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Sinhasan Battisi 28th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja bhoj with his half body finda a lake enters it and does maa kali aradhana and he turns into a normal human being he then thnax mahakal the god and god mahakali then comes mahamaya and she says tat u r great previously u failed to prove ur pursharth but now u proved it and u can proceed further for the singhsan battisi raja bhoj is seen the old fort wen he climbd step he hearsa lady calling parakrami ,paropkari and purshathi as soon as he climbs the next step a lady voice is heard and she asks him to stop and introduces herself as kartavya ki putli kritika and she protects the kartavya(duty) in this singhasan raj bhoj says tat he wouldn’t climb this step until he levels the kartvya of the samrat vikramaditya devi kritika agrees and then starts narrating the story

of samrats kartavya she tells once during night time wen everyone was asleep samrats bell rang of justice and varhamirji sees tat its a small kid who rang the bell of justice and he asks the kid tat does he know the meaning to ring tat bell of justice the kid then tells yes and varhamirji asks tat wat injustice has happened to u the kid then asks tat r u samrat vikramaditya to varhamirji then gives a smile and tells the kid tat he is samrats acharaya varhamirji and asks him why he rang the bell the kid then tells tat there has been no injustice done to him varhamirji asks theny did he rang the bell the kid says tat he wanted to meet samrat and he will tell only to samrat and no one else varhamirji then asks the kid to tell him and he will help him in all ways he can as samrat is not here he is on a tour of the world and has no specific time to get back the kid then tells varhamirji tat its about his life varhamirji surprisingly asks u r too small and wats the matter woth ur life the kid tell tat he want to donate his life he says tat he wants death varhamirji is shocked the kid then tells tat he wants to go to god yamraj and he was here to ask the pathe to reach yamraj varhamirji thinks tat this is a serious matter and he needs to inform samrat as soon as possible about it
Into old fort kritika says tat such a small kifd fearlessly told wat he wants and then she asks raja bhoj tat wat do u think wat must be the reason to his fearlessness raja bhoj tat the kid was not a greed y human and so was he fearless then raja bhoj asks y did the kid wanted death to this kritika replies the same was the samrats question and she narrates tat samrat in his darbar ask them to bring the kid in front of him and the kid arrives and introduces himself as gopal his fathers name is sheth ganga Prasad and he is from devgiri samrat then ask gopal wat is his problem gopal then tells tat he wants death samrat is shocked to hear this gopal then says tat he wants death and he cannot find the path to death and he wants his help to get to know the path samrat then says tat u are an example of innocence in this world and u don’t know wat death is and so u r talking this gopal then says tat he knows wat death is wen a human dies he cannot come back he goes far away from his loved ones and says tat he is doing this for his father as his father has promised to donate him to yamraj and being his son he has to fullfill his fathers wish varhamirji then says tat wat kindof a father he must be and wat a son is this kid even samrat thinks the same gopal then asks samrat tat y is he quiet and will he tell him the address to yamraj then samrat comes ahead closer to gopal and tells him tat the problem is not a simple one and he needs some time to find solution to it the kid gopal then innocently replies he will give him but a little of time as he is eager to fullfill his fathers orders samrat smiles and agrees to it and ask varhamirji to take gopal to the guest room samrat is seen worried
Varhamirji takes gopal to guest room and ask him to relax the kid then asks acharya tat everyone says tat samrat solves all ur problems in one go and then y didn’t he tell me the path to death varhamirji explains tat samrat studies the situation according to dharma and tells the solution while gopal innocently tells tat he didn’t tell me because he also don’t know the address to reach yamraj varhamirji asks him to relax while gopal again asks acharya to tell him the path if he knows y to trouble samrat varhamirji thinks wat kind of adharma is this
Chitralekh asks samrat how can a father be so stone hearted samrat then says tat the thought of death in the kids mind is set tat he is forgeting his innocence to enjoy his childhood chitralekha then asks now wat is he going to do samrat then says tat he will do his kartvya chitralekha then asks the duty will lead to death of the child samrat then says tat he will not let this happen he will ask his father tat y he wants to donate his kid to yamraj then chitralekha agrees to it and says tat v should find the reason behind it and make the kid to understand the meaning of life
Gopal is talking to himself saying tat his father will soon get the news of his death samrat hears this and asks chitralekha to go ahead but chitralekha asks samrat to come but samrat refuses saying tat if he goes in front of him he will ask him the path to yamraj chitralekha then goes near gopal he then asks who is she chitralekha then tells tat to this world she is maharani but for him she is his mother gopal then wonders a mother is so caring truly and then he suddenly remind shis fathers word saying tat he is donating him to yamraj the kids back to reality and asks maharani where is samrat he wants to know the path to reach yamraj maharani chitralekha then says tat he can ask it to samrat wen he comes but for now he should only talk lovely with her as she is her mother gopal then says tat he doesn’t knows wat a mother is as his mother is dead his father told tat his mother has gone to gods world samrat and chitraleka are shocked to hear this chitralekha then tells gopal tat he should not say this here after as from now she is his mother and ask him wat he like to eat gopal then says tathe never thought about it he ate wat he got to eat chitralekha then says tat today they will find out wat does he likes and takes him away samrat hides frm them and decides to find out the reason behind this
Varhamirji is reading the shastras and samrat then asks wat the shastras say varhamirji says tat the shastras tell tat this donation is liable and father has complete authority to donate their child samrat gets angry listening to this and says how could the shastras give validation to such a donation varhamirji tells tat it is valid and yamraj also has to accept the donation given according to shastras tat means the death of gopal

Samrat is asking varhamirji tat is there not a solution to stop this and gopal is seen asking chitralekha tat he soon wants to complete his fathers wish and asks where is samrat.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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