Sinhasan Battisi 27th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Sinhasan Battisi 27th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,haivadan is asking Vedas to give him knowledge as it is their dharm to give knowledge to everyone but the dharma tells him tat they will do dharma and give him knowledge but the knowledge one day will destroy him too but haivadan asks them to start the anushthan and they start the chanting they first teach him rig veda raj abhoj listens to this and tells rushi muni tat they have to soon start the anushthan pashu kanya arrives and tells tat the arrangements are done for the kayakalp anushthan while Vedas tell tat they have completed and taught him rig Vedas Raja bhoj,rushi muni and pashu kanya are seen starting the anushthan where rushimuni tells tat now he has take parikrama (go round) in the fire and raja bhoj agrees and do it even its painful and then he sees the horse

in front of him i.e ashva pitra dev and he then gives his half body of horse to raja bhoj and gives him blessing to win The Vedas then tell haivadan tat they have successfuly completed the sam Vedas haivadan tells tat now only two Vedas are remaining and ask ved kumar to give them yajur veda raja bhoj then thnx rushi muni for his help and rushi muni says tat he feel sorry tat u wont be able to go back to earth but u can bring good changes here and then raja bhoj takes his blessings The Vedas then tell tat they have completed the yajurvedas haivadan tells tat now only shastra veda is remaning and he hears a call for him and there pashu kanya calling haivadan tat he will be soon killed while haivadan laughs listening to this and asks who is going to kill himand comes raja bhoj and tells tat he will kill him haivadan then reminds tat lord brahma has given him a blessing and no human could kill him but raja bhoj challenges him and fight starts between both of them haivadan is consistently attacking raja bhoj while raja bhoj is successful every time to dodge him haivadan attacks with arrow ,javeline,and also a hunter but raja bhoj dodges it then raja bhoj attacks haivadan with a trishul but nothing happens to him and instead he hits back raja bhoj they fight again and haivadan turns him self into ashva manav(half horse half man) and then raja bhoj also turns himself into a ashva manav haivadan is shocked to see this while pashu kanya tells samrat tat he should attack haivadans neck as it is weak like a human body while his other body is strong like horse haivadan sees this and shouts pashu kanya and then raja bhoj gets hold of haivadans neck and hits the trishul in his stomach and haivadan is killed and raja bhoj gets back into a human avtar The soldier then tells that now he will be there raja as it is there parampara that who kills the raja will be the next raja he once turns into ashva manav he wont be able to go to the planet earth Godess lakshmi is happy to see all the Vedas back in the universe and all the dark clouds vanish godess lakshmi thanx raja bhoj for his help to save earth and she decides to help solve raja bhojs problem godess then appears in front of raja bhoj she then thanx raja bhoj for helping her while raja bhoj says tat it was his dharma and he did it godesss lakshmi then asks him don’t he feel to come back to planet earth to this raja bhoj replies tat he definitely wants to but he finds no way to make this happen then godess lakshmi tells tat he can get back if he does Maa kali ki aradhana and to do this he has to enter a water filled lake in ashva lok and do the aradhana and he will get the solution to get back to earth and godess disappears by giving him blessings

PRECAP: Raja bhoj is seen in his ashva manav avtar searching for a lake to do maa kali aradhana

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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