Sinhasan Battisi 6th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Sinhasan Battisi 6th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,into old fort uttara tells mahamaya tat raja bhoj has taken the efforts of not having food until acharya shandilya accepts him as his student but also he has to reach his maharani in time mahamaya then says tat yes he has to also take care of time but until he learns he cant go also but he will jump out like an attacking tiger and complete all his tasks lets have patience and then raja bhoj is seen cleaning the roads of the ashram and working while shipra tries to convince his father tat bhola(raja bhoj) may die but acharay stops her and leaves in anger raja bhoj is now started feeling the weakness in his body and is not able to balance properly while walking shipra sees this and takes a pot of water and asks him to drink water and save his life and tries to convince

him tat if he will live he can be able to learn different things but raja bhoj refuses and says tat he wont leave this and then after it gets dark all are sleeping in their hut raja bhoj starts playing the dhol in front of mahakal’s idol and everyone wakes up and sees raja bhoj while raja bhoj gets weak and fells down shipra is then seen worried and seeing this acharya shandilya goes towards raja bhoj and says to raja bhoj tat he has understood tat he genuinely wants to acquire the knowledge and wont use it for wrong purpose while raja bhoj takes his blessings and acharaya shandilya prays mahakal and ties a band on raja bhojs hand
Raja bhujang and rudraksh aree seeing all this and in anger say tat may bbe this unknown person is going to gain this valuable knowledge but he wont live his life further and will be killed shipra is then seen taking raja bhoj to mahakal’s temple and then they both pray to god and then raja bhoj asks tat y did she brought him here she then tells tat he did something tat was impossible to anyone and so wants him to do pooja of mahakal raja bhoj then prays secretly and asks mahakal to save his wife until he returns while shipra says tat she will pray mahakal tat he should help u acquire the entire knowledge her father has properly and then raja bhoj leaves she stops him and asks him to take Prasad while he again leaves she again stops him and raja bhoj asks wat happen shiprs then says tat u r very selfish as u took Prasad but didn’t gave me any listening to this raja bhoj asks to forgive him and gives her Prasad and then he leaves
Shipra is seen falling in love with bhola(raja bhoj) into old fort uttara worriedly asks tat rishi kanya is seen falling in love with raja bhoj mahamaya then says tat love just happens and it cant be forced to stop uttara then says tat she agrees to wat u said now while mahamaya says tat somethings should left on time to take shape while uttara says tat this is not looking tat easy as this shipra seems to be like and obstacle in raja bhoj’s aim to achieve singhasan battisi mahamaya then says tat i agree tat achieving singhasan is not an easy task but it also should not be a difficult task for raja bhoj
Raja bhoj is then seen surrounded by the soldiers of rajabhujang while they ask him to go back his home while raja bhoj tells them tat he is going to take lessons from acharaya while raja bhujand rudraksh say tat they have the authority on acharay a shandilya’s knowledge and not him then raja bhoj tells tat gaining knowledge from anyone doesnot have the barriers like dharma ,caste or religion and if they want to learn the knowledge they should go to acharya and convince him to teach and then requests them to leave him as he wants to go but they again stop him
bhadraksh then says tat u may be looking like a simple person but i know tat u r not so simple and if his originality is opened they will kill him and then raja bhoj leaves further while rudraksh asks raja bhujang tat y did he let him go then bhujang says tat this person is not so important but acharaya shandilya is and then acharay shandilya is seen instructing bhola tat his lessons start from today and there comes interruption by raja bhujang he says tat inthis place of kirat’s he cannot teach an outsider while acaharay reply tat to gain knowledge there need not require any criteria but dedication to learn the lessons and use them properly but raja bhujang asks id=f this person can gain knowledge then he should also teach lessons to bhadraksh acharay then say tat he will not teach him just like tat but he has to pass an exam to take teachings bhadraksh then says tat he is ready to give exam and then acharaya with his great knowledge and powers burns a flame high and asks bhadraksh to take a fire bath raja bhujang also ask him to do it but he gets frightened and runs away while shipra is seenfalling for raja bhoj and raja bhoj is thinking tat how must be his maharani in the palace
in the ujjainis palace brahmdat asks doctor tat maharani’sbody is getting bluish then the doctor says tat yes she riding towards the death and she has time until full moon while brahamdat tells tat the full moon is just in two days while acharaya shandilya tells tat to gain these lessons the time may require may be 5 to 20 years and then acharay ask him to come to river bank tomorrow first he has to learn yog shakti and it may require 2 years raja bhoj agrees to it but is seen worried raja bhoj is seen thinking tat he doesnot have so much time as he has to reach ujjaini to save his mahranai

Shipra is claiming raja bhoj tat he has betrayed everyone and here after she will never believe on man kind and then it is to bee seen now how wil acharay shandilya react wen he gets to know the truth

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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