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Sinhasan Battisi 3rd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,baba is seen doing the last deed or poojas for his sons cremation seeing this samrat starts praying doing concenteration to give the babas son his half life and achieves success the babas son then gets up and everyone is seen happy to get him back and everyone thanx god but the baba tell them to thank samrat as this happen due to him then chitragupta tells tat as samrat away his half life and so he is on death bad then chitralekha asks is there no use of all punya done by samrat vikramaditya then lord brahma asks tat how can samrat be repayed his such donation as he saved not just one but three live and so he must be given three times the life now and then brahma asks now remains the last quality then chitragupta tells tat this quality is only in samrat vikramditya as

once wen returning from journey he saved ones life without thinking of himself and so he can be given life and then lord brahma agrees to it and gives life to samrat then chitralekha says thnx to lord brahma and goes back to the river side and then samrat is seen coming up from the waters as soon as samrat comes out he shows his happiness to see the Brahmans wife alive while the Brahman says sorry to him for blaming him wrongly then he surprisingly asks how was hw alive then narayan tells tat it was all due to his wife he then tells chitralekha tat he is proud to o have her
Into old fort uttara then tells tat this how samrat proved his paropkar and uttardaitva even due to so many difficulties then raja bhoj says tat yes samrat is great and he is always motivated by his stories and comes mahamaya and telss raj abhoj tat achieving the singhasan is not tat easy and tells tat he can quit if he wants as samrat was a different and uniqe human being so he could do all this listening to this raja bhoj replies he will never quit and he will give his 100% to achieve the singhasan and he does not care of his life and then mahamay tells tat now its his time to do the uttardaitva and asks him to go to his home then raja bhoj asks wat is tat he has to do it now then mahamay in her mind says tat if she will tell u wat he has to do then he will never understand the importance of uttardaitva
Raja bhoj then reaches a peak point and then he realises tat from a long time he has not looked after his own kingdom and then wen enters village he is shocked to see tat the people in his village are not seen happy and then ask them tat wat is the reason of being so sad they then say tat as now he has arrived nothing will happen to maharani and now everything willbe good raja bhoj is worried to listen about maharani and runs to palace to find out where is maharani and then asks everyone in palace and gets to know tat the enemies had attacked the borders and maharani is there to protect the village raja bhoj gets angry and says tat y did not anyone stopped her and then says tat he has to go to the battle field soon or something bad will happen
Maharani is seen in the battle fiels fighting with the enemies and raja bhoj is seen searching for maharani thenthe leader of the enemy tells his soldier tat now its his chance to show his skill of using bow and arrow while the soldier then asks for then venom and puts it on the arrow and targets and hit maharani while raja bhoj i seen still searching maharani.

Raja bhoj is seen fighting with enemies and then asks his senapati to find the medicine on the venom in maharanis body and then senapati tells tat it is with some acharaya

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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