Sinhasan Battisi 3rd February 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 3rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja bhoj is saying to himself y is he at the borders of his kingdom and y is his horse here and where is mahamaya and then mahamaya appears and then tells him tat he should not panic as challenges do not tell and come so we should be always prepared and then mahamaya asks raja bhoj tat how well does he knows his wife and the people in his kingdom he says tat he knows very well abut her wife and then also says tat the relation between a husband and his wife is similar to the relation between the people in his kingdom and the raja and then mahamaya shows raja bhoj a visual where he sees tat maharani vallari is going out at night time somewhere and raja bhoj wonders where must be she going and mahamaya then says tat how come u don’t know and raja bhoj is thinking and shocked

while he asks mahamaya to tell her tat wats the actual thing and then mahamaya shows him another visual where he sees a blacksmith is removing his wife from his house and says to his wife tat she should not come back to this house and if she wants to come back then she has to tell tat where has she gone last night after seeing ramleela the lady tries to tell tat she just went to ramleela with her friends and came back but the blacksmith doesnot listens and says to her tat he is not raja bhoj to tolerate all this seeing all this raja bhoj gets shocked and wonders wat is all this while mahamay says tat u should find out and raja bhoj then says to her tat yes he needs to find out wats the matter and mahamaya then ask him about singhasan and raja bhoj says tat his wife and all this tat he saw is more important than singhasan and he leaves while mahamaya then says tat this is now ur exam of selfrespect .
Raja bhoj then reaches the blacksmiths house where the blacksmith has let his wife live in his house and is scolding her to keep quiet and stop crying as she has done enough drama and then there arrives raja bhoj and asks the blacksmith tat is everything all right and the blacksmith lies to him tat everything is alright as its his kingdom raja bhoj says to himself tat y is he is lieing and then asks blacksmith to prepare a new horse shoe for his horse and the blacksmith happily accepts it and raja bhoj leaves while the blacksmiths wife says to blacksmith tat y was he acting infront of raja bhoj he should have said the truth tat wat he thinks about him while the blacksmith asks his wife to shut up.
Raja bhoj goes further and meets another villager and asks him tat how is he and he says tat everything is fine and the atmosphere has become like a festival as maharani vallari has called a group performing ramleela and they are staying in the palace itself raja bhoj gets a bit surprised tat they are staying at palace and he moves further other villagers greet him and he listend two of them talking tat wat is this all going on in palace these all are the habits of rich rajas
Maharani vallari is seen enjoying the ramleela acts being practiced and performed by the group mates and maharani vallari is enjoying it and laughing hard and then come the owner of the group gange and telam where they also try to entertain vallari with their funny jokes and vallari is enjoying it and laughing and then there comes raja bhoj maharani vallari is surprised to see her and the same is with raja bhoj he is too surprised to see the group in the palace maharani welcomes raja bhoj and asks him tat did he achieved singhasan raja bhoj says tat not yet and then gange and telam touches his feet and welcomes him and doesnot get up from his feet and ask him to bless with touching his hands raja bhoj tries and ask them to get up but they don’t agree and wen he blesses him by touching his hands they get up and then take the permission to leave while raja bhoj stops them and says tat it seems tat he has seen them earlier somewhere and gange and telam replies to him tat sure many people say to this to them and then they leave and then maharani vallari applies tika and does pooja and welcome raja bhoj and then ask him tat now which test is he going thorugh for the singhasan raja bhoj then says tat it is a secret and is not allowed to reveal maharani then says tat it is ok and then raja bhoj ask her about this group of ramleela and maharani vallari tells tat they are from Ganganagar and as dashera is close so she has invited them and then raja bhoj asks tat y are they staying here in palace and maharni tells tat it is said tat the people who perform these acts of ramleela have a good soul and perform from heart and so she asked them to stay here and also do practice and then raja bhoj says tat he will meet brahmdat and then join her she then agrees and ask raja bhoj to come soon after raja bhoj leaves maharani vallari is wondering tat y is raja bhoj seen different he was not happy and was tensed and she too leaves
Brahmdat is seen rehearsing a dialoge and then he gets up and ask gange and telam tat how was it and they say tat it was a good try but there needs more emotion in it and telam says tat he can show it but then brahmdat says tat he will try once more and starts rehearsing the dialoge and there comes raja bhoj and is shocked to see brahmdat doing all this and shouts at him tat wat is he doing all this and then brahmdat starts crying and says tat he is really sorry as he was doing due to influence of gange and telam while raja bhoj angrily asks him tat before leaving he gave the authority of the rajya to u and wat are u doing do you even know wat the people in the village are thinking about me and maharani vallari and brahmdat says tat according to his knowledge everything is alright raja bhoj then understands tat brahmdat is not known to wat is happening in the kingdom and brahmdat asks him tat has he done anything wrong and raja bhoj says tat he was just testing him and brahmdat asks so has he passed and then raja bhoj says tat it depends on how the kingdom is doing well.
Maharani vallari is waiting for raja bhoj to have food and wondering tat y has he not yet come and y is he taking so long as she has to go to attend pooja at the ramleela performance and raja bhoj comes and then maharani says to him tat she is in a hurry and is late for pooja so she has told the dasi to serve u properly and then she leaves raja bhoj wonders y was maharani vallari behaving so weird and he thinks tat there is something fishy and then he goes for the ramleela performance where maharani vallari is doing pooja of the ram sita couple and raja bhoj joins in the pooja gange and telam then says to raja bhoj tat wherever they perform the raja gives them some gift and raja bhoj then gives them a necklace and wen he goes to sit and see the ramleela start he sees tat maharani is nowhere around and he sees her outside where she is going somewhere hiding from all others and raja bhoj wonders wat is she doing.

Raja bhoj sees the pooja plate near mahakals idol and searches for maharani around and then Gange and telam are seen saying tat no one will catch us and the reason we r here and then outside the temple a Brahman refuse to take charity from maharani vallaris hand and maharani vallari asks raja bhoj tat y would have the Brahman refused to take charity from her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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