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Sinhasan Battisi 7th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja bhoj is seen thinking and worrying about the time told by acharaya to complete the study and then comes shipra and asks bhola(raja bhoj) to have food in front of her or else she will fast raja bhoj is then about eat his food then he reminds of his wife and outs the food down and says tat he is not in mood to have food then shipra asks him tat there is something tat he is hiding he then tells her tat he will reveal everything wen a proper time comes and the next day arrives and raja bhoj is seen trying to concenterate but in his mind he is just reminding of maharani palavi constantly seeing this acharay asks tat y is he not able to concenterate he then reveals the truth tat he is here to learn jeevan vidya listening to this acharaya shandilya gets very angry and says

tat he is betrayed again and says tat every human kind comes here to selfishly learn the jeevani vidya and became amar while raj abhoj tries to explain y he lied but acharaya refuses to listen and says tat he will never teach him any knowledes or any lessons and leaves in anger rajabhujang and bhadraksh has seen and heard all this
When acharya shandilya reaches his ashram shipra asks tat wat happened tat he returned so early and asks where is bhola dev listening to this acharaya gets angry and ask her not to take his name as he is a liar and acharaya leaves then there comes bhadraksh and raja bhujang and tell shipra tat bhola dev has lied and he was here to learn only jeevani vidya listening this shipra gets shocked and doesnot believes it and decides to talk to him she then raja bhoj is seen worrying tat now how is he going to save his wifes lifethen shipra asks bhola tat y did he do this to his father bhola then tells tat he lied because he was here to save someones wife life by learning this knowledge and he is not here to use tat knowledge wrongly or for self purpose and if the knowledge is of no use to help others than its of no use and he leaves ann while leaving he says sorry to shipra in his mind because still he has lied to her about his identity
Shipra then runs to her father and request her father to come out of the concenteration and answer some of her questions acharaya then asks her wat is her question and she asks wat is the use of knowledge he then tells tat we should make use of the available knowledge to help others and then the next question is tat wat if the knowledge is not used then acharaya tells tat the knowledge if not used for any good cause it will be of no use in this universe listening to this shipra says tat then your knowledge is also of no use as it is not helping anyone bhola was here to save someone else but misunderstood him she then says tat u will be in near future not called a knowledgeable person but a person who just for his selfish reasons did not taught the knowledge he has and bhola dev has gone now and she leaves the place crying
Acharaya shandilya then find bhola dev and asks him to stop and says sorry to him for his behaviour and thnx him to make him realise his uttardaitva and also says tat once he was betrayed so he thought the same for him and he did mistake and so now he will teach him the jeevani vidya raja bhoj then gets happy and says in his mind tat he will soon go and save his wifes life.

Acharya shandilya asks raja bhoj to bring neel kamal to start learning this lessons and warns him tat the path to get the flower is very difficult and then he is seen finding the neel kamal and is seen fighting with a giant animal to go ahead

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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