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Sinhasan Battisi 5th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja bhoj is seen ringing bells at mahakal temple and prays god tat he wants the god to save his maharani until he comes back and the lady nlesse him tat his will wish will be completed into old fort mahamaya tells uttara tat the vows taken during marriage keeps the husband and wife together forever and she also tells tat mahadev actually has the two personalitie one tat is of man and one tat is of woman which were separated later and this is going to help raja bhoj and further it is seen tat raja bhoj wen tries to enter the borders he gets trapped and the soldiers try to kill him then suddenly raja bhoj says tat he is just a student and wants to enter the territory to tale knowledge from acharya shandilya listening to this the soldier take him raja bhujang

bhujang is seen chatting with his friend rudraksh tat he should fastly learn and acquire knowledge from acharaya shandilya and there arrives the soldier with raja bhoj raja bhujang asks who is he and y is he here he then tells tat he is here to acquire knowledge and listening to this he gets angry and asks his name raja bhoj then remembers tat brahmdat has told him not to reveal his identity and so he tells tat his name is bhola and has came from ujjaini listening to this raja bhujang gets angry and doubts tat he is from the enemy group and may be here to spy then rudraksh also tells tat even he does not want a competition while taking lessons from acharay shandilya and so raja bhujang decides to kill him and wen raja bhujang was about to kill a girl arrives and introduces herself as shipra daughter of acharaya shandilya and stops them and tells tat he cant kill him as he is a Brahman a normal human being and can go wherever he wants the borders are only for the rajas and asks raja bhoj tat y is he here raja bhoj then tells tat he wants to meet acharaya shandilya and then she takes him to acharaya while raja bhujan says tat one day he will definitely marry shipra
Shipra then talks to raja bhoj asks his name and laughs after hearing tat his name is bhola and checks weather he remembers her name and yes he remembers tat her name is shipra she then takes him to ashram and calls out her father her father arrives and gives her a water filled small cup as a blessing tat he has brought she takes it and then acharya ask her to leave and asks bhoj tat y is here and then raja bhoj tells tat he is here to became his student and learn and gain knowledge listening to this acharya shandilya gets angry and shouts him to leave while raja bhoj pleads to teach him but acharay refuses and says tat the person must be capable of gaining such important knowledge and leaves
In the palace brahmdat sees tat maharani palavi’s body is getting darker and with worried voice he asks doctor wat is this happening doctor tells tat the venom is spreading in sometime the body of maharani will turn into soil brahmdat then asks him to apply somemedicine to keep her alive until raja bhoj comes then doctor apllies a medicine on her feets and says tat raja bhoj must make a hurry as there is less time left shipra then see bhoj sitting and aks tat she thought u were gone back after meeting my father raja bhoj then tells tat he was not just here to meet her father but to take knowledge and lessons from him listening this shipra also gets shocked and tells tat even before him there have been number of students here to gain lessons but my father refuses to teach them raja bhoj then asks wat is the reason behind it she then tells tat there was a student named tamang who her father taught all the knowledge and lessons but tamang made wrong use of the knowledge and once challenged acharay shandilya to fight with him and when acharaya shandilya see’s tat tamang is using his knowledge to help but destroy he accepts the challenge and kills him and swears at tat moment tat he will never teach lessons or the knowledge to any student
Raja bhoj then tells tat he will also make a promise to himself tat until acharay shandilya doesnot agrees to teach him he will not intake any food or liquid

Raja bhoj is seen playing dhol in front of mahakals idol while acharay shandilya agress to teach him sanjeevni vidya (lessons)

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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