Sinhasan Battisi 26th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Sinhasan Battisi 26th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,the soldier horses of harvadan are following the white horse and raja bhoj while raj abhoj reaches near a hut and a rushi muni there takes raja bhoj down from the horsethe white horse is no one but pashu kanyathe soldiers of harvadan syop and say tat they cant go on this guru mountain if they go there they will die and they go back to inform harvadan the rushi muni asks pashu kanya that who is he she then tells tat he is raj abhoj and is here to save Vedas while rushi muni asks pashu kanya to bring the leaves of ashvgandha leaf she then brings them and rushi muni applies it on his back on the injuries and raja bhoj is getting cured and wen he feels better he asks tat who are they while harvadan is asking his soldiers tat where did raja bhoj go while he gets to know

tat pashu kanya has helped him and says tat the guru mountain is a curse for us as our kind of people die there and he then asks his soldiers to start the anushthan of Vedas then pashu kanya tells raja bhoj tat soon haivadan is gonna start the Vedas anushthan
While raja bhoj soon gets up and leave to fight while pashu kanya tries to stop him telling tat he is not yet fit but then raj abhoj says tat he will fight with his will and not power but then she tells tat pls stop and think if he leaves this mountain he will get killed as no one can kill him she then tells tat her father ashvaraja was killed by him and tattime her father cursed him tat if he comes here he will die and so no one can come here and then tells tat y cant he kill haivadan as haivadan was given blessing by god brahma tat he will be killed by the same kind of his i.e half man half horse and listening to this raja bhoj gets ready to turn himself into it but then asks how can he do this tehn rushi muni tells tat there god father will help him i.e ashva pitra and rushi muni asks him to call ashva pitra and raja bhoj also tells tat it was ashva pitra who helped him and showed him the path to ashva lok
In the caves haivadan is performing pooja for the Vedas but the Vedas ask him tat there is no need to do this and he will be defeated and then haivadan laughs and tells tat he will start the knowledge of Vedas and for tat he will kill them first while Vedas tell him tat he will be killed and arrives a soldier their who tells haivadan tat raja bhoj and pashu kanya are planiing tokill him and also tells tat raja bhoj is turning himself into one of them with half body of man and half body of a horse and then raj abhoj is seen calling out to ashva pitra to help him save the Vedas and also this universe pitra dev is riding towards raja bhoj and haivadan stops pitra dev and asks him not to help them but pitra dev tells tat he will help haivadan says tat our motive is same to rule this world with the power of horses but pitradev tells him tat u have vecomes selfish and he will help them and leaves haivadan warns to stop him but he does not stops and haivadan attacks him with a javelline but the attack fails and pitra dev tells tat he is an soul and he cant be killed even after tat haivadan tries stoping pitra dev but he leaves and haivadan selfishly shouts tat in this ashva lok everything will happen tat he wants to
Raja bhoj ,pashu kanya nad rushi muni are seen praying and calling for pitra dev while pitra dev appears and ask them to open there eyes and all of them greet him and pitra dev asks tat y have they called him raja bhoj tells tat he is here to fight and defeat haivadan and he needs half body of horse pitra dev agrees but also tells tat if once he turns into the once in ashva lok then he cant go back to earth raja bhoj happily accepts this pitra dev then tells tat he need to do a kayakalp anushthan and it can be done only during full moon because wen full moon occurs the amrut (water after drinking it no one would die) gets spread due to its light and raja bhoj tells tat today it full moon so they have to do this kayakalp anushthan today itself

Rushi muni asks raja bhoj to pray for a ashva body and then pashu kanya is seen challenging haivadan tat he will be killed and haivadan asks who is going to kill him raja bhoj then tells him he will kill him and they both start fighting

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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