Sinhasan Battisi 2nd February 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 2nd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,narkasur has held hostage all the gods and taking them to patal lok while there comes vishwamitra and asks narkasur to stop or he will kill him and then vishwamitra attacks narkasur twice but narkasur is not hurt by it and then narkasur attacks vishwamitra and absorbs all his powers and then vishwamitra tries to attack but feels he has no power left and says how can someone absorb my powers and suddenly narkasur blows him away and vishwamitra from the heavens falls in jungle
Samrat is seen ploughing the fields and he is remembering chitralekha the time spent with her and the hardship tat she is now going through and then vishwamitra comes in front of him samrat is ploughing in mud and by seeing him gets up and greets him and asks him wat he wants and rishi vishwamitra

then says sorry to him for his behavior samrat asks him not to be and then vishwamitra says tat he tried to bend him and challenged ur selfrespect so he feels sorry about it and then tells him tat all the gods are been held hostage by narkasur and now u should go and save them but then samrat says tat he is ready to save them but he cant do this as he has this black tika of disrespect on his forehead and then vishwamitra says tat he will remove it but then samrat says tat u applied it in front of all people and now there is no one around us while vishwamitra says tat wat if he rubs this in presence of his wife chitralekha samrat is happy to see her and then vishwamitra rubs it and at tat time from the clouds comes rain which washes the mud on samrats body and then chitralekha asks vishwamitra to apply a winning tika on samrats forehead and wish him luck to win against narkasur and vishwamitra applies the tika and wishes him
Into old fort ambika tells raja bhoj tat this is how samrats selfrespect was proved and then raja bhoj asks ambika tat wen god are so strong y don’t they save themselves from the problems then ambika tells tat its like a vice versa process god help man to succeed as he does karma and based on his karma he gets good will and wen god are in trouble a human runs for help and then she narrates narkasur is seen along with his fellow mates and soldiers while his soldiers say tat they are happy tat he got hostage of god and then narkasur says tat as all the god are jailed and with us so there is no one on earth and we can easily capture earth and there arrives samrat and says to narkasur tat this is not the end yet and samrat then fights and defeats with the soldiers and then fights with narkasur and then narkasur tells him one secret tat the one with the 32 gunas can only defeat him and then samrat meditates and then attacks narkasur and defeats him and then he hear a sound of god indra and then finds out and release them and god indra then says tat he truly deserves to be the representative of god
While vishwamitra goes to rishi vashishtha and says sorry to him for showing so much anger and ego towards samrat and he is a looser truly while rishi vashishtha says tat as u have realized it u are a winner and no more a looser and then vishwamitra requests rishi vashishtha to come along and complete the yagya and rishi agrees
Chitralekha welcomes samrat to palace after his win and then he sees rishi vahsishtha nd welcomes him and then rishi vashishtha and samrat starts the yagya but then rishi tells samrat that the yagya wont be complete until the horse has went around the tinhi lok and came back and then there comes vishwamitra along with the god and rishi vashishtha says to vishwamitra tat u came here along with the horse and the vishwamitra says tat yes he brought the horse it was because him the yagya has stoped so he himself completed the round and brought this horse and then they all complete the yagya and then the rishis present puts the crown on samrats head and everyone applauds while god indra then says tat samrat u truly deserve to be called narendra samrat vikramaditya
Into old fort raja bhoj is impressed with this stot and says to ambika tat really samrat was the only one deserving candidate for being the representative of god on earth and then he greets ambika and says thank you for telling the story and then ambika vanishes and the raja bhoj lands on the place of his village and wonders y is he here and sees his horse there too and he thinks tat this happens only when mahamaya is gonna take his test and wonders where is she and then she appears.

Mahamaya shows raja bhoj tat maharani vallari is going out at night time and raja bhoj is surprised as well as shocked to see it and asks where is she going while mahamay says tat she is ur wife and then raja bhoj is seen in his village asking people wat is going on and the people tell him tat the group of performers is here and are staying in palace wen raja bhoj leaves wondering wat is all this?and then he hears them talking tat this is not good all these big people behave like this while other one says leave it they are big people and often behave like this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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