself to you all..
So, many of you mustn’t be knowing me.
I am Aadyasha. I joined this world of writing 3 months back. Reading 6 books in a week is freaking awesome but as I say I am least done with this I thought of writing am delivering my ideas in a new way..

My books:






All these five books are purely dedicated to my muse Swasan.
After Swaragini going off air Ishqbaaz was the serial with its characters and storyline that touched my heart so this book is for my recent muse Shivika..

his book is purely dedicated to all Swasan readers, the girls who are suffering from self harming, those who are let to survive the world on their own and to the people who are harmless but still harmful.

Before starting the story I want to clear some points..

1.This book is purely imaginary any kind of character doesn’t exist.

The places and references taken in the story might be true or false.

Please don’t Google the words, places, characters and references.

2.The book is thoroughly owned under my name “Aadyasha Suman”, please do not copy the concept or plot or the story wordings.

{If want to copy the plot or concept you have to ask for permission and mention this book as a reference to your work.}

3.This book is purely written for my satisfaction and enhancement of experience in writing.

Neither the plot nor the story are copied. If any reference included will be mentioned below.

4.Inspirations to write this story:

*My Troubler “Soniya”

*My Saviour “Dex”

5.You are free to bash or criticize my work if found any wrong. You can ask if any confusion there. Any kind of abuse will not be entertained.

6.This story plot is not going to change on anyone’s request or silly thoughts.

7. Warning:

This book is a dark and sensual book. If you are sensing any kind of entertainment please don’t read further. This book contains abusive words, pain, sorrow, death, torture s*xual content, and exploitation.

If any reader is not able to handle these please quit the book now.
This book is not going to cast those innocent girls and the dangerous men,(hella I am not with this woman innocent type writers so you gonna get a bold Anika)


The story is set in the lands of Mumbai the arenas off the Mafia Men.


The hotshot Criminal Sinner Delinquent “Shivay Singh Oberoi” existing in this world of sins and mockery and ruled the world of illegals as a King.
His existence was untraceable,
Where he came from?
Who was he?
Why at such as merry age of 26 he ruled the Underworld?
What he wanted?
All were a big fat secret but not from “His mentor His Dhaiba” Vardhan Agnihotri.
He was his everything and he was the only person her respected and loved the most.


The s*xy Siren Delilah and the Femme Fatale “Anika Agnihotri” the b*t*h in disguise of Redolence the Best Assassin in the Mafia World.
Born up with their guns and bombs and witnessing her father Vardhan Agnihotri being the Best Assassins, killing ran in her blood and she loved her blood.

Her hatred towards “The SSO” was the hot topic of Underworld.
She hatred him to the core that she herself couldn’t figure out the truth of her hatred.
Be it Jealously Emulation Rivalry or a pretty Competition, desire to excel and desire of superiority.
Her Envy
Her Contention
Her Envious Strife
Who didn’t knew the Siren’s Rivalry to the King of Underworld to her Father’s most loyal Stud…

Clashing of the two and standing from the lose and tragedy both faced what will their life will up…

Welcome to The Sinner’s Siren,

Where you gonna witness

Eroticized Revenge to Jehovah Love….

Mysterious Revelations to Celestial Peace….

And my Evil Attempts to Cliffhangers…
(Ohh I love Cliffhangers)

Hello guys so how’s the plot I know you are kinda shocked to find a writer who is making the Heroin Evil
So let me say you I am named the “Amenta Verna” (the evil destroying angel) so I can’t help it….

You can follow me in Wattpad to get My stories…
My Wattpad Username – @Aadyashsd

Signing off for today….

Bye Dumplings,

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  1. awesome adayasa when u write i cant able 2 control myself 2 comment now waiting 4 ur all ffs just wow

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      Awwee thanks parul

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    Awesome love Shivika

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    Awesome plzz do post the next update ASAP

  4. Intresting one dear…..eagerly waiting for ur update….

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      and i will work on it soon

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    Updatebsoon ☺☺☺

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      awww love u too dear n i will try

  6. Kanfi

    Omg adya….
    It was soooo thrilling…ididn’t xpcted this kind of ff…
    Waiting for next epi

    1. Aadyasuman

      Ohh thanks kanfi 1 think new one is a gud start ryt

  7. Aadyasuman

    after my exams finish i would love to dear

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    Interesting n different…post soon

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