Sinhasan Battisi 8th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Sinhasan Battisi 8th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,doctor is telling brahmdat tat time is running and he cant save maharani she has time till next morning,brahmdat then asks him to save her and wen doctor says nothing in his hand brahmdat prays god to give maharani a little more life.acharaya shandilya is then seen telling the importance of learning the lessons of jeevani vidya raja bhoj then asks who invented this then acharay tells tat asur (devil) sangram guru shukracharya he was the head of assurs and invented this to keep the asurs alive and then tell him tat he has to do a anushthan and for tat he has to bring the neel kamal and then only he can learn the jeevani vidya and also tells him tat the way to achieve the blue lotus is very difficult and he has to do it during full moon and until the lessons finished he

cant make use of any weapons and while recieveing the flower he should not have any type of feelings like anger,moh,selfishness and then only he can actually be able to learn the lessons and acharay also tell tat today is full moon and he should now proceed and keep all the things in mind raja bhoj then takes acharyas blessings and leaves then shipra is seen wishing bhola best luck for his journey while bhola says to her tat it is because of her tat he is going to learn the jeevani vidya and then he leaves while shipra in her mind says tat wen he will return she will tell him about her feelings
Then bhadraksh and rajabhujang anre seen talking where raja bhujang says tat now soon they will get opportunity to learn the jeevani vidya and they plan to steal the lotus from bhola and kill him
In the palace doctor and brahmdat are worried as they are running out of time and waiting for raja bhoj to arrive and then raja bhoj is seen searching for the neel sarovar (blue lake) first obstacle tat comes in his way is a giant monster while raja bhoj with his concenteration and powers fight with him and kills it further the next obstacle is the monster plant who gets hold of raja bhoj then again wit his powers raja bhoj releases himself and see in the sky tat it is time now tat he should find the lake and reminds tat acharaya told him to towards south 10miles and then he follows his instruction and sees the lake and then goes into the lake and sees the blue lotus and then he swims and brings up the lotus and prays to god and he flower lotus and take permission to pluck it and plucks the flower
Thene near by behind the bushes are seen bhadraksh and raja bhujang who were following bhola to execute their plan then acharaya shandilya is seen and after seeing the full moon rise acharaya decide to lit all the havan kund as bhola will arrive soon and the pooja should start soon as the lotus arrives
Then raja bhoj finds a kalash(small pot) near the lake side and then he reminds tat acharay asked him to bring the the water of the lake too as it is essential and then he takes the water in the kalash and is going back to ashram then raja bhujang attacks raja bhoj with arrow raja bhoj is shocke wen he gets hit and turns back and sees bhadraksh and raja bhujang they ask bhola to stop as they are the one who elgible of learning the jeevani vidya while raja bhoj ask them to leave him as he has to soon reach ashram but they don’t listen to him and warn him to give the kalash and the lotus and raja bhoj gets angry and shouts at raja bhujang but then he remembers tat acharaya told him not to have any feeling like anger wen once u get the flower and so he he proceeds further but then bhujang and bhadraksh keep attacking raja bhoj with the arrows raja bhoj is getting hurt but even though he is trying to proceed further and also remembers tat he cant make use of weapons too while constantly raja bhoj is being hit with arrows by bhadraksh and raja bhujang after a point wen raja bhoj is not able to walk he falls down and is fells on the arrows tat are hit on his back.

Acharaya shandilya then gets to know tat bhujang and bhadraksh has created obstacle and has killed bhola and now next is to see how will raja bhoj reach ashram n save his maharani and wat will acharaya do to save bhola

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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