Sinhasan Battisi 4th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 4th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,rahi bhoj’s maharani is hit with the arrow in the battle field by the enemy she then removes the arrow hit on her back and challenges the enemy to come in front of her and fight while the enemy soldier target another arrow on her which also hits her successfully maharani removes the arrow and again challenges kiritraj tat he will not be successful in his efforts and then kirit raj asks his soldier to target one more arrow on her and hits her on her stomach and she fells from the horse and into raja bhojs lap then kirit raj cunningly asks the soldier to also target the arrow on raja bhoj while maharani vanari warns raja bhoj to selfdefense as she sees the arrow coming raja bhoj suuccefully defences and runs after kiritraj and stops at a place and calls his soldiers

and says tat it was his trap to kill raja bhoj and asks soldiers to kill him and raja bhoj fights with them all and kills kiritraj the enemy with a javelline raja bhoj runs towards his maharani where maharani says tat she is happy tat he is here while raja bhoj asks her to stay quiet but she wont and then maharani says tat this may be her last talk and thnx raja bhoj for being her life partner and says tat in the next janam she will be his maharani only and asks him about singhasan battisi he then tells tat he will tell wat happen but then maharani replies may be tat she wont be able to sit on the sinhasan this time but in the next janam she will and asks permission to take leave and then a soldier is seen searching for kiratraj and wen he finds him he takes him to save his lifeand then raja bhoj brings maharani in the palace and calls doctor to treat her the doctor then tells tat she is not fine and there is no medicine on her raja bhoj gets angry and asks tat how is it possible tat there is no medicine to cure the doctor then tells tat maharani was hit by a venom applied arrow while brahmdat tells tat medicine is available only with the kirats on this venom The soldier from the kirat group calls out to acharay chandil to appear and save kiratraj’s life he then appears and the soldier tells tat kiratraj was killed by raja bhoj gives life to kiratraj and he wakes up and everyone around seems happy to have him back kiratraj then thnx acharay and in anger says tat this is so unbelievable tat how did he always gets defeated and promises tat now he will pray hard and do pooja and concenteration to gain power and he then gives all his powers to the soldier tat saved him and promises everyone to come back soon and defeat raja bhoj and acquire his kingdom ujjaini. Brahmdat tells tat only after learning the technique from acharya chandil he can save maharani and then raja bhoj says tat i will take the soldiers along with me and kidnap acharaya chandil while brahmdat interrupts and tells tat this wont work he has to take this knowledge as a normal villager from acharya chandilya raja bhoj agrees to this and says tat he wil go learn this and save his maharani’s life even though it is very difficult and the raja bhoj asks the doctor how much time he has then the doctor tells tat he has very less time and raja bhoj is then seen worried.

PRECAP: Raja bhoj request rishi chandilya to teach him but he refuses and says tat no one has the capability to learn this technique not even him and raja bho is seen leaving all upset

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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